Yoga Teacher Training in London

Yoga teacher training in London abounds with over 45 major school options--most offering courses in the Vinyasa Flow style. You've done the years of yoga classes, the yoga retreats and workshops and now you're ready to take the step to becoming a yoga teacher. The choices for yoga education abound, in London alone, not to mention other popular areas like India, so we've done some preliminary homework for you...we hope it helps.

Katrina Repka

Katrina Repka is an ISHTA yoga teacher training course providing a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga: a uniquely modern, individualized, and integrated approach to this ancient science. Through in-depth asana practice, posture labs, practice teaching, anatomy, and lectures on a wide variety of topics, the ISHTA-trained practitioner is rendered fluent in all aspects of yoga. They provide exclusive manuals and are a Yoga Alliance-registered school. Every ISHTA trainee has the opportunity to explore, learn, and teach, as well as enhance and enrich his or her own personal practice. All ISHTA trainings take place at Evolve Yoga and Wellness Centre in South Kensington, London and Elsham Rd Shala in Shepherds Bush.

Areas of study include: Asana and Meditation practice, In-depth posture labs, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy and Principles of ISHTA Yoga, The Chakras and the Subtle Body, Ayurveda, Sequencing, and How to Teach Pranayama and Meditation. Specialty areas include Prenatal, Restorative, Injury Management, Essential Oils and Sanskrit.

London Yoga Teacher Training Group

This two-year course provides you with the practical skills and expertise to teach yoga safely and with confidence and are led by course directors Cara Bowen, Lisa McRory and Anne-Marie Zulkahari. Other core faculty include the directors and Pete Blackaby, Neville Cregan, Lesley Dyke, Chloe Fremantle and Bridget Thornborrow. Christiane Kerr and Ruth Polden are visiting specialists. There are two members of faculty present on all course days.

The course is based in central London at Clerkenwellbeing, meeting once a month on a Friday and a Saturday. This is a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Accredited course and all trainees are required to join the BWY as student teachers.


Triyoga's yoga teacher training diploma, which is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals, and the Yoga Alliance USA, is taught in London at triyoga Soho the diploma is 24 months long and comprises over 350 hours of tuition and practice.

The in-depth programme covers asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy and physiology and includes a monthly mentoring and professional supervision programme to provide feedback, advice and support when you begin teaching. For all intakes, anatomy and physiology sessions are taught by experienced yoga teacher and osteopath?Chris Swain. Philosophy and meditation sessions are taught by acclaimed teacher Carlos Pomeda?- providing one of the most comprehensive groundings in yoga philosophy of any teacher training diploma in the UK. In addition, each intake has two lead asana teachers, with four fully qualified teachers assisting. The teachers come from different schools of yoga to give a broad perspective within a structured teaching syllabus. The teachers for the upcoming intakes are as follows:

There are 16 modules, which take place on weekends with modules 6 and 14 also taking place on a Monday. The first 14 modules take place over 18 months. This is followed by 6 months mentoring and professional supervision and a further 2 modules to help you ground and consolidate your teaching practice. Teaching methods include: lectures, experiential classes, small and large group work, practice teaching time, exercises for learning and discovery, lectures and review of homework. Asana sessions are taught by the lead asana tutors with four fully qualified teachers assisting, providing a ratio of 1 teacher per 8 students.

Students are taught, tutored and supervised throughout by the same small group of asana teachers, which provides a grounded consistency where you can be sure that those who are teaching you are familiar with your practice and your development as the course progresses. While we wholly encourage you to develop your own teaching practice, we feel that this can be best achieved under the consistent and watchful eye of a few key teachers.

Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training

Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (IYTT) was founded by Catherine Annis. Our mission is to establish the training as a centre for excellence, and one of the world's leading yoga teacher training schools. The course focuses on developing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of movement and anatomy, and our faculty includes world renowned teachers, Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter. Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training claims this course is one of the most comprehensive groundings in anatomy of any teacher training diploma in the UK. The course is certified and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals

IYTT has been created to develop, knowledgeable, responsive and confident teachers who teach yoga based on a solid understanding of both the fundamental workings of the body and an appreciation of its natural intelligence. The IYTT 200-hour course provides well over 200 hours of contact with senior teachers, and is backed up by ongoing assessment, and supportive mentoring and supervision. It has been created for teachers, trainee teachers and students wishing to become teachers and for those who wish to significantly deepen their knowledge, practice or teaching of informed, safe and effective yoga, breathwork, meditation and other related subjects.


