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10 Ways to Get Discount Micheal Jackson One Tickets

Updated April 21, 2024 Micheal Jackson One Discount Tickets are in high demand--but we've got you covered. We've got ticket discounts, promo codes, 2 for 1s, and more.

Micheal Jackson ONE Tickets

1. Micheal Jackson ONE Tickets from $70 at Vegas.com

Micheal Jackson ONE Tickets

Vegas.com's discounted Micheal Jackson One show tickets at $70 are among the cheapest Micheal Jackson One ticket prices on the web. In our experince with Cirque du Soleil tickets, Vegas.com normally offers the best ticket prices, they've got Vegas in their name afterall, so they really should.
Vegas.com from $70

2. Micheal Jackson One Tickets from $88.70

Viator is the newest up-and-comer in the Las Vegas discount show tickets arena. Are they cheap? Yes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't comparison shop because sometimes their prices are higher than those of other ticket vendors like Vegas.com. Currently, Micheal Jackson One ticket prices start at $88.70 at Viator.
Viator from $88.70

BREAKING: Discount Cirque du Soleil Tickets

BREAKING: Vegas.com just dropped a huge bombshell as they revealed their new Cirque du Soleil show tickets deal: Up to 60% on Cirque du Soleil shows. Guaranteed. We don't know when Vegas.com will pull this offer, so today could be your last chance to access this deal before it expires.

3. Micheal Jackson ONE from $95.16 at groupon

Groupon's got a reputation for cheap "things" and at times those things include Vegas show tickets. Score a Micheal Jackson ONE Groupon deal with ticket prices from $95.16.
Groupon from $95.16

4. Micheal Jackson ONE at Cheaptickets

Cheaptickets has come through for us Micheal Jackson ONE show fans! Ticket prices aren't cheap, but they do have tickets and they're reasonably at $118.
Cheaptickets from $118

5. Micheal Jackson ONE from $95.71 at Expedia

Most of us know of Expedia, they're massive and so they have show tickets for most shows available, but are their shows cheap? Sometimes but not always and what can be challenging with Expedia for Las Vegas show tickets is their small inventory of tickets, it's usually pretty small. Now that I've gotten all the negatives out of the way, Expedia can be really competitive with pricing at times so they're worth checking out.
Expedia from $95.71

Micheal Jackson ONE Cheap Tickets

6. Micheal Jackson ONE Tickets at Stubhub from $248

Stubhub, a major online reseller of show tickets can often offer some amazing disounts. The cheapest Micheal Jackson One tickets we've found on Stubhub are priced from $248. Get way better deals elsewhere.

7. Michael Jackson ONE at Ticketmaster from $93.24

When it comes to Las Vegas show tickets, we don't find that Ticketmaster has realiably good prices and their ticket prices for Michael Jackson ONE is no excption, at $93.24, they're just not competitive enough to get us excited.

8. Michael Jackson ONE Ticket Promo Code

Oh daaaarnnnn! We did have Michael Jackson ONE promo codes...two in fact, but they've expired. Here's what you missed. You could have used Showtickets.com's "20CYBER" promo code and saved $20. But, alas, those have expired. Ugh. When BestofVegas and Showtickets publish promo codes and/or coupons again, we'll be right on that for you!

9. Michael Jackson ONE Active Military Tickets

Sorry there are currently no military or government discounts for Michael Jackson ONE, but does that really matter when we've found you all the AWESOME ticket deals listed on this page?

10. Micheal Jackson One Discount Tickets for Children

Children less than 12 years old are eligible for a 35% up to 50% discount (based on availability). The child can't be combined with other offers but quite frankly it's a pretty deep discount as is! This discount is not available online and must be purchased by visiting any Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Box Office in person.

11. Micheal Jackson One Early Booking Upgrade

Sorry, this deal has expired: Book Michael Jackson ONE 7 days or more in advance and get a free seat upgrade (for certain seating categories). See Mandalay Bay hotel website for more details.

12. Micheal Jackson One Locals Tickets Discount

If you're a Nevada resident you're in luck, from time to time Cirque Du Soliel offers Micheal Jackson One discount tickets for Las Vegas locals. At the moment we have not spotted any locals only coupons or discounts for Micheal Jackson One.

13. Micheal Jackson One Tickets 2 for $99

Sorry, Micheal Jackson One 2 for $99 is no longer available.

14. Micheal Jackson One Group Reservations

If you're a group of 10 or more--or if can quickly make friends with 9 other people really quickly--then you qualify for Cirque du Soleil group ticket pricing of up to 30%. You can even book a Micheal Jackson One pre-show reception! Call 702-352-0197 for booking assistance.

Other Ways to Save on Tickets

Choose Upper Level Seats

There really isn't a bad seat at the Micheal Jackson One theatre so don't spend extra on lower level seats...unless you want to see the show up and personal.

Visit Las Vegas in the Off Season

The cost for Vegas show ticket slides up and down based on demand. During peak tourism periods show ticket prices will rise, during slow periods they'll fall. Slow tourism periods in Vegas include the week after Thanksgiving, the first half of December, the first week of January, and more.

Show times

Generally, Micheal Jackson One shows times each night are 7pm and 9:30pm. The 7pm show time is far more popular with families and in higher demand during peak family travel periods such as Spring Break (March and April) and Summer (June, July, August), while the 9:30pm show time is much busier outside of these months. During Summer months Micheal Jackson One will occasionally offer a 4pm afternoon show time which is ideal for those traveling with younger children.

Buying at the Box Office is a good option if you're traveling outside of the busy months since there's a higher chance of getting a good cheap ticket deal. Buying Micheal Jackson One tickets online is the best bet since they're generally cheaper if purchased in advance.

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10 Ways to Get Discount Micheal Jackson One Tickets Details

Location: Mandalay Bay hotel
Age Minimum: 5+
Show Times: 7 & 9:30 PM Fri - Tue