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Shin Lim Seating Chart

Shin Lim Seating Chart

The theater for Shin Lim is divided into three seating groups: Category A, B, and C,. Category A, closest to stage center, also comes with "Meet & Greet" post show, so you'll get a chance to hang out with Shin Lim. Category C, the most popular and least expensive seating, is located at the top and far sides of the theater. Category A are seats located center of stage and considered to offer the very best view of the show. Check out our Shin Lim seating chart below:

Shin Lim Tickets

Shin Lim ticket prices listed below are from major, trusted online ticket vendors.

Shin Lim Seating Chart

These seats are those located with a view center of the stage and they're also at the very front of the theater, nearest the performance. As a bonus, Category A seats include a Meet & Greet with Shin Lim! This means you'll hang out with him post-show, get a free photo, and a VIP credential. If you're a Shin Lim fan this is the chance of a lifetime.

Category A seating offers an amazing view of the stage. You simply cannot get a better Shin Lim seating experience. Sure, tickets in this category will set you back at bit, but considering you also get the Meet & Greet, they're well worth the additional cost.

Seats in Category B are located in the middle of the theater. The view from these seats is excellent and if you get your tickets early--as in book in advance of your show dates, because Shin Lim sells out most nights--you'll get Category B seats near the more expensive Category A seats!

Category C seats are the popular choice seats for Shin Lim because they're, well, cheap. But, because Shin Lim show tickets sell fast, Category C seats offer good value for money for those who don't require the most optimal view.

Shin Lim Theater has ADA accesssible seats and if you're in need of these please call 888-488-7111 or purchase in person at a Mirage Box Office.

Where to Sit for Shin Lim

Whether you're asking "where to sit for Shin Lim" or "which are the best seats for Shin Lim", the answer depends on a couple of factors. First, how much are you willing to spend? If you don't mind paying a bit more, you can buy excellent Shin Lim tickets with seats that offer amazing views of the show, but otherwise you'll sit a bit further away or off center of the stage--which isn't that big of a deal for most. Second, how important are center stage views for you? Some people love sitting center stage so for those people higher priced tickets will offer the best view of the show.

Save Money on Shin Lim Tickets

Beyond the different seating categories are the prices by ticket vendors themselves. We've done a lot of the work to find the very best Shin Lim ticket discounts available anywhere, online and offline. Check out our list of deals.