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Blue Man Group Seating Chart

Blue Man Group Seating Chart

The Blue Man Theater is divided into four seating groups: Category A, B, C, and D. Category A, closest to stage center, is "Poncho Seating". Category C, the most popular and least expensive seating, is located at the top and far sides of the theater. Category A are seats located center of stage and considered to offer the very best view of the show.

Blue Man Group Tickets

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Blue Man Group Seating Chart

Save Money on Blue Man Group Tickets by Choosing Category C Seats

Category C are the cheapie seats, generally priced at almost half compared to Poncho Seats (Category B seats). While Category C seats won't offer the center stage view of Poncho Seating, the stage sightlines and show experience are excellent. Granted the stage won't be 15 feet from your seat, more like 50 feet so it's a slightly different experience, but an excellent one nonetheless. We sat in Category C seats...we loved them; we were still close enough to the stage to have a good view of the performance and we saved about $50 each in show tickets.

These seats are those located with a view center of the stage. All seats at the Blue Man Group Theater, Luxor have great views, but let's face it, being center stage, or at least near center stage will always offer the very best views of the show. That said, Category A seating offer an amazing view of the stage. You simply cannot get a better Blue Man Group seating experience. Sure, tickets in this category will set you back, but not much, they're not that much more expensive than the entry level Category D seating tickets. FYI, Category A seats may be Poncho Seats--read more about that below.

What are Blue Man Group Poncho Seats?

Poncho Seats are given their name because audience members are given plastic ponchos to wear upon entering the show room to protect their cloths "inadvertently" being splashed with water, fruit, paint, and the like by Blue Man Group performers. Keep in mind those ponchos won't protect your face from all that wet gooey stuff so if choosing Poncho Seats be ready for a bit of splatter to get everywhere.

"Poncho Section" seats are fun, and they're more expensive too. If you'd rather not risk getting getup dirty, opt out from this section.

Seats in Category B are located in the mid-rear of the theater. The view from these seats is excellent. The difference between Category A & B is that B seats a located just a few rows behind A seats.

Category C seats are the most popular choice seats for Blue Man Group because they offer a good upgrade and better view of the show than the entry level Category D seats. Having said this, these seats tend to sell out most quickly because they offer good value for money for those who don't require the most optimal view. Don't get me wrong, by 'optimal view' I mean center and close to stage--the best view you can buy. Category C seats offer a great view, just not as good at Category A.

Last but not least, choose a Category D seat and you'll watch the show from the very far left or right side of the theater. They offer a reasonble view of the show.

If you'll be watching Blue Man Group with four people why not take advantage of the 4 pack ticket deal. You'll save up to $23.50 total.

Blue Man Group Theater has ADA accesssible seats in Catgories A and C. Companion seats are located on the same row.

Where to Sit for Blue Man Group

Whether you're asking "where to sit for Blue Man Group" or "which are the best seats for Blue Man Group", the answer depends on a couple of factors. First, how much are you willing to spend? If you don't mind paying a bit more, you can buy excellent Blue Man Group tickets with seats that offer amazing views of the show, but otherwise you'll sit a bit further away or off center of the stage--which isn't that big of a deal for most. Second, how important are center stage views for you? Some people love sitting center stage so for those people higher priced tickets will offer the best view of the show.