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David Copperfield Las Vegas

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David Copperfield Las Vegas

Updated September 27, 2023: David Copperfield Las Vegas tickets range in price. Always opt for the best deal. Check out the latest discount David Copperfield prices below:

David Copperfield Show

It’s David Copperfield! Need we say more? We really don’t but since we love talking about this world-famous magician who just so happens to be our neighbor, we’ll go on and brag about him and his show anyway. The perfect combo of nostalgia, magic and showmanship, master illusionist David Copperfield continues to wow us time and again. Trust us, we’ve been about 17 times and still can’t figure out how he teleports. Seriously, how does he do that?!

Anyway, moving on. This show is just mystifying enough to make you believe in the supernatural, while also making you feel like a crazy person for considering whether or not someone could actually separate their torso from their legs and live to tell the tale. We just aren’t sure how he pulls off his magic but we are more than O.K. with it.

In fact, we hope the mystery continues to endure the test of time so that we can keep attending the show and increasing our chances of being picked for the audience participation. Let’s be real here. We are talking about the man who made Statue of Liberty disappear and who walked through the Great Wall of China. Clearly, anything is possible. Don’t believe us? See David Copperfield perform for yourself and let us know just how many of his illusions and tricks you manage to figure out. And if you get pulled onstage, we’ll be insanely jealous.

David Copperfield Vegas Meet & Greet

If you'd like to meet the great Magician himself try the "The David Copperfield Meet & Greet Experience" which includes awesome premium seating, a meet & greet with David Copperfield, photo opps, an autographed 8x10 headshot, and the performance of an exclusive illusion! David Copperfield Las Vegas "Meet and Greet" tickets are front and center of the stage and available at MGM Grand.

David Copperfield Review

  • "David Copperfield still has it after performing all these years. Great show. Only disappointment was that you could see the harness or brace he had on in the beginning to be hoisted when doing a disappearance. Loved audience participation." -- Vegas.com
  • "Unbelievable show. I have seen David Copperfield 3 times before this and I think that this is the best show yet." -- Vegas.com

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David Copperfield Las Vegas FAQ

Can I meet David Copperfield?
Choose the David Copperfield Meet & Greet tickets and you'll get backstage access to meet David himself.

What's the age requirement David Copperfield Las Vegas show?
Children under the age of 5 are not permitted into the David Copperfield Theater. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

David Copperfield Las Vegas Details

Age restriction: 5
Showing at: MGM Grand
Show times: 7 and 9:30 p.m. nightly; plus 4 p.m. Saturday.
Show length: 90 Minutes