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Top Kids Attractions
Las Vegas is the capital of entertainment and is home to more than just the The Strip. This glamorous city is filled with kid friendly shows, and fun activities for children and all manner of cool events for kids! Check out these top attractions:

The Stratosphere Tower
Lion Habitat
Mirage Dolphins
The Shark Reef
Town Square Las Vegas

Closest Skiing to Las Vegas
Published February 17, 2012
Normally you wouldn‘t pack your ski gloves on a trip to Las Vegas, but if you are planning a trip this winter, make some extra room in your suitcase for them! The Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort in Lee Canyon is just a 50-minute drive from the glitz of the Strip, and is a fabulous winter playground. It‘s easy to get there too - you take Route 95 north to Route 156 west. The signs will direct yo...

Vegas' Ban on Families is Over
Published February 13, 2012
Some of us remember that bygone era when Las Vegas invested hundreds of millions of dollars to attract, well, just about anyone and everyone, including families traveling with children. Those days produced quite a few major attractions, many of which have forever disappeared like Wet ‘n Wild, a hu...

How Circus-Circus is not so Kid-Friendly
Published February 10, 2012
Visit most Las Vegas family websites and you’ll very likely read rave reviews about how Circus-Circus is a child-friendly Las Vegas hotel. In some ways they’re all correct—we too had Circus-Circus listed as kid-friendly hotel until just recently. But times have changed and so has Circus-Circus. Firstly, many ...

The Great Outdoors in Las Vegas!
Published January 31, 2012
Las Vegas is a world-class destination, known for superlative resorts and awe-inspiring shows, shopping and exhibits. But there is another side to the city—the natural world. You may not know it, but Las Vegas also features attractions that celebrate the abundant beauty of our desert landscape. Visit one of these child-friendly attractions and your family will never think of the desert as barren a...

A Conversation with Mayor Carolyn Goodman
Published September 4, 2011
Winning with 60 percent of the vote, Carolyn Goodman was elected the new mayor of fabulous Las Vegas on July 6, 2011. During a recent interview that had with the new mayor, it was instantaneously apparent that Carolyn Goodman loves Las Vegas evidenced by the enthusiasm and passion heard in her voice as she spoke about the city she has called "home" since 1964. Carolyn Goodma...

Visiting Las Vegas While Pregnant
Published July 11, 2011
Many moms-to-be and dads-to-be have legitimate concerns about taking a vacation to Las Vegas while Mom is pregnant. If your doctor has given you the okay to travel, then taking a vacation in fabulous Las Vegas will make for fun memories. The first step is the traveling, whether it be by plane or car. Pregnant Moms need to move around as much as possible on the plane, at least changing the posit...

Top Family Hotels for International Visitors
Published January 2, 2012
Las Vegas is a community of approximately 2 million residents and is the most dynamic and spectacular city on earth! It is home of nineteen of the world's twenty-five largest hotels. Las Vegas plays host to thirty-seven million tourists each year, many of whom are visitors from foreign countries. The city never rests, never sleeps, and is constantly reinventing itself. Hotel and casino owners ...

An Interview with the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef
Published (updated) November 7, 2011 is thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Adrienne Rowland, Director of the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Adrienne offered a wonderful glimpse into the fascinating "living sea life metropolis" thriving in the desert landscape of Las Vegas. Opened in June of 2000, this 90,500 square foot aquarium contains 1.6 million gallons of water and a total of 14 exhibits...

Labor Day 2011 Activities in Las Vegas
Published August 26, 2011
Labor Day Activities in Las Vegas 2011 Labor Day, the great American holiday, established to celebrate the achievement of our workers by spending time with family and friends. Las Vegas has many family-friendly activates to enjoy on this 3-day weekend before summer officially ends. thanks all of our hard working Americans and wishes them and their families a fun and safe holida...

