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13 Ways to Get Penn & Teller Discount Tickets

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Updated February 5, 2023 Penn & Teller tickets are not cheap, especially during peak Vegas tourist periods--it's a super popular show after all--and yes, absolutely yes, Penn & Teller tickets DO USUALLY SELL OUT for weekends! If you wait until last minute to buy tickets you'll very likely be disappointed so buy now for weekend shows.

Penn & Teller discount tickets:

1. Penn & Teller Tickets from $53 at Vegas.com

Penn & Teller Tickets

Vegas.com's discounted Penn & Teller show tickets at $53 now through early Feb 2020 are among the cheapest Penn & Teller ticket prices on the web.
Vegas.com from $53

2. Penn & Teller Tickets from $72.99 at Viator

In case you don't know of Viator, they're a huge events website that's owned by Tripadvisor which means they can offer cheap Las Vegas show tickets at will, yes they're that big. Check out their latest prices...
Viator from $72.99

4. Penn & Teller tickets from $179 at Ticketnetwork

Ticketnetwork is a great place to search for shows that are sold out elsewhere. They're a secondary market ticket seller so if you can't find tickets for Las Vegas shows elsewhere, Ticketnetwork usually has them for sale.
Ticketnetwork from $179

5. Penn & Teller tickets from $157 at Ticketliquidator

If you haven't used TicketLiquidator in the past, well it's worth a try....sometimes. Penn & Teller tickets for $157?!!? What? Want a great price for Vegas show tickets? How about Vegas.com's $53?
Ticketliquidator from $157

6. Penn & Teller tickets from $150 at Cheaptickets

Cheaptickets is a huuuugeeee online seller of show tickets and at times they offers some rockin deals to Las Vegas shows...today is not one of those days folks. The cheapest Penn & Teller tickets we've found on Cheaptickets are priced from $150.
Cheaptickets from $150

7. Penn & Teller tickets from $72 at Expedia

Most of us know of Expedia because they're such a large travel-related website. Great, but are their Las Vegas shows cheap? Sometimes but not always and what can be challenging with Expedia for Las Vegas show tickets is their small inventory of tickets, it's usually pretty small. Now that I've gotten all the negatives out of the way, Expedia can be really competitive with pricing at times so they're worth checking out.
Expedia from $72

8. Penn & Teller Discount Tickets at Groupon

Groupon has a reputation for offering super cheap stuff, including some really great deals on Las Vegas shows. As of the time of this writing Penn & Teller Groupon deal SOLD OUT.

9. Penn & Teller Tickets at Showtickets.com

Penn & Teller show tickets at Showtickets.com start at $99.

10. Stubhub Penn & Teller Tickets from

Penn & Teller show tickets start at on Stubhub. Know that you'll be buying a resold ticket. StubHub from . This isn't a great deal compared to other options but where Stubhub's a good option is when other ticket vendors are sold out...they normally still have tickets for a show.

11. Penn & Teller Promo Codes

Sorry, we don't have ay Penn & Teller promo codes at this time.

12. Penn & Teller Military Discounts

Caesars Entertainment offers military personnel (active or retired veteran) a 45% discount off hotel rooms but sadly not for Penn & Teller tickets. Discounts are also available for first responders, teachers, students and goverment employees--see more.

13. Penn & Teller Ticketmaster

We've never really had much luck getting cheap show ticket deals at Ticketmaster and as of the time of this writing Penn & Teller Ticketmaster prices are far higher than those at Vegas.com and elsewhere. Ticketmaster show tickets fluctuate quite a bit based on demand, so you can keep checking and try your luck, or save time and buy with us.

14. Penn & Teller AAA Deal

AAA members can generally see up to 10% discounts on Las Vegas show tickets, but unfortunately not to Penn & Teller.

15. Penn & Teller Las Vegas Locals Discount

Save up to $20 on show tickets if you're a Las Vegas local, but sorry, not on Penn & Teller! See locals coupons here.

16. Caesars Rewards Visa Deal

Use your Caesars Rewards Visa credit card when purchasing Penn & Teller tickets and you'll receive 5x Reward Credits as well as a $50 discount on your first purchase of $250 or more.

17. Penn & Teller Group Reservations

If you're traveling to Vegas as a group of 10 or more--or if you're a super outgoing person who can quickly make friends with 9 other people while standing on the Las Vegas Strip--savings are in your future! Penn & Teller offers deep show discounts to groups...and as a bonus you'll all get to sit together! See more here.

Show times

Generally, Penn & Teller shows times each night are at 9pm. During Summer months Penn & Teller will occasionally offer a 4pm afternoon show time which is ideal for those traveling with younger children.

13 Ways to Get Penn & Teller Discount Tickets Details

Location: Penn & Teller Theater, Rio
Minumum Age: 5+
Show Times: 9 pm Saturday - Wednesday
Show Length: 90 minutes