Blue Man Group at the Luxor

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Blue Man Group at the Luxor
Blue Man Group at the Luxor
from $112 $53
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Location: Luxor hotel
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Prices: $58.80. Includes all fees and tax.
Best for Ages: All ages
Show Times: 4, 7 & 9:30 PM nightly
Show Length: 105 minutes
Shows Times
Date Available Times Price
Oct 23
7 PM from $112 $53
Oct 24
7 PM from $112 $53
Oct 25
7 PM 9:30 PM from $112 $53
Oct 26
7 PM 9:30 PM from $112 $53
Oct 27
7 PM 9:30 PM from $112 $53
Oct 28
7 PM from $112 $53
Oct 29
7 PM 9:30 PM from $112 $53
Oct 30
7 PM 9:30 PM from $112 $53

Kids and adults alike will love the party atmosphere of Blue Man Group, playing on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip! Combining music, comedy and multimedia theatrics, the Blue Man Group is a totally unique form of family-friendly entertainment.

Blue Man Group has done it again!

The creative collective at Blue Man Group celebrates the latest evolution of their live show that bursts with fresh color and vibrant sound. The updated show combines new instruments, music, video and lighting with the group's iconic vignettes, all designed to create an unforgettable euphoric experience. The result is inventive, thought-provoking, hilarious and 100% Blue Man Group.

Each night the Blue Men deliver an extraordinary spectacle as well as a soulful and primal kind of euphoric experience that makes you feel vibrantly alive and more closely connected with the people around you.

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