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Best Seats for Awakening

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Best Seats for Awakening

Awakening at Wynn Theater performs on a circular stage which means if you want to know where to sit for Awakening the answer is pretty much anywere Las Vegas theaters truly have world-class layouts designed to enchance views from most seats, so truth is there are still good seats--seats you'd be happy to sit at and seats that, while still offering a good view, don't offer the amazing experience along to go a long with the view. Let's dive in:

There are six primary sections within the Wynn Theater, sections A, B, C, D, E, F -- within each section there are differing qualities of seats which are offered at distinct prices, let's take a look at each section.

Awakening Seating Chart

Genearlly speaking, Section A seats are no different than seats within any other section for Awakening. What differnetiates seat quality within sections, including within Section A is how close to stage a seat is located. Contrary to what many believe, seats that are closest to the stage aren't always the best and we think that while this is indeed the case at Wynn Theater, being closest to stage doesn't detract from the show experence like it can in many other shows such as The Beatles LOVE.

Seats that are closest to stage at Awakening are generally most expensive, not a surprise. What is a surprise is we don't think they are the very best seats and that in fact the seats offering the best viewing experience for this show are those in row C of Section A. The reason is quite simple, being too close means losing a wider view of the show, the stage for Awakening is rather large after all, so sitting ever so slightly back makes for the perfect experience.

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What are the best seats for Awakening Las Vegas? Within Section B, like most other sections for Awakening, the best seats are those that are close to stage but not too close. As we mentioned previously, seats within rows C are best. Let's not discount the outstanding view of seats in rows D and E which are almost as good as those in rows A, B, and C, but tend to be slightly cheaper in price.
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Within each section there are the best rows such as rows A and B and C, and there are very good rows such as D, E and F. Another consideration is the location of the seat, not just proximity to stage. In our opinion, sitting in the center of a section offers the best view within that section. Seats within the center of a section are those numbered 6 through 12. These seats position you right in the middle of stage so you get a widest view of the performance.
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If you've read this entire article, you're likely getting the picture by now that all seating Sections are pretty much alike and what distiguishes an amazing seat at Awakening from a good seat isn't the section but the row and the seat number. We recommend row C or D and seats within the center of either row, which are those numbered 6 through 12. These are not the most expensive seats for Awakening, but they offer the very best view of the show at Wynn Theater.
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Questions: Best Seats for Awakening

  • Best section for awakening las vegas

    Since the stage for Awakening is circular, mostly all section offer the same view, with some minor exceptions.

  • Where are the best seats for Awakening at the Wynn

    Best seats for Awakening are any section -- the theatre is shaped in a circle so the view will be the same regardless of the section you sit in -- but we recommend row C or D and seats within the center of either row, which are those numbered 6 through 12.

  • Awakening seat view

    Do you have pictures of view from different seats for Awakening?

    We don't yet, but here's a website that can help. We are not associated with this website in any way and only provide the link to help in your research.

  • Wynn Awakening seating chart

    I saw the Wynn Awakening seating chart but it's not very easy to tell where sections, rows and seats are.

    Sorry about that, it's the best seating chart we can get our hands on at the moment, but we're working on a new enhanced version that we think will be far better than the current and much easier to read.

Best Seats for Awakening Details

Location: Wynn hotel
Best for Ages: 5+
Show Times: 7 & 9:30 PM Fri - Tue
Show Length: 75 minutes