Appleyoga's 300hr Program is run over two separate modules. The first module is open to all, with the second aimed to those wishing to become a certified yoga teacher.

Module I, Architecture of Asana, is an opportunity to take an in depth look at the architecture of yoga poses and breath work, asana and pranayama, enlightened through the lens of anatomy and physiology. This module is the perfect way to develop and clean up your personal practice and offers a solid foundation to build upon in training to become a yoga teacher. This module is suitable to all except beginners and requires a minimum of 2 years regular yoga practice.

Module II moves you from student to teacher and is officially termed "Teacher Training". It will provide trainees with the tools and information to teach yoga with authenticity, clarity and knowledge and offers an insight to yoga philosophy and the energy body. On this final module, trainees will be expected to bring their learning and assimilation from module I and gain experience channeling that into teaching. This module is suitable only for trainee teachers and requires a minimum of 2-3 years regular yoga practice.

Fierce Grace

At Fierce Grace you will learn to deliver two motivating general classes and over 65 key poses from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power, Bikram, Classical Hatha yoga, and Yin with confidence. The classes cross the divide between yoga styles and blend cutting-edge fitness wisdom with ancient yoga knowledge, while honoring classical yoga sequencing. You will learn to modify for injuries, perform hands-on adjustments, recognize body types and gain in-depth alignment knowledge and you will take your own yoga practice to new heights under the guidance of Michele and her senior team.

The Shala London

The Shala School of Yoga offers a 200-hour teacher trainings to a small group of 16 students every 18 months. The next intake will be in March 2020. They bring together some of the UK's most well respected and inspirational teachers to offer a transformational foundation course with well over 200 hours of tuition, practice and study. The faculty includes Gingi Lee, Kath Roberts, Mark Kan, Norman Blair, Ruth Westoby, Melanie Cooper, Hamish Hendry and Ben Wolff. The course offers a solid foundation for anyone wishing to embark path as a yoga teacher, giving students the opportunity to be part of a thriving London yoga studio and community. It also serves as a practitioners intensive for those wishing to enrich their own personal yoga journey. The course takes place at the Shala in South London over 10 months (for specific dates see below) and it is possible to study whilst being in full time employment. This comprehensive immersion programme examines all aspects of the science of yoga, from the physical practices of asana, pranayama, kriya and anatomy to the mental, philosophical and spiritual nature of the practice undertaken through academic study of the yoga scriptures and the main literary texts. A rigorous practical focus to the programme provides students with plenty of insight into teaching methodology as well as invaluable experience of teaching practice with continual ongoing assessment to offer individual guidance and support for the duration of the course.

Sangyé Yoga

Sangyé Yoga School (formerly Jivamukti Yoga London) ? hosting Jivamukti Yoga classes since 2005. Sangyé Yoga provides a space for independent yoga teachers to offer yoga classes & workshops. The schedule features more than 50 weekly classes, by a diverse collection of Sangye and Jivamukti certified teachers. Many hold both qualifications.

Yoga classes held at Sangyé Yoga School may be vigorously physical (open, level 2-3) but always intellectually stimulating and thought provoking. Most classes will move fluidly through a vinyasa (integrated breath and movement) framework but there are also those with a slower format (Yin, level 1) suitable for all levels. The school hosts workshops, lectures and teacher training. The School first opened its doors (as Jivamukti Yoga London) in July 2005.


The Yoga Campus yoga teacher training diploma is one of the top yoga teacher training courses in the UK, known for its non-dogmatic and authentic approach. Their course is run in Manchester, York, and in London at their training centre in Finsbury Park.

Rather than focusing on any particular school or style of yoga or relying too heavily on a small number of teachers, the course draws on a range of leading teachers from a variety of yoga traditions. The core 11 modules will be supported with regular check-ins, quizzes, videos, podcasts, and reading materials as part of an online learning platform. Throughout the course, you also learn how to develop your own practice, and have the support of a contact teacher. The group meets at least 4 times during the course for discussion and teaching practice, and you have on-going contact with your contact teacher throughout the course to discuss your individual progress and any concerns which you may have, and to assess your teaching as you approach the end of the course.

