13 Ways to Get Discount Kà Show Tickets

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13 Ways to Get Discount Kà Show Tickets
13 Ways to Get Discount Kà Show Tickets

13 Ways to Get Discount Kà Show Tickets Details

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Location: MGM Grand hotel
Best for Ages: 5+
Show Times: 7 & 9:30 PM Sat - Wed
Show Length: 90 minutes


, a show by Cirque du Solieil, performs at MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas and is one of the most popular shows on the Strip boasting over 100,000 show attendees per year! is an epic adventure of love and conflict, a coming of age of a young man and woman--they're love and conflict and how they see the world. has a cast of over 300 people: from the artists to technicians to staff who support the show.

Who doesn't want to save a little cash on show tickets? I do! We've called, searched, faxed (just kidding about the faxing!) in order to find Kà ticket discounts, coupons, promo codes, deals...anything that'll save you some of your hard earned money...he's what we've got so far: This webpage was updated August 20, 2019.

Before we get to our extensive list of KA discount tickets, let's checkout a KA tickets price comparision by major Las Vegas show ticket sellers:

KA Las Vegas Tickets

KA Las Vegas tickets range in price. Check out the latest discount ticket prices below:

  • CHEAPEST: LasVegasKids from $70
  • Showtickets.com from $75
  • Ticketmaster from $86.38
  • Tix4tonight from $78.90
  • Groupon: not available
  • Viator from $87.99
  • BestofVegas from $75
  • StubHub from $105
  • MGM Resorts from $75.21

1. Active Military Discount

Active Duty Military Personnel receive 35% military discount off of the $99, $125 and $150 KA tickets. This offer is not valid on existing orders and is subject to availability. This deal is limited to 4 tickets per person.

2. KA Cirque du Soleil is up to 35% Off at Groupon

Groupon is currently offering Ka at up to 35% off, or so they claim. Groupon's current price for Ka is $85.53. The Groupon KA deal sells out quite quickly.

3. KA by Cirque du Soleil

Save up to $65 on KA tickets booked at least 7 days in advance at MGM Grand Hotel. Read more at MGM Grand.

4. Kà 360

Get up-close and personal with Ka at Ka 360. This free Theatre Experience offers a look at how the KA team combines awe-inspiring artistry with one-of-a-kind technology to create this $165,000,000 production. Again, this is free! Ka 360 is not available on dark days. No reservations required.

  • Tuesdays at 12 PM & 12:30 PM
  • Saturdays at 12 PM & 12:30 PM

5. KA Category B, C, D or E Tickets Offer by MGM Grand

Enjoy Kà by Cirque du Soleil with tickets starting at $55 for Category B, C, D or E tickets. This offer is subject to availability and limited to individuals (not available to ticket resellers) Limit 8 tickets per customer. You'll need to book by December 20, 2019. See MGM Grand for more.

6. Cirque du Soleil Anniversary Offer

Buy Kà tickets from $55 (save up to 40%) as a part of Cirque du Soleil's anniversary offer. See Cirque Du Soleil for more.

7. Kà Nevada Locals Offer

There are no offers available in Las Vegas.

8. Kà Las Vegas Show Promo Codes

From time to time Kà promo codes appear online. As of the time of this writing there are no Kà promo codes available.

9. Discounts for Children

Just a reminder: children under the age of 5 are not permitted into the Kà Theatre. At this moment there are no discounts for children to Ka.

10. Kà Group Reservations

If you're traveling to Las Vegas as a group of 12 or more people--or if you're a super outgoing person who can quickly make friends with at least 11 other people while standing on the Las Vegas Strip--savings are in your future! Ka offers deep show discounts to groups...and as a bonus you'll all get to sit together! Call MGM Grand at 702-692-9494 for more details on group reservation discounts.

11. M life Rewards Discounts to Kà

If you're an M Life member you might be eligible for Ka ticket discounts. Check with the MGM Grand M Life desk when you arrive to Las Vegas.

12. AAA Member Discount

AAA members do not receive a discount for Ka, however, MGM Grand does offer 10% off hotel rooms to members.

13. Kà $35 Dress Rehearsal Tickets

Sorry, Ka Dress Rehearsal has been discontinuted for now.

Other Ways to Save

Choose Upper Level Seats

There really isn't a bad seat at the Kà theatre so don't spend extra on lower level seats...unless you want to see the show up and personal.

Visit Las Vegas in the Off Season

The cost for Vegas show ticket slides up and down based on demand. During peak tourism periods show ticket prices will rise, during slow periods they'll fall. Slow tourism periods in Vegas include the week after Thanksgiving, the first half of December, the first week of January, and more.

Don't Roll the Dice

Some believe that better show ticket prices can be had once they arrive in Vegas. That may sometimes be the case in New York City or London but Vegas shows sell out, especially of the Cirque Du Soleil variety, so waiting to buy means tickets are mostly more expensive once in Las Vegas. Buying online and in advance is usually the best option. But, hey this is Vegas afterall so if you want to gamble...

Buy in Advance for Best Seats

Most show theaters in Vegas are designed with viewers pleasure in mind so there's rarely a bad seat in the house. That means the most expensive seats are not always the "best" seats for viewing, especially for Cirque Du Soleil shows such as Mystere. Booking early therefore gives you the best options to pick the seats you prefer, save some money and still enjoy the show.