Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

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Location: Planet Hollywood [Check Rates]
Best for Ages: All ages
Show Times: 4 PM Tue - Sat.
Show Length: 60 minutes
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SAVE: We've Got the Lowest Prices in Vegas for this Show! When he first arrived in Las Vegas, Russian-trained juggler and clown Gregory Popovich incorporated his pet cat Snowbird into his act by chance, to overwhelming audience response. Inspired to expand the furry cast, Popovich headed to a local shelter where he was appalled at the number of abandoned pets.

Now touring nationally with stops at Late Show with David Letterman and America’s Got Talent, Popovich leads a four-legged cast of 15 cats and 10 dogs, all former strays before becoming stars and, in some cases, internationally ranked poker players. Pups propel scooters across the stage and double-dutch jump rope as cats shimmy over parallel bars. European-style clowns and mesmerizing jugglers complement bouts of barking and meowing. And this season, the Pet Theater welcomes a new duo into the fold— a miniature horse and goat—who are certain to win audiences’ hearts with their hoofed camaraderie and braying banter.

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