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Best Las Vegas Shows for Kids 2022

Kids Shows in Vegas You’ll Love

Las Vegas family shows on the Strip are hot! The Entertainment Capital of the World does not disappoint, even with kid-friendly shows. Running the gamut from Cirque du Soleil shows, dinner shows and magic shows and more traditional forms of entertainment, you are sure to find the perfect Las Vegas shows for kids. Whether you're 4 or 84, kids shows in Las Vegas are sure to entertain at any age.

Vegas Shows for Kids

Mystere Tickets

Of all the shows in Vegas, Mystere is the Las Vegas show that EVERYONE loves--even kids. If you've never seen a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, this is your chance. Mystere was the very first Cirque show in Las Vegas and has been around forever. Beyond votes from gazillions of kids, our own LasVegasKids show critic has voted it The Best Family Show in 2019, 2020, and 2021. With breathtaking acrobatics, amazing stunts and astounding visual imagery, you simply can't go wrong. As an added bonus, every seat in the theatre for this Las Vegas show is great...even the cheapies!
Vegas.com from $77.46

Why Mystere is a Great Las Vegas Show for Kids

Mystere is such a fun family show that after seeing it you'll wonder if it was actually created just for kids. This show is a combination of increadible acrobatic and stunt whose performance is perfectly geared to families.

America's Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE

American's Got Talent TV might just be the perfect Vegas show for kids! If your children like the TV show so they'll love the live performance. This is the ultimate competition show in the US and now you'll be able to experience every unbelievable moment up close and personal. Hosted by season 12 finalist Preacher Lawson, this unbelievable lineup features the best performers from the many seasons of the hit TV show. Get Tickets Here

The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil

LOVE by Cirque du Soleil takes audiences on a magical journey through a fantastical world depicted through the music of the Beatles. Acrobatics, aerialists and a cast of colorful, intriguing characters combine to create a mystifying visual pared with an already sensational soundtrack. If you're not a Beatles fan (check your pulse), this Vegas show will carry you through an alternate universe and will leave you humming Beatles show tunes for days.
Vegas.com from $70.18

Why LOVE is a Great Las Vegas Show for Kids

LOVE captivates families with it's theatrical setting, acrobatics and The Beatles best hits. It's a wonderful show for all ages.

Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil has set the bar high with this creatively-curated 'Michael Jackson ONE', establishing it as one of the best shows in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson was no ordinary artist, and this entertaining showstopper requires four young adventurers to tell a story set to Michael Jackson's top hits. If the music isn't enough to dazzle you, the effects are sure to do the trick. Lights, gravity-defying acrobatics, state-of-the-art hip-hop choreography with the King of Pop's signature dance moves fuse together seamlessly for what Rolling Stone called "A virtual parade of WOW moments."
Vegas.com from $80.99

Ka by Cirque Du Soleil

KÀ is a coming-of-age tale, presented in Cirque's legendary 'feast-for-the-senses' style that audiences find exhilarating and beautiful. Set on a rotating stage and telling the story of life on a battlefield, the show moves between martial arts, balancing acts and swordplay. The main characters are two warriors that must fight on land and in the sky, showing off dazzling vertical choreography. From suspended fight scenes to moving stages that float and turn vertical, this technically impressive show is entertainment on an entirely new level. This classic Cirque du Soleil performance is a perfect show for kids.
Vegas.com from $73.45

O by Cirque du Soleil

If you're looking for an alternate universe, look no further than this captivating Las Vegas Cirque de Soleil show, 'O'. Set amidst a 1.5 million gallon pool, this aquatic tapestry of eye-catching moments utilizes world-class divers, synchronized swimmers and performers of every description. Defying gravity and the human imagination, the show embraces the magic of music, extraordinary costuming and the surreal sets that descend from the ceiling, providing once-in-a-lifetime entertainment right on the Vegas Strip. We think this is one of the best Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas.
Vegas.com from $112.6

Kid-Friendly Production Shows

Jabbawockeez Las Vegas

Jabbaswockeez was the first dance crew to headline on the Las Vegas Strip, which communicates straight away that this troupe has a distinctive style and continues to set itself apart from other Vegas entertainment options. Dance enthusiasts and casual fans alike find plenty to love in this high-tech mix of stunning hip-hop choreography, special effects, and Vegas' trademark flair at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Voted 'Best Family Show' and 'Best All Ages Show’ for three years in a row, the performers in Jabbawockeez are outfitted in white masks and gloves, presenting modern dance as the most fun, most unified, most accessible entertainment yet.
Vegas.com from $63.44

