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The Sphere Las Vegas Discount Tickets

The Sphere Las Vegas Ticket Deals

The Sphere Las Vegas discount tickets aren't that hard to come by, but if you want them on the cheap, then your choices are limited. But not to worry, we've found 'em cheap! The Sphere Las Vegas is a brand-new and revolutionary spherical venue where you can experience a whole new world like you've never seen before. Looking for U2 tickets at The Sphere?

1. Discount Sphere Las Vegas Tickets from $58

Discount Sphere Las Vegas Tickets

Cheapest Sphere Tickets Anywhere: With tickets starting at $58, there are few places where you'll get better prices for Sphere Las Vegas tickets than Vegas.com. Looking for U2 tickets? Get U2 Sphere tickets at Ticketnetwork.
Vegas.com from $58

2. The Sphere Discount Tickets from $84 at Expedia

A trend is developing, folks...the cheapest Sphere Las Vegas tickets are $58 at Vegas.com because Expedia's starting at $84 is waaaaayyy more expensive--why not save?
Get Cheaper Tickets from $58

3. Sphere Vegas tickets from $169 at Ticketmaster

Sphere Vegas tickets from $169 at Ticketmaster...you read that correctly. We were shocked too because Ticketmaster is the preferred vendor of The Sphere Las Vegas. Why pay $169 per ticket when you can get tickets starting at $59 at Vegas.com?
Ticketnetwork from $169

4. The Sphere Tickets Not Available at Groupon

Yeah, me too...I'm usually a huge Groupon fan for deals, discounts and cheap stuff, but sadly they don't currently have any tickets to The Sphere. We'll update you when they do.

5. Cheap The Sphere Tickets at SeatGeek

Or not. The Sphere tickets start at $68 at SeatGeek! What? Want a cheap tickets to The Sphere? How about Vegas.com starting at $58?
Vegas.com from $58

6. Vividseats Sphere Vegas Tickets from $113

What'd we say about the trend we're seeing! Maybe many ticket vendors are over-charging for The Sphere tickets because it's a new show? Maybe they're just being a bit greedy, but what ever the reason, we've got to stick with the best Sphere ticket deal and that's, my folks, ain't at Vividseats. See above for the very best, the cheapest, the best discounted tickets to The Sphere.

7. Sphere Las Vegas Tickets at Stubhub

Unfortunately Stubhub isn't offering tickets to The Sphere other than to the U2 concert that'll be hosted there beginning October. And by the way, if you want the best deal on U2 tickets at The Sphere, those are over at Ticketnetwork.

8. The Sphere Las Vegas Promo Codes

Looking for The Sphere Las Vegas promo codes? Yeah, we've got a couple but they're sorta work-around hacks because promo codes just for normal daily shows aren't out there yet. But if you're buying tickets for the U2 shows, use use code "TNTIX25" for 25% off at Ticketnetwork or get $10 off any purchase as SeatGeek just by visiting them.

9. The Sphere Las Vegas Military Discount

Everyone wants discount tickets to The Sphere Las Vegas. If you're active duty and retired military personnel as well as National Guard & Reserve personnel you'd normally receive some percentage off as a military discount to Vegas shows, attractions and hotels. Sadly this offer is not extended to The Sphere Las Vegas show tickets.

10. The Sphere Las Vegas Locals Discount

To my fellow Las Vegans: I'm sorry. I feel like I've let you down, but after searching, calling, emailing...I just can't find The Sphere Las Vegas discounts for locals. :(

12. The Sphere Las Vegas AAA Discount

AAA members get all sorts of discounts for Las Vegas show tickets. Be sure to check their website to confirm if The Sphere is on their discounted tickets list.

13. AARP Discount Tickets

We're all about discounts and saving on last minute Las Vegas tickets, so we've search for AARP discount tickets to The Sphere and came up with this which honestly, isn't too impressive but check it for updates.

14. The Sphere Las Vegas New Year's Eve Tickets

The Sphere Las Vegas tickets HAVE SOLD OUT for New Year's Eve! If you wait much longer to buy tickets for the December 30th show you'll very likely be disappointed.

15. The Sphere Las Vegas Student Discount

Las Vegas is really kind to students, you'll get all sorts of cheap deals for showing your student ID while in Vegas, but that doesn't apply to The Sphere because they don't have a discount for students as of now.

