Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

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Popovich Comedy Pet Theater
Popovich Comedy Pet Theater
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Location: Planet Hollywood
Best for Ages: All ages
Show Times: 4 PM Tue - Sat.
Show Length: 60 minutes
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September 29, 2017

My 3 year old son loved it. This is definitely a very entertaining and fun experience for small children and my son loved it. Also, I liked that it wasn't a big production and it felt good to support a small production like this.

September 27, 2017

The show was very heartwarming, very entertaining and Mr Popovich was delightful and extremely talented. Loved the whole crew: cats, dogs, birds and all the dancers and other performers. This was a refreshing show for Vegas especially during such difficult times in this country and the whole world. Thank you for the laughter and beautiful creatures and for showing that animals are human too!

September 11, 2017

We really enjoyed the show. Cats and dogs were so cute and funny! We laughed and their hard work made us happy! Highly recommend the show to any age group. We will definitely go back!!!


SAVE: We've Got the Lowest Prices in Vegas for this Show! When he first arrived in Las Vegas, Russian-trained juggler and clown Gregory Popovich incorporated his pet cat Snowbird into his act by chance, to overwhelming audience response. Inspired to expand the furry cast, Popovich headed to a local shelter where he was appalled at the number of abandoned pets.

Now touring nationally with stops at Late Show with David Letterman and America’s Got Talent, Popovich leads a four-legged cast of 15 cats and 10 dogs, all former strays before becoming stars and, in some cases, internationally ranked poker players. Pups propel scooters across the stage and double-dutch jump rope as cats shimmy over parallel bars. European-style clowns and mesmerizing jugglers complement bouts of barking and meowing. And this season, the Pet Theater welcomes a new duo into the fold— a miniature horse and goat—who are certain to win audiences’ hearts with their hoofed camaraderie and braying banter.

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