The Yoga People

The pre-requisites to enroll in the The Yoga People's 200-hour yoga teacher training course are: an open mind, commitment to learning, and motivation to become a worthy yoga teacher. A high level of self-discipline is required during the course as it is physically, mentally and spiritually demanding and also highly rewarding! Students are encouraged to apply for the course when they are fully ready on a holistic level and committed to meeting the challenges of the course and accepting the joys with an open heart. These are important attributes that will add to your learning experience during the course and also to the learning experience of your fellow students.

On finalizing this teacher training course, you will be ready to apply for the RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200 hours certification with the Yoga Alliance in the Ashtanga Vinyasa discipline.


Led by a strong and experienced teaching faculty, our aim is for this training to be the highest standard of its kind. The course has been designed to provide teachers with both the technical and communication skills required to give their students a truly outstanding experience each and every time they attend class. Expect a strong, safe and creative training where you will gain a wide and solid foundation of traditional yoga. The training will honour the traditional lineage of yoga and classical philosophy, whilst taking advantage of the many modern scientifically based advancements of asana techniques and teaching methods. The training is modules based and will equip teachers with the tools necessary for life as a certified yoga teacher.

Yoga on the Lane

Yoga on the Lane believes that yoga is about personal transformation on and off the mat. To this end their teacher training programme focuses on how to teach flowing vinyasa with a special emphasis on mindful movement and intelligent sequencing, exactly the kind of yoga we believe helps creates clarity and focus in your self-relationship. Learn how to how to hold a space, how to teach creatively but safely, intelligently and dynamically but also softly and compassionately. This is a space where people grow as teachers, an enduring community of like-minded yogis with post-training support, workshops and mentorship.

All applicants must have at least three years of consistent yoga practice and they must be available for all the course modules as attendance is compulsory and you will not be able to graduate unless you have completed all the elements of the course to the required level. There are a limited number of places on the course so if you're new to the studio we will require you to come and take classes and attend an interview to assess whether you are ready to undertake this course.

Good Vibes

Good Vibes is accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA (a globally recognised qualification so you can work anywhere in the world), has a small intake class size, means that you will get a high level of personal instruction and intensive support to help you learn and develop your skills most effectively, is one weekend a month for 12 months ? so you can fit your training around your other commitments and focus on your Yoga journey without interruption and external pressures and is a focused, up to date training ? giving you the ability to prepare your own classes and teach different bodies and with total confidence.

Molli Morris

This unique six-month training, accredited by the Yoga Alliance, is designed to reveal your individual style and voice as a practitioner and teacher of yoga. Created for dedicated yoga students and practitioners to deepen your understanding of asana and create a personal practice, this program teaches traditional forms and self-reflection to connect you to the beauty, strength and grace of your body in Vinyasa. This course will deepen your awareness of the essence of yoga and allow you to teach with consciousness, creativity and authenticity. This is a small group course to ensure that it meets the precise needs of the group and that each person receives individual attention and continued mentoring and support.

London Fields Yoga

This comprehensive course is ideal for those who want to take their practice to the next level and to certify as a yoga teacher. An experienced faculty of senior yoga teachers would love to be part of your yoga journey and have tailored an in depth course: we will go deep into the asana and anatomy, by exploring the different styles of yoga from Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha to Yin we will focus on creative sequencing so that you can find your voice and develop your style of teaching. Accredited with Yoga Alliance Professional.

Julie Montagu

Immerse yourself in the Whole Self experience with Julie Montagu's 200-hour yoga teacher training. The course is registered by Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.

Whole Self training is for both aspiring yoga instructors and anyone wanting to deepen their personal practice. Anyone who is looking to develop their physical and mental practice and improve their life through the practice of yoga, nutrition, mindfulness, and self-care will benefit from this course. This 200-hour teacher training will include world-class experts in anatomy, eastern philosophy, mindfulness, meditation and sequencing. Through movement, nutrition, and practical inspiration you are able to see what's possible for your life.

