The Buffet at Excalibur

The Buffet at Excalibur, located on the Castle Walk, has a contemporary style dining area consisting of a digitally enhanced dessert station and other stations featuring a wide range of food options, including Italian, Latin, American, and Asian. Every Friday, seafood lovers can get their fill of crab legs, lobster, crawfish, blue crab, and sushi on the seafood buffet. And unlike other buffet restaurants in the area, the Buffet at Excalibur changes their menu every season, depending on the current produce that is available, which helps to ensure a more fresh and flavorful dining experience. Some popular Buffet choices include breakfast paninis, made-to-order omelets, chicken tacos, tortellini pasta and ham, crab macaroni and cheese, lobster polenta, salmon, and hand-dipped ice cream bars.

From the restaurant's beautifully designed wood and metal accented entranceway to the vivid portraits adorning the walls, children and adults alike will enjoy the scenic atmosphere while they dine. With seating capacity for over 600 guests, there is always room for groups of all sizes, which makes it a popular place for special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. No reservations required.

Location: Excalibur Hotel

Hours of Operation and Pricing:
Breakfast (7:00 am - 11:00 am daily):
Adults $19.99 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $11.99

Brunch (7:00 am - 4:00 pm):
Monday - Friday: Adults $20.49 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $13.99
Saturday - Sunday: Adults $23.99 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $16.99

Dinner (4:00 pm - 10:00 pm daily):
Monday - Thursday: Adults $24.99 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $16.99
Friday - Sunday: Adults $28.49 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $18.99

All Day Wristband:
Adults (Monday - Thursday): $39.99 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $26.99
Adults (Friday - Sunday): $44.99 / Children (ages 5 to 11) $16.99