Penn & Teller Las Vegas

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There are some basic rules of magic. Never tell your audience how a trick is done, don't show the audience how you prep for a trick, and never, ever perform the classic cups and balls trick with transparent cups. Well, Penn and Teller manage to break all of these rules and more in their show at the Rio Hotel and Casino and it’s perfection.

Just like every amazing duo, Penn and Teller have their strengths and weaknesses and combined, they create the perfect storm of comedy, magic and entertainment. The tall, lanky Penn serves as a narrator, providing a running comedic commentary on just about everything they do, while Teller handles much of the show's action, all without saying a single word.

While there are some elements of classic magic and sleight of hand in the show, most of the tricks are incredibly creative, innovative and sometimes bordering on the macabre. Yep, knives are thrown, goldfish are materialized, and needles are swallowed… or are they? The fun of this show is that the duo lets the audience in on some of the tricks, but others are meant to completely mystify the crowd and it works. Comedic, mind-bending, and totally entertaining, Penn & Teller is a classic Vegas show that is a vacation rite of passage.

Latest Reviews
May 25, 2018

These two gave credit where credit is due and understand that they are awesome because of the amazing crew working along side them. Loved the show! Funny, daring and REAL!

June 27, 2013

My husband and I attende the show with our 18 year old daughter and our 12 year old son and we all enjoyed it! First Vegas show for the family!

Penn & Teller Las Vegas Details

Location: Penn & Teller Theater, Rio
Minumum Age: 5+
Show Times: 9 pm Saturday - Wednesday
Show Length: 90 minutes