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Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids

5 NEW Things To Do Added Today!

Find things to do in Las Vegas with kids that you'll ACTUALLY want to do! In other words, we've listed 66 of the best family-friendly activites, entertainment for your trip to Vegas.

Jabbawockeez Las Vegas

Dance enthusiasts and casual fans alike will find plenty to love in this high-tech mix of stunning hip-hop influenced choreography, special effects, and the group’s trademark flair. Voted 'Best Family Show' and 'Best All Ages Show’ for three years in a row. Get Tickets at Groupon

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

It's hard to put Blue Man Group into words: take a rock concert and a comedy show, add a heaping dash of whimsy, shake well and serve! There’s no act in the world like it and their enduring popularity proves it. 16% Off Tickets Here

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Mystere is the type of show that EVERYONE loves, especially kids & families. It was the first Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, it's been around for ever, and gazillions of kids have seen it, for a good reason, it's AWESOME! Get Tickets Here

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 39% Off Today!  KA by Cirque du Soleil
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Drifting Ride Along Experience

Hop into the passenger seat of a tricked-out Dodge SRT Hellcat while a professional driver takes you on a ride filled with burning rubber and high-speed drifting fun. Drifting is basically skidding sideways in smoke-filled, tire-screeching style.
Get Tickets Here

Shark Reef Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef offers 14 exhibits with more than 2,000 animals, including 15 species of sharks. The Touch Pool is where you can touch a collection of animals including sharks, rays or horseshoe crabs. Get Tickets at Groupon

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Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

The newest celebrities in Vegas are 30 furry criters--all once in animal shelters--and one clown named Gregory. Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is just about the cutest show you'll ever see and it's one of the most family-friendly too because kids can't help but adore it. Get Tickets Here

Marvel Avengers STATION Las Vegas

Marvel Avengers STATION is one of the most entertaining family activities in Las Vegas and certainly one which'll keep your children entertained for a while! Children under 3 are free. Get Tickets Here

Van Gogh Exhibit

At Immersive Van Gogh the family can see the beauty of one of the most influential artists in history in a brand new. This stunning projection show transports visitors directly into Vincent Van Gogh's most iconic paintings. From his bright, hopeful paintings like Sunflowers to his dreamy, chaotic magnum opus Starry Night. Get Tickets Here

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings transports audiences into the legendary realm of King Arthur in immersive and interactive style. Watch valiant knights on horseback jousting while you enjoy a hearty three-course meal eaten medieval-style: using your hands! Get Tickets Here

The Official SAW Escape Room & Escape Blair Witch

This bone-chilling escape room throws you right into the action of either the gory Saw franchise or the suspenseful Blair Witch movie. Filled with live actors, immersive sets, and plenty of scares, the Official Saw Escape Room & Escape Blair Witch prides itself on bringing the frights for a full hour of mystery solving. Get Tickets Here

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts

The Bellagio's gallery showcases some of the most prolific artists in the world. Pieces by the likes of Warhol, Picasso, and Lichtenstein have all been featured within their walls, and the gallery is often changed to showcase new art and art styles to highlight multiple cultures within their gallery space. Get Tickets Here

Vegas SuperKarts

Have you ever wanted to rip a Sodikart SR5 around some hairpin turns and fast acceleration straightaways? Dumb question, because of course you have. Now, thanks to Vegas SuperKarts by Exotics Racing, you can turn your dream into a high-octane reality. These Sodikart SR5’s pack a powerful 4-stroke Honda gas engine that offers top-level performance and handling while reaching unmatched speeds. Get Tickets Here

America's Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE

In Vegas with kids? Kids love American's Got Talent TV show so they'll love the live performance. This is the ultimate competition show in the US and now you'll be able to experience every unbelievable moment up close and personal. Hosted by season 12 finalist Preacher Lawson, this unbelievable lineup features the best performers from the many seasons of the hit TV show. Get Tickets Here

David Copperfield Las Vegas

Everyone loves David Copperfield's magic performances, especially kids! David Copperfield--on the Vegas Strip! Need we say more? We really don’t but since we love talking about this world-famous magician who just so happens to be our neighbor, we’ll go on and brag about him and his show anyway. The perfect combo of nostalgia, magic and showmanship, master illusionist David Copperfield continues to wow us time and again. Get Tickets Here

FlyOver Las Vegas

FlyOver allows you and the kids to dip, soar, and coast through the skies at the world's most beautiful destinations. Using cutting edge technology, this attraction created a full immersive experience using special effects like mist, wind, scents, and motion to make the ride feel almost completely authentic: you feel like you're flying but you're not! Get Tickets Here