Sally Parkes

Sally Parkes's next 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will start in January 2020 and will run from Sally's home studio in Worthing, West Sussex, UK. This course is certified by the Yoga Alliance Professionals and consists of nine weekend modules. Attendance of all modules, plus completion of coursework and assessments as laid out by your course leader, is essential in order for you to complete the course.

3 Tribes

Led by senior teacher, Jessica Stewart, and supported by a great team of teachers from the 3Tribes, the training is registered with the Yoga Alliance International registry, enabling you to become a teacher if you wish at the end of the training. Now in its 4th year, the 3 Tribes 200 hours is a fully immersive YTTC in London at 3Tribes studios in London. This training is structured in 9 modules over 9 weekends Friday evening to Sunday evening over 6 months. Course leader, Jessica Stewart, shares her passion for the fusion of creative sequencing, yoga's meditational roots and philosophy with modern anatomical and alignment based vinyasa and hatha yoga.

Lumi Power Yoga

Lumi Academy is an environment of high standards for new and experienced teachers. Their 200-hour yoga teacher training builds the foundations and is also an opportunity for existing teachers to re-invigorate and refresh their teaching. Follow up with a modular 300-hour training offers in-depth exploration of key yoga topics together with next level inquiry and expression.

Yoga Haven

On successful completion of the Yoga Haven 200-hour course students will be accredited as 200-hour international yoga teachers. This means students are entitled to use the letters RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and benefit from a discounted rate for yoga insurance through yoga haven. Yoga Haven can also arrange Trainee insurance while you are still in training. We also support the Independent Yoga Network (they're a similar company to yoga alliance) so you could also register with them should you wish to. Once certified students are then free to teach yoga anywhere since the Yoga Haven course is an internationally recognised certification.

Frame Academy

The Frame Academy yoga teacher training course is an accredited 200 hours course to prepare you to teach in the real world with a strong programme in teaching techniques, postural alignment, yogic history, philosophy and anatomy & physiology. The course is also perfectly designed to that it is possible to do alongside a Full-time job. The course is led by senior yoga teachers Michael James Wong and Emily-Clare Hill, (UK & US Yoga Alliance), alongside a team of senior yoga teachers & mentors. The course brings a balance of teaching expertise from anatomy with Matthew Huy, pre and post-natal with Maisie Turpie, nutrition with Micki Ramondt, philosophy with Dimithu Fonseka, service & ethics with Jonelle Lewis, authenticity of being with Annie Rice.

Bridget Woods Kramer

A fully accredited 200-hour teacher training over 6 months with Bridget Woods-Kramer at triyoga. Embody and teach yoga with skill and creativity. Bridget offers an inspirational, educational programme that will enable you to find your unique voice as a teacher. In addition to completing all homework, written and practical assessments, in order to graduate students must attend a minimum of 90% of the course. Should a student miss more than this, they will be required to take catch-up modules as agreed with the tutor. These will incur an additional charge.

Classical Yoga School

All three 12-month CYS teacher training courses begin in September each year and we are taking applications for the September 2019 entries. The Classical Yoga School is an RYS200 (Registered Yoga School, ID No. 11350) with the Yoga Alliance based in the US and gives worldwide accreditation. Course structure is 12 contact hours over one weekend a month for 10 of the months and in February and June it's 16 hours; 6:30 ? 9:30pm on Friday evenings and Saturdays 9 until 6pm; 9 ? 1pm on two Sundays, February and June. There are a further 28 contact hours of shadowing/observing/assisting an experienced teacher. In addition, regular practice/study/written work in the months between course weekends combine to around 350 hours in total over the year.

Shanti Power Yoga

Shanti Power Yoga are an authorised Registered Yoga School with The Yoga Alliance and run 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, and 60 hr CPD Yin Teacher Trainings in Wandsworth, London. The courses are small group trainings with a maximum of 14, keeping the numbers down to offer the students on the course more individual attention and better value for money. The aim: to deepen your practice and offer an opportunity to realise your true potential to teach. The lead course tutor Austin Ince, along with the faculty teachers, Roxy Cristescu, Maria Mikalsen, Koreen Strauss and Harriet Taylor, are committed to supporting our students through this practical journey.

