Afternoon Shows in Las Vegas

Some would say that Las Vegas arguably offers the best nightlife in the world but for those who can't stay up past 10pm an afternoon show in Las Vegas might just be a great option, and possibly the best way to beat the summer heat. If you're in Vegas with kids in tow, an early show followed by dinner or buffet is the way to go. Whatever your reasons, we've got you covered and you'll be pleased to know that quality Las Vegas afternoon and matinee shows are far more common than you think, especially in during summer and holidays. If you fancy an evening performance, check out our full list of Las Vegas shows.

  • Mystere Discount Tickets

    All ages

    Mystere is the longest running Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and was Voted Best Family Show in Las Vegas by LasVegasKids in 2018. Mystere features breathtaking acrobatics in a show room where every seat is offers outsanding views. There are plenty of shows in Las Vegas, many are family-friendly, but few offer the quality of Mystere. We think Mystere is the best family show in Las Vegas. And for those who've never attended a Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil production, Mystere is the perfect show to begin with.

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  • Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

    All ages

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    Gregory Popovich and his team of 30 trained furry friends--all once in shelters have been turned into Las Vegas show celebrities. This show has been featured on The Tonight Show, USA Today and David Letterman and has many thumbs up votes with kids of all ages.

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  • Blue Man Group at Luxor Las Vegas

    All ages

    It's hard to put the Blue Man Group into words: take a rock concert and a comedy show, add a heaping dash of whimsy, stir in unrivaled creativity and a generous pinch of high-tech visual treats. Shake well and serve! There’s no act in the world like Blue Man Group, and their enduring popularity proves it.

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  • Potted Potter

    Minimum Age: 6

    Potted Potter, the widely imaginative continuation of the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter books, is coming to Las Vegas this summer for a 10-show run after a successful run in New York City's Theatre District and London's West End.

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  • Mac King Comedy Magic Show

    All ages

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    Mac and his goldfish (don't worry, we won't spoil the surprise for you) have been renowned fixtures of the Las Vegas show circuit for over a decade and it's easy to see why. At first glance, his retro style may be off-putting, but don't be deterred by the plaid suit and bad haircut – retro doesn't mean old-fashioned, and in this case it certainly doesn’t mean boring!

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  • Nathan Burton Comedy

    All ages

    Blink-and-miss-‘em illusions and a wicked wit fuel Nathan Burton's lightning-paced showcase of teleportation and transformation. As seen on the first and fourth seasons of America's Got Talent, Burton has unlocked the secrets of self-levitation, dematerialization, and appearing simultaneously in homes across the country. Whether slicing up showgirls or throwing himself in the microwave, the old-school showman excels at visual gags and moderately risqué, though family-friendly, one-liners. Elaborate props, high-energy music, and a bevy of lovely assistants add to the spectacle.

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  • Murray The Magician

    Minimum Age: 5

    With his wild, electric blond hair, Murray is hard to miss. Some 22 million viewers nationwide watched the charismatic magician perform as a semifinalist on the NBC hit show "America's Got Talent." He did the largest magic trick ever performed on the show by making a 1918 steam train locomotive vanish in mere seconds. Now you can see Murray perform live on the Vegas stage. Murray is well known for his larger-than-life illusions, such as making a Ferrari appear from thin air and transforming a showgirl into a 450-pound tiger. With a knack for keeping his audience entranced with amazement, his show gives his onlookers a uniquely immersive experience. During the show he performs two of his signature illusions in the middle of the audience, giving them an intrusive 360-degree view of him and his tricks while leaving no hiding space. Even when he's on stage, the showroom makes everyone feel like they are up close to Murray and his mind-blowing magic.

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  • Legends in Concert

    Minimum Age: 5

    Legends in Concert isn’t just a "tribute show," it’s THEE tribute show. And it has all the big names. Las Vegas heavyweights like Elvis, Barry White, Frank Sinatra, Prince and Lady Gaga. Like the O.G. artists themselves, Legends takes things up a notch by adding bedazzled costumes, crazy, wild backup dancers, and an over-the-top on-stage orchestra. All of this awesomeness isn’t to take away from the fact that these performers can really sing. These are trained, talented performers and not some fools they pulled out of the local karaoke bar.

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  • Adam London

    All ages

    Adam London's afternoon comedy magic show, Laughternoon, features clever sleight-of-hand magic with a touch of hilarious comedy. London became interested in magic after watching his grandfather perform card tricks. He started out in musical theater in college and perfected his craft in comedy clubs around the world including L.A. Comedy Club and the Improv Comedy Club. He had a stint working for the Mac King Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas and has worked in the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

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