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Las Vegas Discount Tickets

21 Nov 2023 | Tags: Las Vegas Shows, Last Minute Tickets, Half Price Tickets

Last Minute Vegas Tickets

This week we'll be looking at last minute ticket deals that have just hit the internet including deals from Cirque du Soleil and magician extraordinaire Shin Lim. Don't be tempted into paying full price for show tickets, especially if you're arriving in Vegas tonight or in the next couple of days--we've got same-day, half price and last minute ticket deals!

November's turning out to be a lucky month because we've scored some awesome last minute Las Vegas ticket deals from Vegas.com that you'll love. Let's get right to the show deals shall we?

We'll start everyone's favorite, Cirque du Soleil, more specifically KA by Cirque du Soleil. Over the next couple of days, tickets for this show are going for only $69--an awesome last minute Cirque show deal!

Vegas Discount Tickets

Next up is Shim Lim: this show is awesome and it's on sale from $47--that's the lowest price online!

But wait, it gets better! Who would have thought that November Vegas show tickets could be so cheap? Here's an awesome last minute deal: V - Ultimate Variety Show from $39! You'll spend more on breakfast folks!

Last but not least at Vegas.com is their "Sitewide Savings Event" where you can save up to 60% on shows, hotels, and more. That's a huge discount but keep in mind this deal expires tomorrow.
SAVE 65% at Vegas.com

P.S. our list of November shows in Las Vegas is out!

Half Price Tickets at TicketNetwork

We love Ticketnetwork for sold out show tickets and half price tickets, not to mention their vast selection of last minute tickets for pretty much any Vegas show you're looking for--including highly sought after Cirque du Soleil shows.

But enough about what we like, let's talk about what you need: if you're having trouble finding tickets for Las Vegas shows elsewhere, Ticketnetwork usually has them, and better yet, they usually have them on sale. You think they'd always be expensive because those ticket resellers have a reputation for high prices. Sometimes in demand tickets aren't cheap--especially for same day shows. But normally Ticketnetwork tickets are really reasonably priced, so if you're looking for cheap tickets for tonight, they're the place to start.

This just in, get 25% Off your next ticket purchase at Ticketnetwork! Use promo code TNTIX25.
Check out TicketNetwork

Last Minute Tickets Las Vegas

Do Vegas show tickets get cheaper closer to the date? At times they do at Expedia and that's mostly due to their massive wholesale ticket buying power--they can buy lots of cheap tickets and pass on savings to us folks. But, if you're looking for last minute tickets or tickets tonight, I'd recommend Vegas.com or Tix4Tonight, they tend to be far cheaper for same day and next day Vegas show tickets. Same day tickets at Expedia

How get cheap Vegas show tickets you ask? We've got you covered. Cheaptickets is no joke when it comes discount Las Vegas show tickets and there's a really good reason why: they're a huuuugeeee online seller of show tickets--not just for Vegas but nationwide, so if you're looking for a deal they offer some rockin prices for shows, concerts and events. Now it's important to know that CheapTickets is a ticket reseller, which means you're buying preowned tickets from folks who want to sell because for whatever reason they can't attend a show. Let's check out some ticket deals:

If you like Ed Sheeran, you'll love tickets from $71! We all know that Adele tickets are in high demand so they're pricey, but if you want them their available for her Vegas November show dates. Likewise, Lady Gaga's performing at Park MGM and tickets start at $209. Check out Cheaptickets

Of course you can trust Viator, they're owned by Tripadvisor--we all know them--and are a really good second option for last minute show tickets in Vegas.

But the key question is: if you're heading out to Las Vegas tonight, can you score cheap last minute show tickets from Viator? We're happy to let you know--you can because month they're pulling out all the stops and offering discount Vegas show tickets for up to 45% off. Let's check out some of the more interesting show ticket discounts Viator's offering.

If you love MJ but don't want to pay high Cirque du Soleil prices for Michael Jackson ONE, we're happy to clue you in to a great alternative: MJ Live. Best of all, this month on Viator children between 5-12 go FREE with the purchase of a full priced adult ticket which start at the dirt cheap price of $40.90...😃

Next up is Nathan Burton who blends illusions, showgirls and comedy all into one and yeah, of course we've found a last minute ticket deal...how's $20.99 per ticket? Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh! And does that price count for tickets tonight? Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!
More Vegas Shows Tonight

Buy show tickets in advance? Or wait last minute? Well, the answer is clear: if you get a deal, buy Vegas show tickets in advance, but if you think you can score by waiting, then last minute is the way to go. If you haven't used TicketLiquidator in the past, well it's worth a try....sometimes. Discount last minute Vegas tickets for shows and concerts this month are available at Ticketliquidator. Check out Ticketliquidator

Groupon has a reputation for being a place you go to get cheap "stuff" and that applies to discount Vegas show tickets too. We've found that there are some great ticket deals on Groupon, for sure, but they're mostly reserved for the lesser known shows and also mostly for last minute ticket opportunities. Not everyone wants to see a Cirque du Soleil show so Groupon fits a need and we love them for that.

