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Where to Sit for Mystere

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Mystere Tickets

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Choosing the best seats for Mystere is like choosing food at a Las Vegas buffet, everyone's got different taste.

Mystere's theater, located at Treasure Island, is divided into two levels: the lower level and the upper level. Within those levels there are three categories:

  • Category 1: the "best" view seating on the lower level
  • Category 2: second "best" view seating mostly on the lower portion of the upper level but also on left and right far sides of the lower level.
  • Category 3: Far upper level seating (nose bleeds)

The great news is In this theater no seat is further than 42 feet from the stage so you'll have a good view no matter where you sit.

Mystere Seating

Your seat choice will depend on what you enjoy. For example, if you like being an active part of the show, you can sit in Category 1 seats where you'll literally risk having popcorn thrown on you or you might even be moved around the show room in the pre-show entertainment portion of Mystere. Category 1 seats are closest to the stage and performers but there are some drawbacks: while much of the show takes place on stage some, a fair portion, of the acrobatics are spread throughout the show room. Some numbers will have acrobats dangling from all parts of the theater, front, back and sides. Your neck might tire from looking up to see it all. Category 1 seats means you'll miss some of this. But...you'll be close to stage, you might take part, and you'll have a great view of most of the show.

Sit up in Category 2 and you'll be in the lower part of the upper level of the theater. You'll have a nice view of most of the Mystere performance: on stage, off stage, dangling acrobats, pre-show antics, etc. That's the good. The not-so-good is that the performance can at times seem to be too far away in the distance if your eyesight isn't so sharp you might not see all the details of the theatrics. If you're not keen to participate in the pre-show antics, you'll be safe in Category 2 seats.

Category 3 seats are in the upper portion of the upper level of the show room, nose bleeds if you will. You'll have a bird's eye view of all, literally all the performance. Don't like to participate in the show? You're completely safe here. Like having your back to the wall? This is your section. The show detail might be bit compromised but honestly it's quite comfortable and easy in Category 3.

The bottom line: the Mystere showroom doesn't have a bad seat. What's most important in your Mystere seat selection is what view you're in the mood for.

Wheelchair seating for Mystere will be at the far left and right upper row of Category 1 seats. The view from this section is outstanding.

Mystere Seating Chart

  • Category 1 seats are in orange
  • Category 2 seats are in blue
  • Category 3 seats are in red

Mystere Review

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Where to Sit for Mystere Details

Location: Mystere performs at TI Hotel
Child tickets: Child tickets required for over 1 year of age even if the child will be on a parent's lap.
Child seats: Booster seats available for young children.
Food/drink: Allowed for children
Minimum age: All ages. Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Show length: 90 minutes. One intermission.
Where to sit: All seats offer exceptional views. Front seats can mean looking up too long.