Shin Lim

Shin Lim learned his world-class magic skills from.....you won't believe this: YouTube! But really, how good can this YouTube edcuated magician be? Shin Lim’s been on the Penn & Teller show, and he won the 13th season of America’s Got Talent, and then went on America’s Got Talent: The Champions and won that too! Now he's got his very own magic show in Las Vegas. Not bad, Shin Lim became a top magician and went on to headline one of the best shows in Las Vegas just by watching YouTube videos. You don’t want to miss this show. Get tickets to Shin Lim

Criss Angel Mindfreak

Fans of Criss Angel & Cirque du Soleil get to see a unique combination of the two forces. The show features Angel's magic and well-known stage presence presented with the artistic flair that is Cirque du Soleil's signature. The main focus of every act is Angel's magic. The set and illusions are stylized with a gothic feel much like an old-fashioned circus. This Las Vegas show is kid-friendly. Get Tickets Here

Mat Franco - Magic Reinvented

The world fell in love with him and his magic on NBC's "America’s Got Talent," and now we’re claiming Mat Franco as our own with his headlining magic show at The LINQ. Winner of season nine, this guy has already proven that he has the mojo to wow a massive audience with his sleight of hand and out-of-this-world magic. Oh, and his charisma just cranks it all up to 11. Get Tickets Here

Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas

Wondering what to do with the kids this weekend? Take a ride to the top of SkyPod, the 1,149-foot-tall tower and the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. Ride ALL the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping thrill rides. Take a selfie at the selfie-spot and check out the indoor & outdoor observations decks. Go ahead, give it a go and challenge your comfort zone. Get Tickets Here

High Roller Las Vegas

This is something in Vegas you'll want to see: High Roller Las Vegas was voted among the top things to do in Las Vegas with kids and has become a Las Vegas family attractions favorite. This 550-foot tall observation wheel has a 360 degree view of the Las Vegas Strip. You'll love seeing all the Vegas sights from far atop this gigantic ferris wheel which is taller than the famous London Eye! Within close proximity you'll see the Fountains of Bellagio, Eiffel Tower at Paris and more. Get Tickets Here

Fly LINQ Zipline Las Vegas

If your thrill-seeking kids are looking for exciting things to do in Las Vegas, look no further! Fly LINQ is the first and only zipline on the Las Vegas Strip You'll zipline 12 stories above the LINQ Promenade with 10 other high adrenaline thrill-seekers. The choice is yours: ride "superhero" style, laying down on your harness or ride in the seated position, recommended for first-timers. It's a great Las Vegas kids activity! Get Tickets Here

Real Bodies

This family-friendly attraction is filled with fun facts and will educate and enthral your kids, in fact here are some favorites: Did you know a human bite force is 200 pounds per square inch or that babies are born with 300 bones but adults have 206? Neither did we! . Get an in-depth look inside our skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems and walk away informed, engaged and grateful to be alive! There's no age restriction at this activity so all kids are invited! Get Tickets Here

Eiffel Tower Experience

Few things to do in Vegas are a amazing at this: at 46 stories and a 360-degree observation deck, the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas has some of the best views on the Strip—even capable of rivaling its namesake (at half the size). Visitors to the replica tower ride the glass elevator up 460 feet to see the city's landmarks during the day or admire the iconic lights at night. The 11th floor, meanwhile, houses the Eiffel Tower restaurant, which offers a romantic dinner experience, and a nearby kiosk captures commemorative photos and proof that you're not a ghost. Get Tickets Here

Meow Wolf Omega Mart

We love this new Vegas family activity: this family-friendly attraction brings kids all of the totally not weird grocery store items you can expect from your absolutely regular singular dimension. For all of your family's free-range, organic, mind-bending nutrients, visit your galactically local Omega Mart today! Okay, so Meow Wolf Omega Mart is obviously not your usual neighborhood supermarket, which begs the question, what is Omega Mart? It's a 52,000-square-foot interactive art installation that features work created by a wide range of local and international artists that you can find hidden around every unexpected corner and through every interdimensional portal. Your kids will love this place! Get Tickets Here

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden

This world famous oasis by Siegfried and Roy showcases their dedication to animals in a unique and unforgettable setting. Lush greenery and jungle themed music abounds as you wander through the Secret Garden see white tigers, lions, leopards, and other endangered species. Especially friendly for younger kids. Get Tickets Here

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark turns the traditional fine dining experience into an anything-but-traditional all-out sensory experience.  BLACKOUT takes the usual night out it to the next level by serving up their delicious fare in a completely pitch black dining room. Phones, flashlights or light of any sort aren't allowed. But that's what allows your other senses to take the lead and really explore and indulge in your seven-course prix-fixe meal. You'll taste, smell, hear, and feel food an entirely unique way, and since the servers come equipped with night vision goggles, you won't have to worry about each dish making it to your table safely. There isn't a dining experience like this anywhere else in Vegas. Get Tickets Here

