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Beatles LOVE Seating Chart

Best Seats for Beatles LOVE

Want to know where to sit for Beatles LOVE? Research theater seating at any Las Vegas show and you'll read the same thing: there are no bad seats. While theaters have improved their layouts to enchance views from most seats, truth is there are still good seats--seats you'd be happy to sit at and seats that, while still offering a good view, don't offer the amazing experience along to go a long with the view.

Beatles LOVE Seating Chart

Beatles LOVE Seating Chart

Beatles LOVE Theater at The Mirage Hotel consists of three sections: 100, 200, and 300. Each section offers a slightly distinct view (and quality of view) of the performance stage and, of course, each section is priced accordingly with some premium seats in the 200 section priced most expensively because they offer the very best Beatles LOVE show experience you can buy -- well mostly, the very very best experience are seats reserved for use as complimentary gifts to certain VIP guest such as high rollers (people who gamble termendous sums of money at a time.) Let's take a closer look at each of the seating sections.
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Section 100 seats are the closest to the stage and they, along with seats located in the lower rows of section 200, offer the very best view available at the Beatles LOVE Theater. Section 100 seats offer a great view of the stage, but some audience members complain that, lower rows of section 100 are simply too close to the stage and therefore it's hard to take in the entire performance. This makes sense since the Beatles LOVE stage is very very large and complex.
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Section 200 seats offer an upper or low-level view of the show, but they aren't too close which can be a liability since you wouldn't be able to see the entirety of the stage, and thus the entire performance, all at once. Seats within the lower rows of sections 203, 204, and 206 are highly sought after so they tend to be among the most expensive tickets. You simply will not go wrong watching the show in one of these seats!
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Section 300 seats are the equivalent of balcony seats for the Beatles LOVE show and while it's easy to assume that these seats must offer a poor quality show experience, nothing could be further from the truth. All Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas have increadibly well designed theaters which prioritizes audience experience, so all seats within each section offer a minimum acceptable view of the performance, including that of The Beatles LOVE. Cirque du Soleil does this because they want people to enjoy each show so much that they want to see other Cirque shows. In the end, these Beatles LOVE seats, while most distant from stage, offer an very acceptable view and so one can understand why they tend to sell out most quickly--they offer good value for money for those who don't require the most optimal view. If your goal is to see Beatles LOVE at the best price possible, section 300 seats are your best best.
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Beatles LOVE Theater has 33 ADA accesssible/Companion seats. Most are located within section 200.

Where to sit for Beatles LOVE

In the end, where to sit for the show depends on what you want to experience. If you simply want to watch the show then Balcony Seating should do. If you want the optimal experience you need to be in Lower Orchestra, Category A seats and if you'd like to have an outstanding view of the performance, When choosing Beatles LOVE tickets be sure to consider your needs as well as your budget.

Questions: Best Seats for Beatles LOVE

  • Best seats for Beatles LOVE

    My elderly mom and I are planning a trip to Vegas and we want to see Beatles LOVE in style! Can you suggest the best seats for Beatles LOVE?

    If price is no object, the best seats for Beatles LOVE would be any lower row within Section 200 -- these are ideal seats, they're not too close nor too far from stage. You don't want to sit too close because you'll be looking up during the entire performance and you'll be sitting to close to get a full view of the enormous stage -- there are many things happening at any given time at various parts of the quite complex and odd shapped stage. While sitting in the rear of the theatre doesn't make for a bad experience, they're pretty good seats considering everything including distance from stage and price, it's ideal to be closer to the action in order to fully experience the show.

  • Beatles LOVE seating chart

    Do you have a current Beatles LOVE seating chart?

    We do. Please see that at the top of this page.

  • Best section 200 seats for Beatles LOVE

    I convinced on a 200 section seat, but which one is the best for money? Thanks!

    We too love section 200 seats, or section 100 seats on a high row -- that is, those rows within section 100 that are futhest away from the stage. Section 200 seats that offer outstanding views are any in Sections 203, 204, 205, 206 Rows F, G, K, and L. There are other great seats sprinkled around the threater, but as a general rule, those we've listed offer the best view because their close to stage, but not too close.

  • Best place to sit for Beatles LOVE

    We answer this question a few times, please see the first Q&A on this page titled "Best seats for Beatles LOVE."

  • Best section for Beatles LOVE

    I'll be in Las Vegas in January and want to see Beatles LOVE but can't pay much for tickets, what's the best section for cheapie seats?

    Definitely sit in Section 300 seats...more specifically work towards seats located in the lower rows of section 300, like rows AA, BB, or CC. Even better, try and get any seats 7 through 12 as any of those will offer the most center view of the stage.

  • Best Beatles LOVE seats for a plus sized person

    Any advice?

    We don't have any specific experience with this question but when searching around we read that seats in the upper rows of Section 300 (so Sections 303, 304, 305, 306) have slightly larger seats. We'd love to hear if this is in fact true.

  • Seats with more leg room

    Which seats at Beatles LOVE have the most leg room?

    Any aisle seats at The Beatles LOVE will give you extra leg room because you can strech your legs into the aisle during show time. There are no specific seats that have more leg room than others.