Best Cirque Du Soleil Shows for Kids in Las Vegas

There's a reason why Cirque du Soleil is synonymous with "Las Vegas shows", because they've become so popular that tickets to these shows are the most sought after of all Strip performances. Cirque shows re-designed everyday circus shows are known for their athleticism, creative and inspiring stage sets, enchanting characters and over-the-top stunts that leave audiences speechless. Don't buy your show tickets until you read our list below, you might end up thanking us.

  • All ages

    There are activities and shows...then there's Mystere, in a league of its own. We think Mystere is the best family activity in Las Vegas. It's the longest running Cirque du Soleil performance and was voted Best Family Show in Las Vegas by LasVegasKids in 2018 and 2019. Featuring breathtaking acrobatics and stunts, it's held in a show room where every seat is offers outstanding views increasing the entertainment value. There are plenty of shows in Las Vegas, many are family-friendly, but few offer the quality of Mystere. For those who've never attended a Cirque du Soleil production, Mystere is the perfect show to begin with.

  • Minimum Age: 5

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    It takes one heck of a performer to tackle Michael Jackson's legendary musical catalogue, but just as he was no ordinary artist, Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson ONE is no ordinary show. If the music isn't enough to get you into the action, the effects are sure to do the trick. Lights, gravity-defying acrobatics, state-of-the-art hip-hop infused choreography with the King of Pop's signature dance moves fuse seamlessly for what Rolling Stone called "A virtual parade of WOW moments."

  • Minimum Age: 5

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    KA is a coming-of-age tale, presented in Cirque's now legendary 'feast-for-the-senses' style that is, at the same time, exhilaratingly beautiful. Inspired by the Egyptian idea of 'ka a spiritual duplicate' the show tells the story of twins, male and female, who are separated and finally linked in their destinies and their destinations.

  • Minimum Age: 5

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    LOVE by Cirque du Soleil takes audiences on a magical journey through the fantastical world depicted by the music of the Beatles. Acrobatics, aerialists and a cast of colorful, intriguing characters combine to create a mystifying visual pared with the already sensational soundtrack.

  • Minimum Age: 5

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    In the inimitable style of all Cirque de Soleil shows, O weaves an aquatic tapestry of eye-catching moments with world-class divers, synchronized swimmers and performers of every description. Defying gravity and the human imagination, the show embraces the magic of music, extraordinary costuming and the surreal, moving every element out-of-the box to provide once-in-a-lifetime entertainment.

Shows Similar to Cirque du Soleil

  • Minimum Age: 5

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    Le Reve Las Vegas has earned a place among the top Las Vegas shows and you'll understand why once you experience its pools, platforms, tunnels and overhead acrobatics. The action begins when you see fire, water and smoke appear all around you. This Cirque-like show is unique and memorable, possibly giving Cirque du Soleil shows a run for it's money, not a easy feat, but indeed there are many who believe Le Reve is better than 'O', Beatles Love, Ka and Michael Jackson. Judge for yourself.

    The circular Le Reve theater means the performance is excellent from just about any seat so you can. "Poolside Seating" is generally cheapest, closest to stage and you may occassionally get a splash of water from the 1 million gallon, 27 foot deep swimming pool stage.

  • Minimum Age: 13

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    Fans of Criss Angel & Cirque du Soleil get to see a unique combination of the two forces. The show features Angel's magic and well-known stage presence presented with the artistic flair that is Cirque du Soleil's signature. The main focus of every act is Angel's magic. The set and illusions are stylized with a gothic feel much like an old-fashioned circus.
  • WOW

    Minimum Age: 4

    Prepared to be wowed at the show “WOW” (yes, sometimes we resort to puns when absolutely necessary). The production “WOW” is ready to ignite the glitter cannons and land in the only place it belongs, the Entertainment Capital of the World. The production pulls out all the stops by featuring acrobatics, 3D-multi-media projections, great theatrical lighting and even one of the coolest water stages you’ve ever seen (wink, wink). They’re not holding back, and why should they? It’s Vegas, baby and we’re the city that loves to entertain. To make the deal even sweeter than that warm apple pie your Aunt Agnes makes every Thanksgiving, the Rio transformed the showroom to be more immersive with the audience. So you’ll be right up against the stage to see the stunts up-close-and-personal when the cast comes out to show off their moves. Your heart will stop every time you see them fly into the air and stick flawless landings.