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Criss Angel Tickets

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Criss Angel Las Vegas Tickets

If you're looking to score some Criss Angel Las Vegas tickets, you would have to be a bit of a magician to find the best deal. If you're not David Copperfield, (Hey Dave!) you're in luck because we have used our own magic skills to create a list of discounted ticket outlets below. Not only that, but we actually reveal the tricks behind the deals and compare prices between online show ticket vendors. Check out the latest discount ticket prices below:

Let's review these ticket prices:

These guys always seem to come through with magical prices on Criss Angel tickets, like $86.71, the cheapest prices online...how come? Because they are Las Vegas' homegrown show tickets vendor! They're legitimately located in Vegas and they have their fingers on the pulse of the show scene there, including the Criss Angel scene. (They may in fact be best buds with Mr. Angel, given these angelic prices). Ok, no more puns, back to tickets: Vegas.com almost always has the lowest prices on Criss Angel tickets. They are also super reputable and have stopped with the sleight of hand tricks, so you can count on them for all your show needs.

Criss Angel tickets at Ticketmaster

Viator is a show ticket vendor owned by TripAdvisor, it's like they're the wizard and TripAdvisor is the all-powerful-Oz behind the curtain! Okay, we digress...basically, it's not a magic trick, they're actually good at what they do. They've got incredibly great discounts on Criss Angel tickets...they've clearly got some good Voodoo! Buying show tickets is a bit more involved using Viator, but the extra bit of effort pays off with awesome Criss Angel ticket discounts.

Criss Angel tickets at Ticketmaster

Rarely do we find the cheapest Criss Angel tickets prices on Ticketmaster--it does happen sometimes, but it's usually an illusion (these magic puns are non-stop!). Now that's not to say you shouldn't try them, especially if you're a mind-reader or if your first name is David and your last name is Copperfield. But even David Copperfield started as li'l Dave, so give it a shot, what have you got to lose? One gold coin? A bunny rabbit?

We remember when BestofVegas had the very best ticket deals around...back when Criss Angel was entertaining his fellow second-grade friends. But alas, those days are gone and we have to accept the reality that dirt cheap Vegas show tickets, and sawing women in half, are over. Booh!

Expedia, you're out of your league with the over-the-top priced Criss Angel tickets. This isn't your best performance.

The Criss Angel Show

Criss Angel Las Vegas MINDFREAK Live is spectacular illusion-based show at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. This show is a partnership performance with Cirque du Soleil so you know it's a top notch show! Recently awarded Magician of the Century, Criss Angel brings his arsenal of magic feats that delve deep into the minds of audience members and leave guests in a state of bewilderment, awe and befuddlement.

The 90-minute production includes some of the most amazing illusions ever-presented on stage from feats that Harry Houdini dared decades ago, to the newest of illusions straight from the creation of Criss Angel – the most spectacular illusions from the Magician of the Century!

Criss Angel was recently awarded the G.O.A.T. Award (Greatest of All Time) by Vanish Magazine, the world’s largest magic publication, and was named "The #1 Magic Show of All Time" by Las Vegas Sun and has been featured on A&E. In fact, Criss Angel MINDFREAK is based on Angel's hit TV series on A&E named MINDFREAK.

Criss Angel Las Vegas MINDFREAK is mindblowing in its scope, featuring over 90 amazing magic effects only performed by Criss Angel. Criss Angel recently celebrated the 100th performance of Criss Angel MINDFREAK.

Criss Angel Las Vegas Show Reviews

"Criss came across as very appreciative of our support and expressed that to the audience" - Vegas.com

"Hands-down, the BEST magic show I have ever seen in my life! I waited years to be able to see Criss' show and it definitely did not disappoint! My husband and I sat in the very front row and even from that close we were still left completely speechless on how some of his tricks were performed. Completely MINDBLOWN. If you're ever in Vegas and need something to do definitely go to Criss' show, it is 100% worth it, plus... why would you not go?" - Yelp

Criss Angel Las Vegas Q&A

Where does Criss Angel perform?
Criss Angel performs at Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas.

What's the best seat for Criss Angel Las Vegas?
It really depends on your needs/what you like. If you want the best view and you want to interact with Criss Angel, choose a seat in the front and center section. Believe it or not a good view of the show is the middle section of the highest row of seats (nose bleeds). Check out our Criss Angel Seating Chart.

Is Section 102 good to see Criss Angel?
Yes, that section is front and center so it'll offer an exceptional experience of the show.

What's the minimum age for the Criss Angel show?
It's 10 years of age.

How Do You Book Criss Angel Tickets in Advance?
Criss Angel MINDFREAK tickets sell out fast so it's always a good idea to buy tickets in advance. Check out our list of the best Criss Angel ticket prices on the web

What's the name of Criss Angel's restaurant?
Cablp and it's located in Overton, Nevada. Read all about it.