Mandalay Bay Hotel Deals & Discounts

16 Mandalay Bay Hotel Deals That'll Save You Big, Big, Big!

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Deals & Discounts

Updated July 28, 2021. We're totally jazzed to pass along some of the best Mandalay Bay Las Vegas deals online. You'll be hard pressed to find a better collection of Mandalay Bay hotel deals, discounts, coupons, promo codes. We're on fire this week having added tons of Las Vegas hotel deals. So, if you're looking for the best Mandalay Bay hotel deals, yeah, we've got the discounts at Mandalay Bay you need! Check them out below:

Mandalay Bay Hotel Room Rates

Here's the full list of top Mandalay Bay Las Vegas deals out there.

1. at $199 for Mandalay Bay

This just might be the best Mandalay Bay hotel deal online! Mandalay Bay hotel starting at $199 is a bit, well, AWESOME! Get this deal now at!

2. Mandalay Bay Hotel at $199

We love! I've used them to book hotel for years...but only when they're the dirt cheapest option out there. Folks, some good new and some bad news. First the bad,'s $199 for Mandalay Bay Las Vegas hotel is good, but not low enough to beat's $199 deal. The good news, $199 for Mandalay Bay is still a great price so if sells out, is your second best option. Here's a link to that Mandalay Bay deal at stay at Mandalay Bay starting at $199.

  • Includes FREE cancellation
  • Resort Two Queen room for up to 4 people
  • Get this deal now

If you're a Rewards member (which is free to join) you'll earn a FREE night stay for each 10 that you book so this Mandalay Bay hotel deal can be that much sweeter!

3. Mandalay Bay at from $169 normally has good rates but at $169 for Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, they simply can't out-compete's $199 for Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. We'd love to see a lower room rate and more bonuses,

4. Mandalay Bay at Cheaptickets from $199

Cheaptickets, known mostly for, well, cheaptickets, has recently made a big move into the hotels space by offering room reservations worldwide, including in Las Vegas. They're currently offering Mandalay Bay Las Vegas starting at $199. Not bad, but not great considering is offering Mandalay Bay at $169 with FREE cancellation.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Suites

5. Mandalay Bay Hotel 1 Bedroom Penthouse Suite

If you love high-end, you'll love this suite deal at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. This plush 1050-square-foot suite comes with a separate bedroom and super high-end ammenities. Need a high-end suite? Get it at

6. Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Groupon for $355

You like Groupon deals, but you won't like this one: Mandalay Bay hotel Las Vegas rooms at $355 per night. Great price? Terrible.. Click here to check out this Mandalay Bay Groupon deal.

7. Mandalay Bay Las Vegas at Tripadvisor from $199

We all know and love Tripadvisor, the giant hotel reviews website. I often use Tripadvisor to find actual traveler photos for hotels I'm considering staying at--a handy tool. Mandalay Bay is currently on offer starting at $199 at Tripadvisor.

8. Mandalay Bay Deal at Orbitz from $199

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas rooms start from $199 at Orbitz, quite a bit more than other options we've listed but not a terrible pricef for Mandalay Bay either.

9. Mandalay Bay Hotel for $199 at Agoda

Agoda's $199 Mandalay Bay hotel deal is pretty run-of-the-mill. Not terribly expensive but certainly not the cheapest Mandalay Bay room rate out there.

10. Mandalay Bay Las Vegas $50 Food & Beverage Credit

Stay at Mandalay Bay and get $50 in free food/beverage for doing so! What a deal! You in? Let's do this.

11. Mandalay Bay Promo Code

THIS DEAL HAS EXPIRED: Mandalay Bay promo code "WEB7895", a limited-time Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Exclusive offer is only available online for 72 hours from Monday at 5 p.m. through Thursday at 5 p.m. Receive 20% off your stay in an elegant Mandalay Bay Las Vegas during select dates. Did we promise you Mandalay Bay hotel discounts or did we promise you Mandalay Bay hotel discounts!!? Read on, the Mandalay Bay deals get better...

12. Mandalay Bay & Casino Discounts at AARP

Does Mandalay Bay Las Vegas offer AARP discounts? At present they are offering 5% off to ALL seniors! Boooyyyaaa!

13. AAA Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Las Vegas Discount

10% off for all AAA at Mandalay Bay.

14. Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Locals Hotel Discounts

Sorry my fellow Las Vegan, Mandalay Bay isn't giving us any love at the moment.

15. Travel Agent Discount at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay offers the standard 10% off to travel agents for most hotel room types.

16. M life Rewards Hotel Rate Deals

Use your clout, M life Rewards member--get up to 15% off Flexible room rates. What's a Flexible room rate? Not sure...