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13 Ways to Get Penn & Teller Discount Tickets

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Penn & Teller Tickets

Updated May 25, 2022 Penn & Teller tickets are not cheap, especially during peak Vegas tourist periods--it's a super popular show after all--and yes, absolutely yes, Penn & Teller tickets DO USUALLY SELL OUT for weekends! If you wait until last minute to buy tickets you'll very likely be disappointed so buy now for weekend shows.

Penn & Teller discount tickets:

  • Vegas.com from $66
  • Showtickets.com from $99
  • Ticketmaster.com from $150
  • Cheaptickets.com from $150

1. Penn & Teller Tickets from $99 at Showtickets.com

Penn & Teller show tickets at Showtickets.com start at $99! Darn good deal!

2. Penn & Teller Tickets from $66 at Vegas.com

Vegas.com's discounted Penn & Teller show tickets at $66 now through early Feb 2020 are among the cheapest Penn & Teller ticket prices on the web.

3. Discount Penn & Teller Tickets at BestofVegas

BestofVegas, the discount warehouse of Las Vegas show tickets doesn't do too poorly in the Penn & Teller ticket prices front. Now through end of December see Penn & Teller starting at !

4. Stubhub Penn & Teller Tickets from

Penn & Teller show tickets start at on Stubhub. Know that you'll be buying a resold ticket. StubHub from . This isn't a great deal compared to other options but where Stubhub's a good option is when other ticket vendors are sold out...they normally still have tickets for a show.

5. Penn & Teller Promo Codes

Sorry, we don't have ay Penn & Teller promo codes at this time.

6. Penn & Teller Military Discounts

Caesars Entertainment offers military personnel (active or retired veteran) a 45% discount off hotel rooms but sadly not for Penn & Teller tickets. Discounts are also available for first responders, teachers, students and goverment employees--see more.

7. Penn & Teller Discount Tickets at Groupon

Groupon has a reputation for offering super cheap stuff, including some really great deals on Las Vegas shows. As of the time of this writing Penn & Teller Groupon deal SOLD OUT.

8. Penn & Teller Ticketmaster

We've never really had much luck getting cheap show ticket deals at Ticketmaster and as of the time of this writing Penn & Teller Ticketmaster prices are far higher than those at Vegas.com and elsewhere. Ticketmaster show tickets fluctuate quite a bit based on demand, so you can keep checking and try your luck, or save time and buy with us.

9. Penn & Teller AAA Deal

AAA members can generally see up to 10% discounts on Las Vegas show tickets, but unfortunately not to Penn & Teller.

10. Penn & Teller Las Vegas Locals Discount

Save up to $20 on show tickets if you're a Las Vegas local, but sorry, not on Penn & Teller! See locals coupons here.

11. Caesars Rewards Visa Deal

Use your Caesars Rewards Visa credit card when purchasing Penn & Teller tickets and you'll receive 5x Reward Credits as well as a $50 discount on your first purchase of $250 or more.

12. Penn & Teller Group Reservations

If you're traveling to Vegas as a group of 10 or more--or if you're a super outgoing person who can quickly make friends with 9 other people while standing on the Las Vegas Strip--savings are in your future! Penn & Teller offers deep show discounts to groups...and as a bonus you'll all get to sit together! See more here.

Show times

Generally, Penn & Teller shows times each night are at 9pm. During Summer months Penn & Teller will occasionally offer a 4pm afternoon show time which is ideal for those traveling with younger children.

13 Ways to Get Penn & Teller Discount Tickets Details

Location: Penn & Teller Theater, Rio
Minumum Age: 5+
Show Times: 9 pm Saturday - Wednesday
Show Length: 90 minutes