LOVE Cirque du Soleil

LOVE Cirque du Soleil
The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage takes audiences on a magical journey through the fantastical world depicted by the timeless music of the Beatles. Acrobatics, aerialists and a cast of colorful, intriguing characters combine to create a mystifying visual pared with the already sensational soundtrack.As the show starts the song, "Get Back," fills the theater and screens hanging over the stage disappear to reveal an explosion of lights, colors and performers running on and off the stage and hanging in mid-air. It is a phenomenal spectacle enhanced by the constant moving and transformation of the stage. The different elements create a masterpiece of sound, lights and live performances. Apart from just the unique performers and music this extravagant production also has a specially designed stage. The innovative LOVE Theater has all of its 2000-seats situated around the stage with the farthest one only 98 feet away from it. The 360 degree seating gives each person a unique view of the varied performers as they appear from all directions during the show.

Is The Beatles LOVE Suitable for Children?

The minimum age for this show is 5 years old. At times the show can use loud music and there are a few periods of darkness.

How Long is the The Beatles LOVE?

This show runs for 90 minutes with no intermission.

Are There Discounts for Children?

There are no discounts for children to Michael Jackson ONE at this moment.

What Are the Show Times for The Beatles LOVE?

7pm & 9:30pm

How much are LOVE show tickets?

Show tickets start at $77.90