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

It's hard to put Blue Man Group into words: take a rock concert and a comedy show, add a dash of whimsy, stir in unrivaled creativity and a generous pinch of astounding visual treats...shake well and serve! There’s no act in the world like Blue Man Group and it's the perfect Vegas show for kids. Blue Man Group is three mute men, dressed in all-black, covered in shiny blue paint, entertaining audiences through drumming, neon lights, and movement. There's a reason why 35 million people around the world have attended a Blue Man Group performance: it's fun, it's creative, it's bizarre!
Vegas.com from $50.1

Tournament of kings

Tournament of Kings transports you and your kids into the legendary world of King Arthur. Forget the average ‘dinner and a show’ night out: this is an immersive and interactive experience like no other. The theater-in-the-round arena hosts valiant knights on horseback jousting for their honor, all while you sit tight and enjoy a hearty three-course meal eaten medieval-style...sans utensils! This is one of the wonderful things to do with kids Las Vegas offers.
Vegas.com from $63.66

17 Ways to Get Legends in Concert Discount Tickets

Legends in Concert isn’t just a "tribute show," it’s THE tribute show. Think of all the Las Vegas heavyweights: Elvis, Barry White, Adele, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Prince, Lady Gaga and add bedazzled costumes, crazy-wild backup dancers, and an over-the-top on-stage orchestra. This is not the terrible karaoke bar from your local dive-joint (no offense), this is a show with performers who can belt it out and leave you with chills. With singers like these, who needs the original artist? The perfect show for kids ages 12 and older.
Vegas.com from $38.58

MJ live: a michael jackson tribute

In the great pantheon of 20th century entertainers, only a few achieved legendary status, and no one quite captivated the world like Michael Jackson. Jackson's oeuvre is largely family-friendly for kids ages 6-10. This Las Vegas musical is approximately an hour long, perfect for young attention spans. Be aware that seats are not assigned with ticket purchase, so early arrival is recommended. If you're looking to introduce your youngster to the genius that is Michael Jackson, you'll love this show.
Get Tickets

Atomic Saloon Show

Anything can happen in the Wild West: gun slingers, rogue sheriffs, atomic test sites, you name it. And anything can happen in Vegas (and it usually does), including an "atomic saloon". This show is unceasingly entertaining with sexy acrobats, dancing, shenanigans, and general mayhem. Hang on to your britches!
Vegas.com from $34

Hitzville - The Show

Hitzville The Show is a nostalgia-filled trip through the Motown hits of yesteryear. Vocalist Jin-Jin Reeves, along with backup singers and the five-piece Hitzville band, fills Planet Hollywood's V Theater with an authentic Motown sound and experience that will have you clapping your hands and dancing in the aisles. Hitzville is a journey through the times and places that made Motown famous, opening up with The Pips' classic "I Heard it Through the Grapevine," and going through different acts, going from one influential Motown band to the next.
Vegas.com from $39.44

Purple Reign, THE Prince Tribute Show

There were the naysayers, the haters and the diehard fans who said that Purple Reign would fail because Vegas has too many tribute shows. But has Prince EVER let us down?? I didn't think so. Jason Tenner has been performing his Prince tribute show in Las Vegas for more than a decade. What began as a lark in 1996 for this singer has transformed into a live replica of Prince's greatest hits and moves. Tenner watched Prince's movies and videos on repeat until he could mimic Prince's exact movements and expressions. To perfect his voice to sound like Prince, he would sit in his home studio, record, and replay, over and over again, fine-tuning himself. This is dedication people, and because of this, fans can still party like it's 1999.
Vegas.com from $44.95

Potted Potter Discount Tickets

If it's condensed theatre you want, it's condensed theatre you'll get. Welcome to Potted Potter, the widely imaginative continuation of the J.K. Rowling star character Harry Potter and his gang of friends. Rather than recreating the successful New York City theatre performance, this show attempts to combine all seven Harry Potter books into one 70-minute show. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll burp out magic spells. For Potter fans, this is one show that won't disappoint your family!
Vegas.com from $49.49

