Mac King Comedy Magic Show

318 Ratings

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Location: Harrah's Hotel
Best for Ages: All ages
Show Times: 1PM and 3PM Wed - Sat.
Show Length: 75 minutes

Without a doubt, Mac King is the funniest and now, longest-running magician in Las Vegas. He'll hold you spellbound in his old Vegas-style showroom at Harrah's, while you hold your gut from laughing at his family friendly humor. King's self-effacing sense of humor, blended with his flawless sleight-of-hand and superbly corny imagination, elevate him to the top of his craft. Plus, his unique combination of endearing Southern charm and offbeat showmanship never fails to produce mesmerizing tricks and a giggling audience.

King's repertoire also includes rope tricks, hand shadow puppets, mysterious appearances of Fig Newtons, live animals (i.e., a worm, a goldfish and his newest addition of Colonel Sanders, his white guinea pig) and a gold lamé cape specially designed for his ever-realistic (well actually not at all realistic but definitely funny) impersonations of Elvis and Liberace.

Kids always receive a warm welcome from him as well. Through them, King has a chance to pay homage to his grandfathers, both of whom he credits for introducing him to this world of enchantment when he was "a young girl." Born and raised in Kentucky, King said that he never wanted to be anything else but a magician. Performing first at neighborhood birthday parties and then in comedy clubs after college, he eventually made his way to Los Angeles before settling in Las Vegas in 1997 -- thanks to some coaxing from another legendary magician, Lance Burton. King has starred in his own self-titled show at Harrah's since 2000, and a recent contract extension ensures he will stay through 2019.

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