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Best Seats for The Sphere Las Vegas

Best Seats for The Sphere Las Vegas

Pretty much any seat at The Sphere offers amazing views but there are definetly some that are considered best seats for The Sphere Las Vegas and believe it or not normally they're not that much more costly than other seating categories. Let's go through the seats and seating categories at The Sphere:

Choosing Seats at The Sphere

You'll likely hear many people say that the best seats at The Sphere are located in the 200 and 300 levels. This may be true for concerts, but for the Sphere Experience show, the best seats are those located in the 400s. In sum, choose seats based on the type of show you will attend.

Section 200 Seats

Section 200 seats are those that are the very closest to The Sphere stage you can buy. They offer brilliant views of the show because they are center of, and nearest to, the stage. They are also, generally, the highest priced seats. best seats for The Sphere Las Vegas will be in this section, more specifically, they'll be Section 206, Rows 7 through 16 seats. Second and third best seating options will be any seats within Sections 205 and 207. If you're seeking the very best Sphere experience, these are the seats you'll want to buy.
See Section 200 Seats

Section 300 Seats

Section 300 seats are located just above Section 200 seats. In terms of proximity to stage, Section 300 seats offer an excellent view of the show, second only to Section 200 seats. Within Section 300 seats, the very best seats are those located within Section 306.
See Section 300 Seats

Section 400 Seats

Finally, Section 400 seats, while still offering great views of the stage, are located in the rear of The Sphere, they also happen to be the cheapest seats available. That said, these are the seats we book to see The Sphere shows because they offer great view -- they're the cheapest available seat yet have a great view of the massive screen which is so large it's very clearly visible from any part seat in the venue.
See Section 300 Seats

Section 100 Seats

There's a reason we left Section 100 seats last. Some consider these to be the best seats because they're closest to stage, however, we see their proximity as a liability. The Sphere screen is MASSIVE, and so sitting too close means missing out on all the screen has to offer...you're simply too close to see all details available on the screen. So, Section 100, unlike what some suggest, aren't really the best seats at The Sphere -- we still think that Section 200 seats are best.
See Section 100 Seats

Suite Seats

The Sphere also features 23 suites for use by VIP clients, these are generally not available for sale.

Seating Chart for The Sphere

what are the best seats in the sphere

If you're looking for a good seating chart for The Sphere check out the one offered by Vegas.com, it's interactive, allows you to see seats by section, row and price.

Seats at The Sphere

There are no bad seats at The Sphere, but some are better than others and, yes, a few can be partially obstructed. This is important because unlike some other venues, where entire seating sections can offer poor visibility for a performance, The Sphere is different. Having said that, some of The Sphere seats are certainly better than others. There are four general seating areas at The Sphere: 100, 200, 300 and 400 sections. The 200 level section is located in the front, nearest the screens. 300 level seats are located behind the 200 level seating area and finally 400 level seats are at the rear of the theater. But which seats for The Sphere are best? Take a closer look at our Q&A below.

Questions: Best Seats at The Sphere Las Vegas

  • What are the best seats at the Sphere in Vegas?

    I'm so excited to see Sphere when I get to Vegas. I'm ready to buy tickets but please tell me what the best seats are at the Sphere. Thank you!

    Because of the shape, pretty much all seats at The Sphere offer an amazing view of the shows. It's quite an amazing experience. There are some who say that sections 206 and 306 offer the very best view, but we're of the mind that any seat is a great seat.

  • Las Vegas Sphere Premium Seats

    What's the cost for the best tickets at the Sphere?

    The best seating sections at The Sphere are located in sections 206 and 306. Expect to pay a premium of about twice what you'd pay for normal seats.

  • How Many Seats in The Sphere?

    There are 18,600 seats at The Sphere.

  • Where Should I sit in The Sphere?

    I'm about to buy tickets, what are best seats at Sphere?

    See above: we mention that Section 200 seats are the very best quality seats at The Sphere. More specifically, Sections 206 and 306 will offer the very best view of the show.

  • Is There ADA or Accessible Seating at The Sphere?

    Are there accessible seats and if so where do I buy those?

    Yes, The Sphere does indeed offer accessible seating as well as other accessibility options -- let's check them all out.

    Accessible seating is available in sections 205, 206, 207, 305, 306, 307, and finally in section 406. These consist of a selection of wheelchair accessible seats, companion seats and semi-ambulatory seats. There don't seem to be requirements for purchasing these seats but we've only found a way to do so at Ticketmaster.

    If you're looking to use an accessible entrance, you can enter the Venetian hotel via Sands Avenue, then enter The Sphere using the East or West Entry areas. The Venetian pedestrian bridge is also an accessible entrance. Note that escalators and elevators are located throughout the building and all elevators have elevator operators to assist patrons.