Prepared to be wowed by this popular Vegas show “WOW” (yes, we resort to puns when necessary). The production “WOW” belongs in the Entertainment Capital of the World by virtue of its acrobatics, 3D-multi-media projections, theatrical lighting and one of the coolest water stages you’ve ever seen (wink, wink). They’re not holding back, and why should they? It’s Vegas, baby and we are in the city that loves to entertain. What sets this show apart from other Las Vegas shows is that the stage is immersive with the audience. You will be flush up against the stage to see all stunts up-close-and-personal. Prepare for the "wow" that will float off your lips with every flip, jump and tuck.
Vegas.com from $45.07

All Shook Up

What would a trip to Vegas be worth if there weren't a show all about the premier showman himself, Elvis! Grab your blue suede shoes and head over to this tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. This astounding show is backed by a live band, so be ready to cut a rug. "The King" will only be playing the hits, like "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Suspicious Minds." Be prepared to take a trip back in time with one of music's greatest artists, a show not to be missed.
Vegas.com from $50.95

The Bronx Wanderers

What does Las Vegas really need? A family from the Bronx! This family band weaves together music from the 50's, 60's and 70's for a rocking good time (yeah, another bad pun. C'est la vie). Think of classic family shenanigans as one son rifts on air guitar, another son bangs out a beat, and Pops makes pancakes...all while singing! Kids of all ages are welcome to this family showcase of talent and joy.
Vegas.com from $34.44

Sometimes it's ideal to see a show that's performing in the hotel you're staying at--when Vegas-bound with kids it's far easier to exit the showroom and head right up the elevator to your room than to trek the Las Vegas Strip. This list of Best Las Vegas Hotels for Kids will sure make that task far easier.

Vegas Magic Shows

David Copperfield Las Vegas

It’s David freakin’ Copperfield. Need we say more? This legendary man is a world-famous magician who so happens to be our favorite neighbor with our favorite Las Vegas show. There is a reason David Copperfield has been around since what feels like the dawn of time. With the perfect combination of nostalgia, magic, showmanship, and charisma, master illusionist David Copperfield continues to thrill us time and again. Every child love magic tricks and your kids will love this show.
Vegas.com from $73.49

Criss Angel Mindfreak Live

Criss Angel brings his special blend of magic and mind-melding fantasia to the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood. If you're a fan of his popular TV show, you can stop reading and move on to purchase tickets. If you are unfamiliar with this magician, imagine a man hovering above the Egyptian pyraminds. Imagine a man walking on water. That man is Criss Angel. In this show, you'll bear witness to 75 of his most iconic illusions and never-before-seen tricks all stylized with a gothic feel much like an old-fashioned circus. This is the magic show that brings the future and the past into the present. If you want Criss Angel tickets click below:
Vegas.com from $86.71

Shin Lim

Shin Lim learned his world-class magic skills from.....you won't believe this: YouTube! But really, how good canthis YouTube edcuated magician be? Shin Lim’s been on the Penn & Teller show, and he won the 13th season of America’s Got Talent, and then went on America’s Got Talent: The Champions and won that too! Now he's got his very own magic show in Las Vegas. Not bad Shin Lim. You don’t want to miss this Vegas magic show.
Tickets from $64.3

Mac King Comedy Magic Show Las Vegas

Interested in the longest-running magician in Las Vegas replete with family-friend jokes, surprises and live animals? Then join Mac King and his goldfish, (don't worry, we won't spoil the surprise) these two have been renowned fixtures of the Las Vegas show circuit for over a decade and it's easy to see why. His southern charm, subtle sleight-of-hand tricks and minimal use of technology makes this a show that is genuinely entertaining for all ages. Take your date, your mother, your brother and your kids to this show...everyone will be laughing till they cry.
Vegas.com from $29

Xavier Mortimer's magical dream

From "America's Got Talent" to showcasing on Penn and Teller's show and winning the top award from Europe's most popular magic show, Xavier Mortimer is a name and show to watch in Vegas. As a former Cirque du Soleil performer, illusionist Xavier Mortimer creates an otherworldly magical experience combined with physical comedy and illusions. Comedy and enchantment meld together to create a dream world of magic at The STRAT Las Vegas.
Vegas.com from $32.16

V Ultimate Variety Show

Combining a wide array of entertaining acts from around the world, “V - The Ultimate Variety Show” delights audiences with special effects, magic acts, side-splitting comedy, visual arts, acrobatic performances, and much more. Although many Vegas shows enthrall audiences with comedic standup, acrobatic feats, or got-your-nose antics, “V - The Ultimate Variety Show” covers the entire spectrum of entertainment, providing a diverse collection of performances sure to please any disparate group of individuals. Performers of the rotating cast include hand-balancers Iouri and Gabor, Melinda The First Lady of Magic, the skating daredevil duo The Skating Aratas, Turf from America’s Got Talent, and the Quiddlers from NBC’s I Can Do That.
Vegas.com from $48.44

