Tours for Families

ATV Hidden Valley

Minimum Age: 16

Suitable for beginners and experienced riders, this ATV tour takes you to places in the Mojave Desert seldom seen. Come ... Read more

Vegas Fight Tour

All ages

Most people don't have the cojónes to endure years of grueling training that pushes them past their physical and emotion... Read more

Zero 1 Desert Adventures

Minimum Age: 16

It's time to get dirty, and one of the best ways to do it is off-roading through the Mojave Desert in a Polaris RZR XP10... Read more

Dig This

Minimum Age: 8

Perfect for the big kids at heart (14 years and older), this tour will have you operating a a state-of-the-art bulldozer... Read more

Pole Position Raceway

Minimum Age: 6

Whether you're a novice or experienced racer, Pole Position Raceway will send your heart racing. Located just off the La... Read more

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Zipline

All ages

You've probably had dreams of flying, right? But did you ever think of actually doing this (and not by plane or helic... Read more

West Rim and Hoover Dam

All ages

See two of the most amazing sights in the world on one tour -- the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Start out by driv... Read more

Grand Canyon West Rim & Lunch

All ages

It's off to Grand Canyon's stunning West Rim for sightseeing, a leisurely walk and a lunch. Whether you choose to exp... Read more