Family Hotel Rooms and Suites
Published July 18, 2011
If your family is planning a vacation to Las Vegas you may be trying to decide between staying in a regular hotel room or a suite. A suite offers your family more room and usually separate sleeping and living areas. Suites also give you the luxury of eating at a dining table and perhaps being able to prepare snacks and meals in your room. This can save you money and time. Las Vegas also offers...

Family Friendly Las Vegas Timeshares
Published July 17, 2011
Las Vegas has more timeshares than anywhere else in the world and offer great opportunities for an affordable vacation. With so many timeshares available, the competition is high and prices can be very reasonable keeping in mind that Las Vegas timeshare prices can fluctuate just like their hotel rates based on the demand for any given week. This fluctuation is caused by the size of conventions s...

Top Las Vegas Hotels for Energetic Kids
Published July 17, 2011
Families that are concerned about finding a hotel to stay at while in Las Vegas that offer lots of activities for children will discover that many Las Vegas hotels cater to children, especially those with loads of energy! There are hotels that provide many things for children to do such as rides, games, shows an...

New Years Eve for Kids
Published December 27, 2011
Where better to ring in the New Year than Fabulous Las Vegas - The Entertainment Capital of the World! But in this minefield of adult-orientated hedonism, how do you organize a fun night with the kids?...

Free Christmas Toys for Needy Families in Las Vegas
Published December 4, 2011
Christmas time: commercialized as a feverish hunt for foiled wrapping paper, gigantic bows, and the perfect gift. Traditionally an occasion for togetherness and good cheer, the modern Christmas is often synonymous to spending extortionate amounts of cash for presents, and the subsequent anxiety that follows. But what happens when funds are low as the holidays roll around? In these times of a less ...

Christmas in Las Vegas!Published November 20, 2011
Welcome to a Las Vegas Christmas! Find things to do: from our continually updated calendar of Christmas events, Santa's workshops, incredibly well decorated neighborhoods, photos with Santa, Christmas shows, mesmerizing Christmas light displays, breakfast with Santa locations, Hanukkah events, and Kwanzaa celebrations, you'll find all you need to celebrate a safe and fun Holiday season!...

Interview with FrightDome's Jason Egan
Published October 8, 2011
Michael Myers lives again at the FRIGHTDOME! Through the screams of frightened guests visiting the Haunted 13th Floor at Circus Circus, spoke with Jason Egan, entrepreneur and owner of Frightdome located in the Adventuredome at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. Frightdome is running the entire month of O...

Haunted Las Vegas Hotels
Published September 27, 2011
With all the excitement, glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the rich and famous — and the not so rich and famous — are regular visitors. Some, however, keep coming back even after they’re dead. Considering its decidedly colorful — and often shady — history, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas is home to several haunted hot spots: The Flamingo Back in the heyday of the mafia, famous gangsters l...

FrightDome at Circus Circus
Published September 26, 2011
This year’s Halloween Fright Dome is not just one, two or three adventures but five – count ‘em – five haunted houses plus premium rides, haunting movies and Freak Shows featuring Enigma. Opening weekend festivities include special guest appearances by Sid Haig, who appeared as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s “House of 1,000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Reject” horror classics, and Bill Moseley,...

Smoke Free Hotels
Published July 8, 2011
Las Vegas is starting to become progressive joining other major cities by establishing a "no smoking" policy throughout a few of the city's hotel and casino properties. More and more people are seeking the indulgences of live entertainment, food and games that Las Vegas offers without having to be exposed to its notorious smoke-filled rooms. An additional benefit is to children who are adversely...

Halloween in Las Vegas
Published September 25, 2011
Halloween in Las Vegas - LasVegasKids presents Halloween in Las Vegas 2011 You've found the most comprehensive Las Vegas Halloween resource on the Web! From a full and continually updated calendar of Halloween events in Vegas to safety tips, killer scary stories, haunted house listings and safe trick or treat events, you'll find all you need to celebrate a safe and fun Halloween! ...

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