16. Last Minute Tickets

For the most part, The Sphere as well as most Las Vegas shows are pretty affordable and offer plenty of value for money. But for those looking for deeper value, look no further than our last minute tickets Las Vegas page to find all sorts of cheap deals for shows, concerts, events and more.

About The Sphere: Introducing a brand-new show at the revolutionary spherical venue, the Las Vegas Sphere. ‘The Sphere Experience’ also features an immersive film by acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky along with holographs, avatar captures, beam-forming sound displays, and more!

Experience something entirely new right in the heart of Las Vegas at the brand-new, revolutionary spherical venue, the Sphere. ‘The Sphere Experience’ starts the moment you walk through the door, when you’re greeted by Aura, the Sphere’s real-life humanoid robot (among four more identical robots that can be interacted with throughout the atrium.) Learn about how technology has helped maximize human potential, and experience revolutionary holographs, avatar captures, beam-forming sound displays, and the world’s largest Hypervsn display, projecting a 50-foot-high holographic-like image. The Sphere Experience is also home to Postcard From Earth, a specially commissioned immersive film by acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky. This part sci-fi and part nature documentary takes its viewers on a journey all the way from the Antarctic, deep into the ocean, and all the way across 15 different global locations (including space). You’ll see the world like never before in this immersive film, as it takes advantage of experimental technologies, including the world’s largest high-definition screen and the 167,000 speakers that fully immerse you into sound.

Questions: The Sphere Las Vegas

  • What are the best seats at the Sphere in Vegas?

    I'm so excited to see Sphere when I get to Vegas. I'm ready to buy tickets but please tell me what the best seats are at The Sphere. Thank you!

    Because of the shape, pretty much all seats at The Sphere offer an amazing view of the shows. It's quite an amazing experience. There are some who say that sections 206 and 306 offer the very best view, but I'm of the mind that any seat is a great seat.

  • Las Vegas Sphere Premium Seats

    What's the cost for the best tickets at the Sphere?

    The best seating sections at The Sphere are located in sections 206 and 306. Expect to pay a premium of about twice what you'd pay for normal seats.

  • How to get tickets to The Sphere New Year's Eve show

    I can't seem to find New Year's Eve tickets for the Sphere. Know where I can buy some?

    We're not sure if The Sphere is sold out or holding all tickets for last minute sale for the New Year's Eve shows, but as of now there are no tickets to be found anywhere.

  • Free child tickets to The Sphere?

    Are kids free at the Sphere?

    Kids must be 6 years of age or older to enter The Sphere. There are no discounts or free tickets for kids, unfortunately.

  • What's the Sphere experience?

    I want to see the Sphere shows, is the Sphere experience the same thing?

    Yes, it is. When you get tickets to The Sphere Expereince, you're buying tickets to the show. However, The Sphere Experience is only for regularly scheduled shows, not for special events and concerts such as the upcoming U2 concert at The Sphere. Check out this page for other Vegas discount tickets.

  • How many people does The Sphere fit?

    Just wondering how big it is.

    It's huge! It seats 17,500 people. It has 23 private suites where you can watch shows in a private setting. The LED screen is 160,000 square-feet--that's about 4 acres of video that completely surrounds viewers!

  • The Sphere Las Vegas Eyeball

    What's with the Sphere eyeball, it's kinda freaky.

    When The Sphere's was first illuminated, a giant eyeball was visible on the exterior of the venue from most of Las Vegas. It was a bit crazy looking but it showed just how realistic The Sphere's LED capabilities are. Fast forward to the 2:00 minute timestamp on this video to see the eyeball.

  • Sphere Tickets Cost

    How much are tickets to Sphere Las Vegas?

    How much tickets cost at Sphere varies by seating category and how busy Las Vegas is. You'll find that Sphere tickets are least pricey during slower seasons such as much of November, late April and during the month of May. Keep in mind, those months are generalities because it's impossible to know what major events will attract tourists to Vegas. The cheaper seats for The Sphere Experience are just about as good as the more costly seats. Save some money and go cheap, the show is just about as good.

  • The Sphere Tickets

    Where are the cheapest tickets to Sphere?

    The Sphere tickets are for sale all over the web, the tricky part is finding tickets that are well priced--that's what this page was written for! You'll find that Vegas.com Sphere tickets are generally cheapest and mostly available, but sometimes they sell out, especially during weekends and busy times of the year. If Vegas.com is sold out, check out Ticketmaster, they generally have tickets available because they resell tickets by people who have extras.