Nathan Burton Comedy

From "America's Got Talent" to "The World's Wildest Magic" on NBC, Nathan Burton headlines a Las Vegas show full of tricks, teleportation and transformation. As a magician, Nathan Burton has been entertaining in Vegas since 2001 with his wicked wit and formidable acts of magic. His grand, impressive illusions will stun you and his close-up tricks make this a captivating show the entire family will enjoy. Whether slicing up showgirls or throwing himself in the microwave, this old-school showman excels at family-friendly entertainment.
Vegas.com from $20

Piff The Magic Dragon

Magicians galore astound in Las Vegas, but only Piff the Magic Dragon has the World's Only Magic Performing Chihuaua. Mr. Piffles, as the dog is known, easily steals the show from the human star, known from his success on “America’s Got Talent” and touring with Mumford and Sons. They will perform a selection of their greatest hits from a repertoire that stretches over six previous critically acclaimed solo shows.
Vegas.com from $44.6

Mat Franco Magic

Forbes has listed Mat Franco's show as "The 5 Best Shows to See in Las Vegas Right Now" and we know why. It's not just that the entire world fell in love with him on season 9 of NBC's "America’s Got Talent," but his openess and the intimate showroom where the show takes place is what makes this show and showman truly unique. If you want to get up close and personal to catch the tricks this mighty magician makes, head to the Linq right on the Vegas Strip!
Vegas.com from $50.74

Murray The Magician

Another startlingly good magician on the Las Vegas entertainment circuit is Murry the Magician. His true talent lies in larger than life tricks and illusions, like making a 1918 steam train locomotive vanish in mere seconds on "America's Got Talent" on NBC. Perhaps during the next show, he'll make a Ferrari appear from thin air or transform a showgirl into a 450-pound tiger...anything is possible. This showman performs two of his signature illusions smack dab in the middle of the audience, so get your tickets now!
Vegas.com from $24.94

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

From across the pond comes international mentalist Frederic Da Silva. With top honors from "France's Got Talent" and three prestigious European awards for being the top mentalist, this magician will arrest your mind...or read your mind! This Las Vegas show will leave you wondering what is an illusion and what is reality...a challenging thing to decipher here in Vegas. You be the judge!
Vegas.com from $28.25

Even more Vegas Magic Shows here.

Vegas Comedy Shows

Terry Fator Show

Since 2008, Terry Fator has been stunning Las Vegas audiences across the board. With his combination of stand-up comedy, impersonating well-known musical artists with his enormous vocal range as well as his talent as a puppeter, this is one performer who truly astounds. Each puppet has a distinctive personality and vocal style, with a range of accents to boot. There's no wonder this performer has been featured on "The Today Show", "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "The Late Show with David Letterman".
Vegas.com from $50

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

A fifth-generation circus performer, Popovich brings his talent and furry talent to the stage in Las Vegas. With over 30 critters involved in the show (formerly from animal shelters) his daughter, and Snowbird,the show's cuddly white cat diva, this is a cast you can't resist. Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is just about the cutest show you'll ever see. You may find yourself meowing and barking with the rest of the audience!
Vegas.com from $29.44

Tape Face Las Vegas

When (and really, IF) you get overstimulated from all the noise on the Las Vegas Strip, head over to this captivating and mute show, Tape Face. Yes, the main performer does indeed have tape over his mouth, creating a slapstick, silly, and scintillating show that is ideal for the whole family. This eccentric comedy show was featured on "America's Got Talent: The Champions" so you know it's some once-off fluke. Head to Harrah's and laugh your head off.
Vegas.com from $39.19

Jeff Civillico - Comedy in Action

Entertaining since age seven, earning a gold medal for juggling at age 15, it's easy to claim that Jeff Civillico may be the most experienced performer in Las Vegas. His skills are noteworthy, but his enthusiastic interaction with the crowd and zany humor is what sets him apart and makes him such a delight. Hopefully YOU will be the next audience member he pulls onstage to assist him in his next act. That will be something to tell the friends back home...
Vegas.com from $56

Las Vegas Dinner Shows

Nothing beats a Las Vegas dinner and show--a classic favorite in Vegas. The dinner and show with the widest option on meal choices is most certainly Tournament of Kings but if you're not into jousting shows, check out the full list of options below: