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Criss Angel Seating Chart

Criss Angel Seating Chart

Criss Angel performs at Planet Hollywood in the Criss Angel Theater. Let's review the seating chart and find out where to sit for Criss Angel:

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    Criss Angel Seating Chart

    Where to sit for Criss Angel

    The Criss Angel Theater consists of eleven distinct sections, most have pros and cons, but a couple offer the best seats for the show. A few things to know before we breakdown the seats in this theater:

    • The Criss Angel Theater is huge! This isn't your average show theater, it's massive so where you sit can make the difference in satisfying your expectations
    • But, this theater is extremely well made and there are few "bad" seats, but of course, some seats will offer a better or closer view to Criss Angel
    • Some say nose bleeds are best for getting the full view of the show, others claim front and center is ideal because Criss Angel will interact with you; these are both correct but your seat choice depends on what you want to take away from the show.

    Now on to the seating breakdown: the theater has 11 sections broken into 3 rows: row 1, 2, 3 of which 1 is closest to the stage and 3 is furthest.

    What are the best seats for Criss Angel

    Section 101 is located far left of the stage; section 102 is front and center and section 103 is far right. If you want to view the show from a dead-center position you want Criss Angel tickets to section 102, which will also be the most expensive tickets to the show as these are most sought after. Within section 102, seats in row A will be the very best seats. But the best, the very very best seats for Criss Angel are Section 102, Row A, seats 4 through 9, you simply can't get closer to Criss Angel than sitting in these seats, and trust us, you'll be close.

    Behind Row A is Row B with sections 201, 202, and 203. The tricky part of this row is that the show's sound equipment and engineers work out of section 202 and while they won't really interrupt most people, they can be distracting for some--stay away from lower row seats in section 202.

    This is what would be considered "nose bleds" but they really are good seats and offer an nice view of the entire stage. Of course, seats in these sections are the least expensive but again, they're completely acceptable and offer a really good view of the show--some people prefer sitting higher up.

    Criss Angel Theater has 19 ADA accesssible seats, these are located near in the rear of Sections 101, 103, 201, and 301. Companion seats are located on the same row within each section.