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10 Ways to Get Tape Face Discount Tickets

Updated September 27, 2023 Discount Tape Face tickets and promo codes pop up from time to time because, really, who doesn't want to save a little cash with cheap show tickets? We do! So we spend our spare time calling, searching...begging, in order to find Tape Face ticket discounts, coupons, promo codes...anything cheap, anything Tape Face that'll save you some of your hard earned money.

Tape Face Ticket Discounts

Tape Face tickets below are from major, trusted online ticket vendors. Check out the latest discount ticket prices:

1. Tape Face Tickets from $51.38 at Vegas.com!

Tape Face Tickets

Vegas.com's discounted Tape Face show tickets at $51.38! Booooyyaaaa baby! Let's get us some cheap Tape Face show tickets!!!
Vegas.com from $51.38

2. Viator Tickets from $82.99

Tape Face Tickets

Viator is a big wig in the online attractions and show tickets world but doesn't always offer the best pricing and that goes for Tape Face Las Vegas show tickets too...their current offering is $82.99. But that simply can't beat Vegas.com's $51.38 ticket!
Viator from $82.99

3. Tape Face tickets from $43.12 at groupon

We all know and love Groupon for their deals, am I right here? If I'm looking for something, anything, for cheap, I first turn to Groupon. Here's Groupon's deal for Face Tape tickets.
Groupon from $43.12

4. Tape Face tickets from $328 at Ticketnetwork

We love Ticketnetwork for shows that are sold out elsewhere. They're a secondary market ticket seller so if you can't find tickets for Las Vegas shows elsewhere, Ticketnetwork usually has them for sale.
Ticketnetwork from $328

5. Tape Face tickets from $277 at Ticketliquidator

If you haven't used TicketLiquidator in the past, well it's worth a try....sometimes. Tape Face tickets for $277?!!? What? Want a great price for Vegas show tickets? How about Vegas.com's $51.38?
Ticketliquidator from $277

6. Tape Face tickets from $111 at Cheaptickets

Cheaptickets is a huuuugeeee online seller of show tickets and at times they offers some rockin deals to Las Vegas shows...today is not one of those days folks. The cheapest Tape Face tickets we've found on Cheaptickets are priced from $111. Enjoy better deals at Vegas.com with Tape Face tickets starting at $51.38.
Cheaptickets from $111

7. Tape Face tickets from $63 at Expedia

Most of us know of Expedia, they're massive and so they have show tickets for most shows available, but are their shows cheap? Sometimes but not always and what can be challenging with Expedia for Las Vegas show tickets is their small inventory of tickets, it's usually pretty small. Now that I've gotten all the negatives out of the way, Expedia can be really competitive with pricing at times so they're worth checking out.
Expedia from $63

8. Tape Face Tickets

If you don't know Showtickets.com let me tell you a bit about them...they're cheap (normally) and they are a real contender in the cheap Las Vegas show tickets space. Ok, great...but what about their Tape Face tickets? Well, Tape Face show tickets at Showtickets.com are currently priced at $80.

9. StubHub Tickets Tape Face

Stubhub, a major online reseller of show tickets can often offer some amazing disounts. The cheapest Stubhub Tape Face ticket price we've found is $113.

10. Tape Face Promo Code

Oh daaaarnnnn! We did have Tape Face promo codes...two in fact, but they've expired. Here's what you missed. You could have used Showtickets.com's "20CYBER" promo code and saved $20. But, alas, those have expired. Ugh. When BestofVegas and Showtickets publish promo codes and/or coupons again, we'll be right on that for you!

11. Tape Face Locals Discount

Sometimes it pays to be a local and frugal, and while Caesar's Entertainment--parent company for Harrah's where Tape Face shows--has all sorts of great discounts for Las Vegas locals, Tape Face isn't on their list as of today.

12. Tape Face AAA Discount

Sorry, AAA discounts are not currently available but with the AWESOME deals we have on this page...who cares!

13. Tape Face Military Discount

Members of the Armed Forces receive a 40% off special discount on hotel rooms at Harrah's with a valid military ID, but this won't apply to Tape Face.

14. Tape Face Discounts for Caesars Rewards Holders

Use your Caesars Rewards membership card to get exclusive pre-sale access and discounts to shows at all Caesars properties, including Harrah's, home of Tape Face. Ok, so how does Caesars Rewards work exactly? Caesars Rewards is a rewards card you use to accrue points when playing slot machines, video poker, table games, booking hotel rooms and more. Rack up enough points and get discounts and complimentary "stuff"!

15. Student Discount Tickets

Tape Face doesn't currently offer discounted tickets for students. Be sure to check back since from time-to-time they do resume the offer.

Other Ways to Save

Choose General Admission Seats

There really isn't a bad seat at the House of Tape theatre so don't spend extra on VIP tickets unless you absolutely must be close to stage.

Visit Las Vegas in the Off Season

The cost for Vegas show ticket slides up and down based on demand. During peak tourism periods show ticket prices will rise, during slow periods they'll fall. Slow tourism periods in Vegas include the week after Thanksgiving, the first half of December, the first week of January, and more.

Don't Roll the Dice

Some believe that better show ticket prices can be had once they arrive in Vegas. That may sometimes be the case in New York City or London but Las Vegas shows sell out, especially of the Tape Face variety, so waiting to buy means tickets are mostly more expensive once in Las Vegas. Buying online and in advance is usually the best option. But, hey this is Vegas afterall so if you want to gamble...

Buy in Advance for Best Seats

Most show theaters in Vegas are designed with viewers pleasure in mind so there's rarely a bad seat in the house. That means the most expensive seats are not always the "best" seats for viewing, especially for Tape Face. Booking early therefore gives you the best options to pick the seats you prefer, save some money and still enjoy the show.

About Tape Face

The TAPE FACE show is a worldwide sensation and is now resident in a uniquely customised theatre at Harrah's hotel aptly named The House of Tape. As seen on America's Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: The Champions, Tape Face is a comedy show with a difference. It's utterly spectacular and endlessly inventive. "TAPE FACE" is the creation of New Zealand comedian Sam Wills, and he's created a killer cast for you nightly at The House of Tape inside Harrah's Las Vegas. This is sublime physical lunacy and a Vegas must see!

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10 Ways to Get Tape Face Discount Tickets Details

Shows at: Harrah's
Age restriction: All ages
Show times: 7pm