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Jabbawockeez Seating Chart

Jabbawockeez Seating Chart

Want to know where to sit for Jabbawockeez? Research theater seating at any Las Vegas show and you'll read the same thing: there are no bad seats. While theaters have improved their layouts to enchance views from most seats, truth is there are still good seats--seats where you'll want to sit for a show like Jabbawockeez--and there are not so good seats that while still offering a good view, don't offer the amazing experience along to go a long with the view.

Jabbawockeez Tickets

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    Jabbawockeez Seating Chart

    Jabbawockeez Theater at MGM Grand consists of three distinct sections: 1, 2 and 3 with section 1 being closest to the stage. Further, there are seating "Categories" which denote the quality of the view of stage from the seat, not to be confused with proximity to stage. Some seats can be far from stage yet offer a great view so they'd be a Category A seat

    The very best seat at Jabbawockeez Theater would be Section 1 Category A which would be located in the very front row of the theater with a center view, meaning there's pretty much nothing between you and the Jabbawockeez crew and there's no chance that a really tall person could sit in front of you and obstruct your view of the show. Naturally Section 1 Category A seating will be the most costly of all seats and the chances of being selected from the audience for the interactive portion of the show are extremely high. Let's breakdown the seating chart a bit more:

    These seats are those located with a view center of the stage but they are not necessarily at the front of the theater and may even be at the very back, but they offer the best view of the show.

    Seats in Category B are located in the mid-center of the theater with some seats located just off-center. The view from these seats is excellent.

    These seats at Jabbawockeez tend to sell out most quickly because they offer good value for money for those who don't require the most optimal view or a seat location that will offer a high chance of being picked by the dance crew for the interactive portion of the show.

    Choose a Category D seat and you'll watch the show from the very far left or right side of the theater. They offer a reasonble view of the show.

    Jabbawockeez Theater has 9 ADA accesssible seats, these are located near in the rear of Category B. Companion seats are located on the same row.

    Where to sit for Jabbawockeez

    In the end, where to sit for the show depends on what you want to experience. If you simply want to watch the show then Category C and D should do. If you want to interact with the Jabbawockeez dance crew you need to be in Category A and if you'd like to have an outstanding view of the performance, Category A or B will be ideal. When choosing Jabbawockeez tickets be sure to consider your needs as well as your budget.