Here's a selection of cheap tickets you can score at Groupon: Drag Brunch Show, Black Magic Live, Comedy Cellar at Rio, Chippendales, Fantasy, Tournament of Kings, Carrot Top and a hand full of other shows and concerts. If these shows appeal to you then you'll love that Groupon offers them for at discounts of at least 35% off and you can at times (like today) get an additional 20% off if you sign up for Groupon's email list. Folks, cheap Vegas show tickets really don't get much cheaper than this!
Check out Groupon

To do list for today: get a darn good Vegas tickets deal at Stubhub. Great, let's start with Blue Man Group...it's on sale at Stubhub as of the time of this writing; as is BattleBots and Cirque du Soleil's Micheal Jackson ONE.

Beyond shows there are cheap tickets to Vegas events and concerts such as Las Vegas Raiders, NFL pre-season tickets, Head Automatica, OPM, and others. The drawback to Stubhub's Vegas show ticket inventory: they don't really have a lot, but they do have quite a bit of inventory for Vegas concerts and other events.

Everyone knows Ticketmaster, they're the 800 pound gorilla of the show tickets space so surely it should be possilbe to find last minute tickets to Vegas shows and events, right? Well, it's complicted: Ticketmaster has got great ticket inventory so you're almost certain to find tickets for the show you want. But they aren't always cheap, so while you might find tickets, you might not like the price paid for them. However, it's worth taking a look at Ticketmaster's Vegas show tickets lineup.

Most Las Vegas locals know of Tix4tonight, they're a popular half-price tickets vendor with a few of physical locations on the Strip as well as a website where they sell, well, tickets for tonight, any night--that is, last minute tickets.

Tix4tonight have four ticket vending locations on the Strip: Showcase Mall near MGM Grand, Casino Royal next to Harrah's, Grand Bazaar Shops at Horseshoe (formally Bally's), and Circus-Circus hotel. Tix4Tonight shops open at 10 am to 7 pm each day. While you can get some outstanding ticket deals at Tix4tonight, it's important to know the limitations. Firstly, not all shows are available for sale--"O" by Cirque du Soleil and Jubilee are just a couple of Vegas shows for which Tix4tonight does not sell tickets. Basically, it's almost impossible to get ticket discounts to big shows, they're simply too popular and rarely need to discount.

secondly, it's true that Tix4tonight offers some exceptional last minute deals for Vegas shows, especially night-of, however note that the extraordinary discounts are limited to the lower quality seating--aka nosebleeds. If you're in looking for different seating categories, look elsewhere.

Up and comer in the Vegas ticket scene is Ticketcity. Sure, you've likely never heard of them but if they keep growing at the current pace, their name just might become more known and common. They've got load of last minute Vegas tickets as well as ticket discounts and promo codes.

Last year I wrote about Vividseats being and up and comer and sure enough this year Vividseats is getting to be a huge player in the Vegas tickets scene. I love their ticket inventory but mostly love their new rewards program: Buy 10 tickets, get the 11th on them. Awesome.

What special qualities does Axs bring to the last minute Vegas tickets scene? Nothing. They're another of many secondary show tickets vendors but unlike the biggies like Stubhub and Vividseats, Axs has little in the way of differntiation so I can't say they offer cheap tickets, better seats, discounted last minute tickets, or anything else.

Captainticket offers no fees on ticket sales. They specialize in last minute, sold-out or hard to find sports, concert, theatre and Vegas tickets. Get no fee tickets to Vegas NFL games, Taylor Swift, Adele and Ed Sheeran tickets.

If you're an AMEX card member you just might be in luck: card members enjoy exclusive access to some of the best Las Vegas music, sports, and show tickets. Check out their list of shows here.

AAA discount tickets have grown in the past year so if you're a member be sure to check out their current list of available ticket deals.

CapitalCityTickets is yet another show tickets reseller with a large inventory of Las Vegas shows. Check them out.

It's all about check tickets at Gametime and they guarantee that you'll have your last minute tickets available on time for your event. Las Vegas discount tickets at Gametime include Blue Man Group, F1 Las Vegas Gran Prix, and Raiders at Steelers.