Heather Elton

The training is truly transformative ? you'll experience an authentic process that encourages you to look at your own reality, takes you deeper in your own practice, and gives you the skills to teach yoga. This is a dogma free training with interesting, innovative teachers, all of whom are serious yoga practitioners with global reputations. Space is limited to 16 students.


Take your practice to the next level and find your voice to teach. The specialized program is offered in Two 2-week increments for a total of 200 hours. Each 2-week module will provide you with a full immersion in practice and study. The space between the modules will allow you to return to your daily life and integrate the new information, experience, and inspiration. You will have homework assignments and monthly catch ups with Neda between the modules to help stay inspired and engaged.

This program will provide you with an integrative, expert-level education in vinyasa yoga technique, anatomy, teaching methodology, and comparative philosophy. It provides the highest caliber yoga education by giving you the tools to teach skillfully, think critically, and uncover a teaching path that is true to you. It's designed for students of every lineage who want more depth, skill, and inspiration in their practice and teaching.


If you're in pursuit of living a life of positive movement, the Stretch yoga teacher training courses will get you on your way. They're passionate about providing a programme that is of the highest quality ? and proud that Stretch is one of the few yoga schools to be accredited with Trainer Plus status by Yoga Alliance. The 250-hour foundation level training begins with a week-long retreat in southern Spain at Suryalila Retreat Centre. The remaining hours are completed in London over six subsequent weekends. For further development, a 150-hour advanced teacher training course split into two modules: East and West. This consists of a week of immersive learning in the home of yoga, Goa, followed by another week in London. With this semi-intensive approach for both the foundation and advanced level training, you're able to experience the intensity of retreat training by fully immersing yourself in the experience for a short while, before returning to London and learning how to integrate your teachings into the western world.

Shakti Power Yoga

As a registered Yoga Alliance school, graduates of Shakti Power Yoga Teacher Training may apply to Yoga Alliance for their RYT-200 credential and are eligible to teach worldwide. This program is designed to enhance your personal knowledge of Yoga and its many facets. It will also provide you with the confidence and skills necessary to safely and effectively teach Yoga in any country or community. You need neither be a teacher, nor an aspiring teacher to attend this course. The study of Yoga is the study of Self and you will be encouraged to grow with introspection and awareness into your own unique expression of Yoga. This YTT is intended to provide students with a deeper knowledge of their practice, and the skills to teach creatively sequenced, alignment-based power vinyasa and hatha yoga classes. Shakti Power Yoga School is registered with the International Yoga Network, which gives Shakti Power Yoga Teachers automatic REPS Level 3 accreditation, required to work in gyms and Health Clubs.

True Ryan

In this training you'll work according to where you are in your yoga practice and development with the intention to properly train serious yoga students to become strong, confident, knowledgeable teachers. In addition to all the relevant information about Yoga philosophy and theory, strong emphasis is placed on developing your personal practice and cultivating your personal growth. What you have to share as a teacher naturally flows from your own experience. By the time you finish this course you will be ready to confidently teach the full Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. You will have a thorough grounding in yoga anatomy, Ashtanga adjustments, yoga philosophy, the practice of meditation and much more.


The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga course has been developed with, and quality assured by our partner Yoga Professionals. It is based around the practice of Hatha Yoga ? the foundation from where many popular styles of yoga have developed. On the course you will learn yoga asanas (positions), pranayama (breath control), mudra (hand positions), as well as meditation and yoga kriyas (cleansing techniques). It is suitable for individuals who do not hold a fitness related qualification but have experience practising yoga and would like to develop a new and rewarding career in teaching yoga. It is also the ideal course for Level 2 Fitness Instructors and Level 3 Personal Trainers who are looking to make an investment in their career and develop the skills to teach yoga classes and one-to-one sessions.

Claire Missingham

This is not your run-of-the-mill UpDog DownDog yoga training. Literally anyone can do that. Started in 2009, this is Claire Missingham's unique, intimate teacher training course giving you the individual attention you need to excel and truly define your creative voice within this dynamic and evolving tradition. This unique offering is about taking your practice deeper, to integrate the true philosophy of yoga and meditation and to encourage serious seekers who wish to study the Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and the depth of the Kriyas. You also do cover Asana, Bhandas, Klesha, Panca Vayu, Koshas and yes, UpDog DownDog, but this Foundation in scripture will set you apart in a saturated yoga scene. Articulate, Skilled, Confident.

