MGM Grand Buffet

Price Range

You'll be happy to learn that children that are 3 and under eat fee at MGM Grand's buffet. Children that are between 4 and 11 receive a discount. For adults the pricing at the MGM Grand Buffet varies depending on the time of day and the day itself with prices ranging from $17.99 for breakfast during the weekdays and $19.99 on the weekends. Your lunch pricing is $20.99 and Dinner is $29.99 every day of the week.


The Grand Buffets offers a nice variety of choices that are sure to please every member of your family -from small to big. You can enjoy pizza or a steak as easily as you can enjoy Chines noodles and spicy Mexican tacos. There are numerous food stations to choose from including a salad section, pizza, soups, and desserts as well as a carving station for some stick-to-your-bones good food.


You will be serving yourself as per standard buffet, but the wait staff will keep you hydrated. The service is good, however a sudden rush can force you to have to wait 10 mins roughly before you can place your drinks.

Dishes To Try


The Grand Buffet has a Chinese Food section that does well with its flavor standards. Sometimes you can go to an international buffet and all of the food tastes almost the same. At the Grand Buffet you won't have this problem.

Crab Legs

Some kids get a kick out of sucking the meat out of a crab leg and if that sounds like your little troublemaker then you're in luck. The Grand Buffet offers both the cold and hot versions of delicious crab legs.

Tri-Tip Sirloin

If you're going to try something at the carving station, the tri tip sirloin is an excellent juicy choice. The steak is chosen in front of you and cooked to perfection in front of you, all you need to do is grab your plate and a seat and you're set for a filling and delicious meal.

Something Unique

Have you ever gone to a buffet and thought it would be great to just take everything to go? Here's your chance - the MGM now allows you to take out your buffet favorites so you can nosh on them in the comfort of your room if you should so choose.

For weekdays the pricing is: Breakfast: $12.99, Lunch $15.99, Dinner $19.99. Weekend pricing is: Brunch: $17.99, Dinner: $26.99.

Kid Stuff

Given the numerous items at the buffet, this might be a great time to get our kids to test out some new flavors they would be hesitant to order off a menu. The select at the buffet includes dishes from around the world like Chinese and Mexican. Some children have to be coaxed into trying anything beyond a burger or cheese sandwich, but if they know they're going on a food adventure with just a little taste of this and that, they may be more inclined to give their taste buds something new to try.

Dress Code





Monday to Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.


"I have only been to the buffet for breakfast, but the food was extremely good. The made to order omelette bar is one of my favorite parts."

"The food was fine, the atmosphere and staff were pleasant, but it was wildly overpriced at $32 - I don't care if it was a weekend."

"Huge selection, clean and tasty, the waiter was not too friendly, she looked tired and took a while to bring our beverage, best time to go is around 4:00 pm, we were hungry after being on the pool, food was delicious."