If course, you can got to the very source if you're looking for cheap Vegas Cirque du Soleil ticket but they're not always the cheapest option. In fact, in our experince Vegas.com usually beats out Cirque du Soleil for discount tickets and especially last minute tickets in Vegas. It's mostly because if you buy tickets directly with Cirque du Soleil they charge high service fees. Stay away from those high fees.

Tickpick claims they offer ticket prices 10% lower than their largest competitor. True? Taylor Swift from $433. Hmmm. Vegas Grand Prix from $975. Wellllll. Mystere from $161. Sorry Tickpick you might be 10% lower than your largest competitor but you're higher priced than a ton of your other competitors.

Hellotickets's name reminds me of HelloKitty, but I digress: These guys offer cheap tours, activities and show tickets for Las Vegas and yes, they have discount ticket prices but don't offer enough of a show selection. Good deals to be had just not enough of what you might be looking for like Cirque du Soleil and the like.

A bit like Hellotickets, Klook's a travel marketplace that offers deals on last minute tickets and Las Vegas shows tonight. Yeah, their Vegas show ticket discounts are good, but like Hellotickets they don't offer enough of a show selection for us to truly recommend them.

GetYourGuide is offering Criss Angel tickets starting at $86.71; Tournament of Kings Show at Excalibur starting at $86.54 and Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil tickets starting at $130.15.

Megaseats is a no fee tickets site offering Vegas discount tickets and last minute Vegas tickets. According to them they save you cash. Here's a bit of what they say: "Did you know the final price you pay on Ticketmaster.com is much higher than the one they initially show you? It's a marketing trick known as Drip Pricing. A deceptive trick design to let businesses charge more for the same product. Here's how it works, Take this Lorde concert ticket for example. Initially TicketMaster set a fake low price of $1000 vs $1034 on MegaSeats a No Fees Site."

If you have a rewards card such as MGM Rewards or Caesars Rewards, you can get pre-sale access for shows and even free tickets to certain shows at particular times of the year. MGM Rewards also offers early access to seating -- a line pass -- for card members.

How Same-Day Tickets Work

There are many ways to save on Vegas show tickets and getting last minute tickets or same-day tickets are perfectly good options. It's helpful to know how discount ticket vendors work in order to decide if it's the best path to getting a seat in your favorite show:

  • The most popular Vegas shows such as Cirque du Soleil will almost never be offered. They're simply too popular and generally don't need help selling tickets.
  • Sometimes waiting for last minute tickets can mean you missing out all together. Vegas tickets sell out quickly, so waiting can sometimes mean you don't get to see the show you want.
  • 1/2 price tickets aren't always half-priced. Don't expect a 50% discount for tickets--a more realistic expectation is 10 to 20% off.
  • Don't expect to know your seat location in advance. Part of getting discounted tickets means giving up some personal choice.

Expect a Wait for Last Minute Tickets

Everyone wants cheap last minute Las Vegas tickets, and while you'll save on money, you'll likely pay with your time. Getting same-day tickets means physically lining up with others who are also looking to score deals and that translates into wait time. After you've stood in line to buy your ticket voucher from that same-day ticket vendor, perpare to stand in line at the shows box office to trade the voucher for a proper show ticket.

Wiating in multiple lines to get cheaper show tickets may not be possible for some, like families with children for example. If you're a family we'd recommend buying kid-friendly show tickets online, they are generally very competitively priced but you get to skip the waiting requirement for same-day tickets.

Q&A About Last Minute Vegas Tickets

  • Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas last minute tickets

    Just wondering if any of the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows ever offer last minute tickets at a discount.

    Cirque du Soleil shows are super popular so they're normally pretty packed and they tend to sell out for most performances. Of course, seasonality plays a part: when Vegas is busy, Cirque du Soleil shows sell out (and they're expensive), but when Vegas slows down and less tourists are around, Cirque du Soleil, like most shows, are less likely to sell out. Likely any other product, Vegas show tickets will be cheaper when there's less demand, so if you want to get cheap Cirque du Soleil tickets it's best to visit Vegas during slow periods--and you're likely really good seats too!

    Typcially slow seasons in Vegas are: end of August through early September, right before Thanksgiving through just before Christmas, right after New Years through early February and finally right before and after income tax season, so April. If you can time your trip around these low demand periods, you'll get cheap show tickets to pretty much any Las Vegas show, including Cirque du Soleil.

  • Tix4tonight Locations

    We're traveling to Vegas this December, which Tix4Tonight locations are we more likely to get better show ticket deals at?