Vivid Yoga

Vivid Yoga's 200-hour Elemental Yoga Teacher Training provides a thorough training in the practice and teaching of asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques. Non-dogmatic in its approach, it will enable you as a teacher to adapt the "style" or outer form of the yoga to suit the needs, abilities and aspirations of your students and intelligently support them in accessing the essence of yoga's teachings. The training aims to develop teachers who can teach beyond the exercise, body-focused paradigm. Refining your personal yoga practice to honour embodied and intuitive understanding and embracing yoga as a tool for transformation, you will develop the skills to teach yoga that is therapeutic, developmental and supports your students in becoming expansively present to wider and deeper levels of reality. The study and practice of asana is alignment-focused and you will also learn how to embed this safely and creatively into flowing sequences. Training Modules on ?Mindful Movement Meditation? (using mindfulness practice and slow-flowing asana to access a meditative state in motion), Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga will equip you with the skills to teach a wide range of students in a variety of contexts.

Hot Pod Yoga

There are loads of teacher trainings out there and lots of them are great! So, rather than starting another great yoga teacher training course in the same mold as the others, Hot Pod Yoga decided to approach it in a genuinely different way. The course covers every critical element necessary to give you a solid and rich yoga foundation, but you go above and beyond what you might expect.

Hot Pod Yoga claims to prepare people to become great teachers, not spiritual preachers, wellness gods/goddesses or enlightened gurus.

The Yoga Edge

Through this unique programme, you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to teach a great dynamic vinyasa yoga class while stepping into your full potential and discover how you can teach and live your yoga authentically, with power and joy. Learn to deepen your practice and experience the transformative effects of consistent practice and a yogic lifestyle. Experience and learn how yogic philosophy, chanting, meditation, mantra, pranayama and other tools can be applied to modern life.

The Refinery E9

Teacher Training at The Refinery School of Yoga is a fully accredited Yoga Alliance 200-hour programme that will empower students to deliver authentic classes, which still demonstrate their individuality. The course will be directed by Zoe Bertali E-RYT and she will be joined by experts in various fields of study. They provide an in-house mentoring programme throughout the training to provide feedback, advice and support when the students begin teaching. Students will quickly be putting their newly acquired skills to the test in real live classes ? for the community and for Refinery members in the studios. There will be a fair amount of home study and self-practice to complete between each of the modules and there will be additional written and practical assessments. Students may fail the course if this is not completed.

Krishna Yoga

At Krishna Yoga you will start to learn how to teach Hatha yoga from day one using creative sequencing (vinyasa krama) however you can create your own style of teaching as you build your confidence through observations, assisting in classes, practice teaching and through my guidance during and after the course. Upon completing the course, you will be able to confidently teach Hatha and Vinyasa/krama yoga using your knowledge of Anatomy/physiology and yoga philosophy. Anatomy and Physiology is taught by guest teacher Anjali Rajkumar who is a highly experienced yoga teacher and a Physiotherapist. You will learn the muscular, skeletal and breathing systems relevant to teaching yoga. You will gain sufficient knowledge of precautions/ prohibitions and be able to teach mixed ability classes and learn how and when to modify the class accordingly.

The Yoga Quarter

The course is designed to provide you with a strong foundation for a fulfilling career as a certified yoga teacher. You will learn what it takes to be an effective instructor through teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology. Yoga philosophy, ethics and lifestyle. Mock yoga classes are held weekly so you can build your teaching confidence. Learn to use your voice, with specific energy exercises, the history of Hot Yoga, the eight stages of yoga and how to take your yoga off the mat and into your daily lives.


YogaLondon is a dedicated yoga teacher training school offering a diverse range of Yoga Alliance accredited programmes. We teach in a non-dogmatic way, encouraging trainees to find their own authentic style whilst still respecting the yoga tradition. Their teaching faculty includes specialist trainers for each field: an advanced Sivanada teacher for pranayama and chanting, a Buddhist Vipassana teacher for meditation, an outstanding yoga and dance practitioner for asana technique, and a physiotherapist for anatomy.