Top 10 Las Vegas Arcades

Don't find it surprising to hear that most Las Vegas hotels have quite a number of family-friendly activities and even child-friendly ones too--like acrades and swimming pools. Parents aren't the only ones spending quarters in casinos these days!

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur

If there is any kid's activity that can top a day at the pool, it is playing the games at Fun Dungeon at the Excalibur hotel. The Fun Dungeon is conveniently located on the lower level and open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Midway Arcade at Circus Circus

Step right up, folks, to the fun and games of the world famous Carnival Midway at the Circus-Circus Hotel. Kids of all ages will enjoy playing America's favorite games which never go out of style. The Midway surrounds the circus stage and offers dazzling array of exciting games the whole family will enjoy. Whatever game you play, you'll have a chance to win fantastic prizes. Don't forget about the state-of-the-art electronic arcade, also located on the Midway.

With 200 of the most popular games, you'll have plenty to keep you entertained. Choose from the hottest new titles or the classics that you've always enjoyed.

GameWorks Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a state-of-the-art arcade that's attracting droves of tourists, both young and old. GameWorks Las Vegas, with a dozen locations throughout the country, so visitors know that the gaming experience there will be second to none. While some GameWorks locations offer drink, Las Vegas' facility concentrates on providing excellent food and beverages facilities. Every location of GameWorks offers guests more than 200 of the hottest games organized into several themed attraction areas within the facility. With the backing of two of the biggest industry giants, visitors are certainly ensured an exciting time at GameWorks combined with the latest in technology.

Bellagio Arcade

Tucked away out of sight from the main casino area is the Bellagio hotel arcade. It's small but features just enough games to entertain boys and girls up to about 13 years old.

Luxor Hotel Arcade

The Luxor Hotel houses the Games of the Gods Arcade, a high tech entertainment center with the best selection of arcade games in Vegas! The arcade showcases some of the newest and most exciting products on the market: MAXFLIGHT VR2002 Programmable Roller Coaster . Go for a virtual ride on a roller coaster you design yourself in this two passenger unit. Choose from a library of track segments and you're on your way to an experience you'll never forget!

The motion based Indy 500 racing simulator puts you in the driver's seat against up to seven other opponents in a race to capture the checkered flag. Strap into Xtreme Powerboat: an action filled powerboat racing game where the player can choose to race from four courses, including New York, England, Japan, and Russia.

MGM Grand Hotel Arcade

MGM Grand hotel's arcade is a 11,400-square-foot game center featuring various games of skill and kiddie rides in addition to the latest video arcade and high-tech virtual reality games.

Time Out Arcade at The Orleans

The Time Out Arcade features the latest and greatest in video and interactive games for every member of the family. Open 7 days a week.

Strat-o-fair Arcade at Stratosphere Hotel

The Stratosphere Casino Hotel recently added an exciting multi-faceted 17,000-square-foot midway attraction to its already value-packed family image. The Strat-O-Fair midway showcases a 1963 World's Fair theme. The midway is located at the base of the 1,149-foot tower which houses Top of The World restaurant & lounge and observation decks.

Some of the main midway attractions include: The Sky Wheel, a 45-foot in diameter Ferris Wheel which provides passengers at the apex of the ride a view of the Strip from 80 feet above the street. The Ferris Wheel, circa 1958 was restored and renovated for the Strat-O-Fair by Eli Bridge, the oldest Ferris Wheel company in the U.S.

An equally exciting, but smaller version of the Big Shot has been adapted for kids named The Little Shot. The ride propels visitors 20 feet into the air while simulating the exhilarating feeling of the Big Shot, but on a smaller scale. Other unique attractions at the Strat-O-Fair are the Hover Crash, a futuristic bumper car ride, which is battery operated, and the only one of its kind in the world.

Hyper-Bowl, a virtual bowling game with a 10-foot screen and 3-D visual is a featured attraction. Visitors can bowl a complete virtual-reality game with Hyper-Bowl and actual leagues can be formed. This computer bowling game is one of the firsts of its kind in the U.S. To complete the midway, there are also two food outlets-Astro Snacks and The Launch Pad Lounge-as well as several "games of skill" where patrons can win prizes such as plush, stuffed-toys. The games include: Basketball Shot, Cat Rack, Ring Toss, Milk Can, Milk Bottles and the Water Race.

Time Out at Goldcoast

The Gold Coast hotel is pleased to offer complimentary child activities to hotel and casino guests. Time Out acility offers a variety of activities to entertain your child including movies, games, crafts, puppet theatre and painting.

The Gold Coast requires a parent or guardian to remain on property while the child is in the child care center. Ages 2 thru 8. In addition, the child needs to be out of pull-ups and potty trained and may only stay in the facility for up to four hours per day.

Time Out Arcade at Suncoast

The Time Out Arcade at the Suncoast hotel (off the Strip) features the latest and greatest in video and interactive games for every member of the family and is open 7 days a week.