Terry Fator Show

When Terry Fator and his puppets are a marriage made in Sesame Street heaven. Without each other, Fator would have been just another middle-aged singer to walk across the stage on "America's Got Talent." And, well, the puppets would still be puppets. But thanks to their exposure of winning "America's Got Talent," Terry Fator has capitalized on his success and now headlines in Vegas with essentially a puppet show. This is a kid-friendly show. Get Tickets Here

Barbie: A Cultural Icon The Exhibition

A fun Vegas family activity is Barbie The Exhibition. It takes you from 1959 to present-day; examining how pop culture and fashion trends have shaped this global phenomenon. The exhibition celebrates Barbie as a reflection of culture, with exclusive interviews and an up-close look at vintage dolls, career representation, and fashion trends from each era. The exhibition features a multi-million dollar collection of hundreds of artifacts from the 60-year history of Barbie including the Original 1959 Barbie as well as an original Barbie Dreamhouse. Get Tickets a Groupon

Virtual Reality Las Vegas

FlyOver Las Vegas

FlyOver allows you and the kids to dip, soar, and coast through the skies at the world's most beautiful destinations. Using cutting edge technology, this attraction created a full immersive experience using special effects like mist, wind, scents, and motion to make the ride feel almost completely authentic: you feel like you're flying but you're not!
Get Tickets Here

4D Ultimate Experience

The real world too boring for your liking? Excalibur Las Vegas thought so, too. So fasten your safety belts because Ultimate 4-D Experience is going to take you on an out-of-this-world journey, while you’re still in it. Yeah, the real world is cool, but is it dodging giant dinosaurs in a helicopter cool? Or what about being transported to a world of toys where your only goal is to create havoc? Enter, Ultimate 4-D Experience inside Excalibur Las Vegas. With numerous ever-changing 4-D adventures to choose from. These journeys are action-packed with gnarly sights, high-quality sounds and all-immersive awesomeness.
Get Tickets Here


Illuminarium uses 4K interactive projection, 360-degree audio, in-floor vibrations, and scent systems to build a riveting experience unlike anything else in Las Vegas. This cinematic, immersive attraction has three different family-friendly productions to choose from, along with the Illuminarium After Dark adult nightlife escape. Wild: A Safari Experience Travel to the wilds of South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, where you'll come face-to-face with exotic animals in their natural habitat, bask in the glow of a savannah sunset, gaze at a starlit Kenyan sky, and enjoy a range of stunning, majestic landscapes. This admission ticket includes one signature cocktail.
Get Tickets Here

The National Geographic - Rarely Seen Exhibition gives you a stunning look at our planet through the lens of some of the finest photographers in the world. This visually immersive attraction gives visitors the chance to see 50 different once-in-a-lifetime moments. Some of the gorgeous photos you'll experience feature the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand, the Pope taking a selfie in Vatican City, a brightly colored hummingbird facing off with a pit viper, the Rayang Dam in Thailand, and an underwater park in Austria, ice caves. Get Tickets Here

Free Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids

Free Circus Acts at Circus Circus Las Vegas

This thing to do in Las Vegas is not only fun, it's one of the best entertainment values in Vegas has to offer. Why? It's free! Look to the center stage of the Carnival Midway where Circus Circus Hotel presents the world's largest permanent circus with live acts every day! You'll see dazzling aerialists, trapeze artists and clown shows. Performances start at 11 a.m. daily. This is a favorite free and fun kids activity in Las Vegas. Looking for more Free Things To Do in Vegas for Families?

Town Square Children's Park at Town Square

It's Vegas and thus, it's hot! If you've got small children this is a wonderful thing to do with them: one of the best options for cooling down from the desert heat is to visit the Children's Park and Playground at the popular outdoor Town Square Shopping Mall. With a number of play areas that are either in shade, in trees, or in a fountain, your kids will have fun and stay cool. If you're looking for a cheap family activity in Vegas, this is a great one.

Fountains of Bellagio

High up on the list of beautiful and spectacular sights that are a must-see for every Las Vegas visitor of any age are the Fountains of Bellagio located at Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. As an added treat, this is one of the few shows in Vegas that is not only G rated from start to finish, but absolutely free! Furthermore, every show is synchronized to different music, so you and your kids can take in the spectacle again and again. The music runs the gamut from old standards by the likes of Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, and Michael Jackson to the latest electronic dance music from Tiesto. Or you might be treated to a show tune or classical music. If your kids are into different kinds of music, they will probably recognize and be able to tell you not only a particular song's artist, but also its title. This might just be on of the best shows in Las Vegas due to its accessibility and price point--free!

Fun Things to do with Kids in Las Vegas (2022)

So, this is our list of the best things to do in Vegas with kids. We know, we know, it's pretty long and extensive but there's something for everyone here. Have something to add? Or a comment or suggestion? Let us know.

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