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Le Reve Dream Seating Chart

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Le Reve Seating

ATTENTION: Le Reve is not currently playing. We recommend the following Cirque du Soleil show until such time Le Reve resumes:

Le Reve Show Alternatives

The following shows are currently plaing in Las Vegas. Choose from one of these awesome Cirque du Soliel shows:

There are seven types of seats at the Wynn theater where Le Reve performs each with pros and cons and they're listed in descending order of price below:

  • Poolside Seating: You'll have an up-close view of stage but risk getting a splash. Best entry level seats.
  • Poolside Aisle Seats: This seat is identical to Poolside Seating but will include aisle seating for easy access in and out of your seat.
  • Golden Circle: Golden Circle seating is located just above Poolside seating and provides a slighly better view of the Le Reve Aqua Stage.
  • Golden Circle Aisle: This ticket is the same as Golden Circle but will include aisle seating.
  • Grandview: This ticket provides a fabulous panoramic view of the stage.
  • Grandview Aisle: Same a Grandivew but this ticket will include aisle seating.
  • Dream Seating: Best view of the Aqua Stage. Features over-sized, plush VIP theater seating & private television monitors showing live backstage and underwater video during the show.

Best Seats for Le Reve. Such a Thing?

We're often asked which are the best seats for Le Reve? On the surface, the best seats will be the most expensive so one can easily answer, Dream seats! However, the realy answer to which Le Reve seats are best is a bit more complex and rooted in the question: what do you want from the show? If you'd prefer to see Le Reve but not pay too much for expensive Grandview or Dream seats, then Poolside and Golden Circle seats will do--by the way, I sat in Golden Circle seats and found the view of the show to be spectacular.

Le Reve Seating Chart

Poolside Seating

Le Reve's poolside seating is the closest to the Aqua Stage possible, that's the good part. The (possibly) not so good part is that if you buy seats in Poolside seating zones A or B, you risk getting a bit wet due to splashing in the performance--aka, "Splash Zone". Some theater goers will love this, especially on those hot Las Vegas summer days, but if you're not too keen on getting wet or if you're all dressed up and wearing some snazzy clothes for the Le Reve show, Poolside seating is not for you.

Is Poolside Seating a Bad Seat?

We get this question from time to time so thought we'd more properly answer it. In short, there is no bad seat in Le Reve, including Poolside seats. But, there are downsides to Poolside: you might get splashed and since Poolside seats are closest to the aqua stage, you'll likely be looking up at the show. For some, this can put some strain on the neck, for others it's simply not an issue. Poolside seats offer a wonderful, closeup view of the show, but having an awareness of the possible downsides can help you make the best decision for your own needs.

Golden Circle

Golden Circle seating is represented by rows C-F on the Le Reve seating chart. These are seats located just above Poolside seating and you'll have a great view without the risk of a splash. Basically, when you buy Golden Circle tickets, which are a bit more expensive that Poolside seating tickets, you're buying a slightly elevated view and the priviledge of staying dry during the show!

Grandview Seating

Grandview is essentially Golden Circle but situated in a slightly elevated part of the theater. There is a difference in the show view and experience but it's marginal. To some the extra cost for Grandview seats is worth it but for others it might seem like a trivial extra cost.

Dream Seating

Dream seating is the highest location on the Le Reve seating chart and theater. Dream seats by far offer the best view of the performance and offer private television monitors showing live backstage and underwater video during the show, which is quite a unique and cool feature for a live show performance! Dream seats offer plush, oversized theatre seating which are pretty comfortable.

Best Seats for Le Reve

Most of us are used to theaters which offer seating quality ranging from poor to spectacular, as in front and center of stage. But the Le Reve theatre is different, it's a breed of Las Vegas show rooms purposefully built to house specific shows and also specifically designed to ensure that, no matter where one sits, the view of stage will be a minimum, very good. Are there best seats for Le Reve then? Of course, there are seats that are better suited for optimal view of the performance stage and there are also those that are more comfortable and plush such as Dream Seating, but there is no such thing as "best seats for Le Reve" because all offer a great show experience.

Le Reve Tickets

Updated February 5, 2023. Le Reve tickets range in price. Check out the latest discount ticket prices below:

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Le Reve Dream Seating Chart Details

Location: Wynn hotel
Best for Ages: 5+
Show Times: 7 & 9:30 PM Fri - Tue
Show Length: 75 minutes