Smoking at McCarren Airport Las Vegas

Smoking at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas is really possible. We'll show you where and if you want to smoke at McCarren you'll want to know this stuff because in compliance with Nevada state law, smoking (including Vaping) is prohibited except in the following designated areas:

Smoking at McCarren Airport Las Vegas

You can smoke at Barneys Lounge. It's located at the C gates of McCarren Airport. It's quite a small lounge but you should be able to light up wihtout issue here.

Just prior to TSA security check point is Bud 29 Track Lounge, another smoking option and it's located at the T1 Esplanade at McCarren.

You'll find these ramdonly located throughout the B, C, D & E gates and they are basic and simple--casino gaming lounges that are glass enclosed and allow smoking.

Most outdoor areas at McCarren allow smoking.

Smoking Areas in the Las Vegas Airport

Only a few airports in the US allow smoking and Las Vegas McCarren happens to be one of them.

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