16 Ways to get Laugh Factory Discount Tickets


Updated January 28, 2022 Discount Laugh Factory tickets and promo codes--Yes, we got them; we've got (pretty much) the entire collection of them. Our strong advice on Laugh Factory tickets: go cheap, as cheap as possible, because it's the same show whether you pay a low or high ticket price! There are lots of Laugh Factory discount ticket deals advertised on the internet, but rarely do they beat ticket prices we find, so pick the link below with the cheapest Laugh Factory price...

Laugh Factory Ticket Discounts

Laugh Factory ticket prices listed below are from major, trusted online ticket vendors. Check out the latest discount Laugh Factory ticket prices:

For the Laugh Factory 9 year anniversary enjoy the following comedians:

  • May 27-30, 2021: Vicki Barbolak
  • July 26: Pauly Shore
  • September 3-5: Maz Jobrani

1. Laugh Factory Tickets from $42 at Vegas.com!

Vegas.com's discounted "Laugh Factory" show tickets at $42 now through the Fall of 2021. How does Vegas.com's "Laugh Factory" show tickets compare to other ticket vendors? See prices above for yourself--Vegas.com's got the lowest price on the internet for "Laugh Factory". Go cheap people! Always go cheap...

2. Laugh Factory Tickets Not Available at Viator

Sorry, Laugh Factory show tickets are not available at Viator as of today. Check this space in the future in case Laugh Factory tickets become available again.

3. Laugh Factory Groupon Not Available

Groupon used to offer a Laugh Factory show tickets deal but it has expired. If you want a Las Vegas show Groupon deal check out Vegas! The Show, The Mentalist Live!, or even Liquid Drag Brunch

4. Laugh Factory SOLD OUT Stubhub

Stubhub, a major online reseller of show tickets can often offer some amazing disounts but sadly Laugh Factory is not available at this time on Stubhub.

5. Laugh Factory on Ticketmaster is SOLD OUT

Ticketmaster Laugh Factory tickets are SOLD OUT.

6. Laugh Factory at Cheaptickets from $68

$68 for Laugh Factory tickets at Ticketmaster. I've scored some rockin show ticket deals at Cheaptickets before but prices aren't very consitent these days and there are no Laugh Factory discount show tickets to be had. Check out Vegas.com's $42 Laugh Factory show tickets for a far better deal.

7. Expedia Laugh Factory, No Dice

Expedia, the undisputed king of internet travel, sells all things for all cities and Vegas is no exception. They offer pretty much every major Las Vegas show ticket there...except for Laugh Factory. Sorry folks.

8. No Laugh Factory Tickets Available at Vividseats

Bummer, no Laugh Factory tickets available on Vivid

9. Laugh Factory Tickets at SeatGeek for $78

SeatGeek is an up-and-coming show ticket website that, like Ticketmaster, offers tickets for pretty much every show imaginable. SeatGeek sells show tickets that other people can't use, sort of like Stubhub. We haven't spotted any good Laugh Factory ticket deals on SeatGeek lately, but you could always give it a try for yourself.

10. Showtickets Laugh Factory Tickets from $45

Save now on Laugh Factory tickets at Showtickets.com with ticket prices starting at $45. Good deal? Not bad actually, only beat by Vegas.com's $42 deal.

11. AAA Member Discounts for Laugh Factory Las Vegas Show

Remember those days when AAA member discounts were ACTUALLY AAA member discounts and not the AAA website just trying to sell you something under the guise of a discount? Ahhhhh, the good old days. Well, folks, sorry but AAA ain't got no Laugh Factory show ticket discounts at this moment.

12. Laugh Factory Promo Code

Oh daaaarnnnn! We did have a Laugh Factory promo codes...two in fact, but they've expired. Here's what you missed. You could have used Showtickets.com's "20CYBER" promo code and saved $20. But, alas, those have expired. Ugh. When BestofVegas and Showtickets publish promo codes and/or coupons again, we'll be right on that for you!

13. Laugh Factory Locals Discount

Sorry folks there are currently no Laugh Factory Las Vegas locals discounts available.

14. Laugh Factory Military Discounts

2-for-1 Tickets to Laugh Factory Comedy Club. Military members receive two-for-one tickets to nightly stand-up shows at Laugh Factory comedy club. To redeem, show your military ID at the Show Tickets desk.

15. Senior Discount

Senior discount is not available at this time.

16. Police Discounts to Laugh Factory

Tropicana Las Vegas police specials include 2-for-1 Tickets to Laugh Factory Comedy Club and up to 30% off hotel room rates.

Other Ways to Save

Visit Las Vegas in the Off Season

The cost for Vegas show ticket slides up and down based on demand. During peak tourism periods show ticket prices will rise, during slow periods they'll fall. Visit Vegas off season for best ticket prices.

Buy in Advance for Best Seats

Most show theaters in Vegas are designed with viewers pleasure in mind so there's rarely a bad seat in the house. That means the most expensive seats are not always the "best" seats for viewing, especially for Laugh Factory. Booking early therefore gives you the best options to pick the seats you prefer, save some money and still enjoy the show.

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