    The Sphere offers accessible parking spots which are available on a first come first serve basis both onsite and in nearby lots. For more information on that visit this page. For more information on accessibility options at The Sphere visit this page.

  • Sphere Seats with Extra Leg Room

    Which Sphere seats have extra leg room

    A few different types: any aisle seats at The Sphere will give you extra leg room. Despite claims by posters on websites such as aviewfrommyseat.com, most rows have the exact same amount of leg room and seating room.

  • How bad are 400 level seats?

    I've heard that 400 level seats are too far away from the screen to enjoy a show like Post Card from Earth or U2 or a concert. Is that true?

    We stand by our claim that there really are no bad seats at The Sphere, but your question is important because it brings up a concern we've heard quite a few times and want to dispell: 400 level seats are great because they are the only seats that offer a full view of the entire venue, it's like a forest for the trees situation. Sure, you can get a 100 or 200 level seat and sit up close, but there's also value to sitting at the rear of The Sphere and conveniently enjoying the entire venue! Plus, 400 level seats are cheaper.

  • Are Section 100 seats worth the price?

    I'm looking for the best seats with the best view, thanks.

    Let's set expectations: Section 100 seats aren't so easy to come by, they are also the very closest to the front screen and somewhat to the stage--there are pros and cons to this proximity. For concerts, the close proximity is ideal, for general shows at The Sphere Experiences such as Darren Aronofsky's 'Postcard from Earth.', being up close is a con, in our opinion the ideal seat is mid-center of the venue, example sections would be upper rows of 200 and 300. More specifically, Section 200 rows 11 through 16 (any seat) and Section 300 rows 6 through 14, again any seat in this section will do.

  • Bad seats at The Sphere

    Hi, what are some of the bad seats, obstructed seats at The Sphere?

    Naturally, we haven't sat and viewed a show on each of the 18,600 seats at The Sphere, yet :) but we've heard back from some folks and here's what we have so far: Sections 101 & 106, Rows 23, 26, 33 will likely have some obstruction from people in lower rows. Some upper rows in 100 level will have the dreaded overhang.

  • Section 110 Seats

    How is the view from Section 110 seats?

    Mostly awesome! Be sure to select seats in lower rows (say 20 or lower) and in the middle of the row, or you risk sitting under the overhang which will obstruct part of the view.

  • Section 307 Row 12 Seats 24 and 25

    I just bought those seats for The Sphere show in December. Are they good seats? Any obstructions?

    Section 307 Row 12 Seats 24 & 25 -- darn awesome seats you bought! You'll have almost the perfect view! Only better view would be seats in sections 206 and 306 but your seats are awesome and likely saved you 25% per ticket which is substantial enough for you to treat yourself to a beverage at The Sphere's Atrium Deluxe Bar and/or a snack at Atrium Kitchen & Bar.

  • Where can I get cheap tickets to The Sphere?

    I can't afford really expensive tickets, please help.

    We wrote an entire article on dozens of options for cheap & discounted tickets to The Sphere.

  • The Sphere section 400

    How are seats in this section?

    You can't lose. Section 400 seats are the best of all worlds: you'll enjoy a full view of the entire Sphere, there are no obstruction zones, and seats are the cheapest available. Things are different for The Sphere concerts: Section 400, while still offering good seats and a good view for some, aren't close enough to stage for others. If you're aim is to be as close to a concert performance as possible, the General Admission (GA) section at The Sphere is intimate and close-up, so are seats at Sections 100 and 200 with those in Section 300 offering a happy medium.

  • The Sphere seating chart for U2

    U2 Vegas concerts are currently scheduled for dates in December 2023, January and February 2024, and they're selling out pretty quickly, so if you're looking for tickets try out Ticketnetwork. Seating is almost identical to The Sphere Experience seating chart, with such minor exceptions like there are more tickets available for general admission, standing only than there are for Postcard from Earth shows. The seating chart for U2 concerts also offer "Red Zone Riser" tickets in which proceeds of ticket sales go to support the Global Fund in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Covid-19. If The Sphere U2 RED tickets are anything like other U2 shows, there'll likely be benefits included such as a dedicated entrance and other goodies, though we cannot confirm at this time.

  • What's your opinion of 307 seats?

    I'm sitting in one if the middle rows in section

    Great seats for either The Experience or U2 show. No obstructions, great views, I'm assuming you got a good price...you won't be disappointed.

  • U2 Sphere GA tickets

    I've heard that you should show up super early to line up for GA tickets. How early?

    General admission tickets for U2 are great, but require some extra time investment. It's true, GA ticketholders will want to show up VERY early and be prepared for a crazy long line as others do the same thing. So, how early is early? The show starts at 8pm so try lining up by 6 or 6:30pm. Yeah, did we mention time investment for GA?!