    Great question but one I can't answer with any certainty. Tix4tonight has four locations, three of which are on the Strip and one that's located downtown, (see those here). I'm going to take a guess that the downtown location will be the least busy since downtown has far fewer hotel rooms than the Strip and so it would stand to reason that there would be less tourists seeking show tickets at that location. If you happen to find yourself in downtown Las Vegas, it might be worth trying out that Tix4tonight location--and be sure to let me know if it's less busy than the Strip locations.

  • 50% off same day Las Vegas tickets

    Are there any places to score 50% off show tickets? I don't need a fancy show, just something entertaining and cheap.

    A few places you can try: Tix4tonight, Groupon, and Vegas.com which is an excellent option due to their huge show ticket inventory.

  • Do Vegas show tickets get cheaper last minute

    I'm on a budget for my convention trip to Vegas but I'd like to catch a show when I'm there. Which shows get cheaper last minute?

    Mostly, but it depends on whether Vegas is busy or not on the date you're planning to visit. As a general rule, weekends are busy and weekdays are slower. This rule doesn't apply to peak periods such as summer, New Years Eve, but mostly, you'll find that show tickets are cheaper last minute during weekdays.

  • Groupon last minute Vegas show tickets

    Does Groupon have cheap, day of tickets to Vegas shows?

    My personal experience with Groupon is that they have good deals on some Vegas show tickets, but not most. Because they're not a exclusively Vegas-focus website, they don't have the deep inventory of show tickets that say Vegas.com does. That's not to say you can't get great last minute ticket deals on Groupon, but you'll likely have to search through their offerings a bit more.

  • Rod Stewart Tickets Sold Out

    Hi! For our honeymoon, we want to see Rod Stewart. We're both huge fans and have dreamed of see him live for years. But the show is sold out on our travel dates. Do you know of any way to get tickets to sold out Vegas shows?

    Popular Las Vegas events sell out quickly and I can understand the disappointment, especially if you've waited so long to see Rod Stewart. Thankfully, you have some options! First try Ticketnetwork, the specialize in selling tickets to sold out shows and are also especially good for hard to find last minute tickets such as those for Cirque du Soleil. If that fails, Check out Groupon, they won't have the same variety of shows that Ticketnetwork does, but Groupon does have a pretty good line up of shows for Vegas.

  • Why not a better review of the Gametime app?

    Thanks for all this great advice! I see you mention Gametime and seem to have a couple of things to say about it but you don't talk much about why their a good option. I purchased tickets to a sold out show using their app and really liked the experience. Thanks!

    Great to know about your positive experience with Gametime. We know a bit about their system but because their pretty new, and because we've never used their app before, we don't really have much to say about them other than their an option for last minute Vegas tickets as well as those for other cities. We'll do some digging, try out their app and post updates on our experience here. Thanks for sharing!

  • UFC 296 Tickets Las Vegas

    How I can get cheap UFC 296 tickets? They are going for around $600 each, I can't afford that price.

    Yeah, they're expensive and that probably because their in high demand. Some options are Ticketnetwork, TicketLiquidator and Vividseats

  • Is it cheaper to buy show tickets in Vegas or online?

    I'll be in Vegas in December with 7 friends. For a couple of them, this'll be their first Vegas trip. We'd like to catch a show or two and we're all on a strict budget so we need to keep costs low. Is it better to buy Vegas tickets online or when we get there? Thanks!

    We get this question a lot and the answer can depend, but generally you can expect cheaper ticket prices when you buy online, a couple of weeks prior to the performance date. This is a general rule, but there are exceptions, some which can be hard to acurately predict such as how busy Las Vegas will be on your trip dates. If the city's busy, you can expect higher ticket prices and vice versa when the city is slower.

    Since your group's on a budget, I'd suggest skipping the Cirque du Soleil shows because they're pricey and stick to good quality budget shows such as America's Got Talent, MJ Live, WOW, Popovich Pet Theater, Mat Franco

  • Las Vegas Shows November 2023

    Thanks for all the great info. This November, I'm going to Vegas for the first time, any suggestions good cheap shows on the Strip?

    There are lots of options, plus, it's great time of year to visit: the weather's amazing, Las Vegas November shows are normally awesome, and it's normally less crowded so hotels, entertainment and events are a on the cheaper side, especially if you visit during the second have of the month. The best show are mostly in the first half of the month because during Thanksgiving Sin City begins to slow down quite a bit. Since discount Vegas tickets is what this page is about, let's take a look at the show offering the best value for money.

    First up, let's take a look at some Cirque du Soleil November ticket prices. These shows are still a bit pricey but often you can get Cirque du Soleil discount tickets during slow seasons, and November is typically one of those times. Las Vegas shows for kids are almost always really deeply discounted during November so if you're in Vegas with kids, get a deal on a show!