Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

If you're considering taking a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia, read on. One of the oldest forms of meditation and exercise; Yoga is considered amongst some of the most phenomenal practices that help make your body and mind one. For most people who practice yoga, it is more than just an exercise, it is a lifestyle. Bali is known for its special connection to Yoga. In addition to mesmerizing locations that are just perfect for Yoga retreats and will immediately help you connect with your inner self. Bali has primarily a Hindu majority culture thus supporting a rich history of yoga. Whether you are aspiring to start a career in teaching yoga or looking for options to help improve on your yoga education, we have got you covered!

Top Picks for Yoga Teacher Training Bali

  • All Yoga Yoga Teacher Training from $3350
  • Power of Now Oasis from $3100
  • Wellness52 Yoga Teacher Training Bali £2999 (all included)
  • Peak Beings Yoga Teacher Training from $2895
  • Shades of Yoga from $3500
  • YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy from $3470
  • Blooming Lotus Yoga from $3470
  • Power of Now Oasis
  • Joga Yoga Bali
  • Zuna Yoga
  • The Peaceful Warriors from $2500
  • Radiantly Alive
  • Yoga Barn
  • Yandara Yoga Institute
  • Bali Yoga School
  • Sacred Paths Yoga
  • Santosha Yoga Institute
  • Serenity Yoga Lembongan
  • Markandeya Yoga School
  • Yoga East West Bali Yoga Teacher Training from $3950

All Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

All Yoga Bali Teacher Training

All Yoga Teacher Training offers a comprehensive set of YTTs in their Bali based shala located in the tropical island of Nusa Lembongan, south-east of Bali.

Here the yoga teacher training consists of a traditional of Ashtanga Vinyasa, but also explores in depth other modern yoga styles such as Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Rocket Yoga aimed at giving students a flexibility of styles to eventually bring to their classes. The average training day consists of physical practice sessions and lectures covering important topics such as understandable functional anatomy, the origins of yoga, yoga philosophy, subtle energies, chakras, meditation, pranayama techniques, and more. On your days off, go on an adventure by taking a kayak tour through the peaceful mangroves or unwind on the soft sands after surfing, snorkelling or diving. From the site you can also take a day trip to other nearby islands, such as Nusa Penida and check out its secluded white sands and turquoise waters.

Power of Now Oasis

Power of Now Oasis

The Power of Now Oasis Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training, blends the traditional Hatha Yoga with a modern Vinyasa Flow style. This "blending," if it works for you, can offer a soothing balance between a holistic, grounding practice and a strong and dynamic style. Either way, you will graduate with a solid foundation in two Yoga styles, giving you dynamic range as a teacher.

You will be given the tools to create sequenced classes in addition to a strong base for growing your personal practice in the future. This Bali yoga teacher training will connect with your inner self and help you find out your personal style. Upon graduation you will receive a Power of Now Oasis and Yoga Alliance certificate meaning you'll qualify for a teaching position anywhere in the world.

The Power of Now Oasis course offers twin shared and private accommodations and these are included in the price of training.

Wellness52 Bali

Wellness52 Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Wellness52 is the new kid on the yoga teacher training Bali block--kind of. Founded in 2019 by a yoga professional who's been leading YTTs and retreats for over 10 years in locations through out the globe including London, New York City, Cape Town and and Thailand, Wellness52 is a school with two goals: provide the very best teaching standards through experienced teachers and, its broader mission, to integrate sustainability and climate change into it's ethos. They offer students many ways to offset the carbon footprint left by their travel to Bali. As a pending B Corp, Wellness52 has committed to strict ethical and business guidelines - supporting the local community rather than take take take.

Peak Beings Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Peak Beings Yoga 200 or 300-hour Bali yoga teacher training is located in the beach and surf town of Canguu, Bali and each course takes place at some of the most breathtaking and energetically charged places on the planet. This yoga teacher trainings in Bali give you the opportunity to learn from Peak Beings teachers while you treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime exploring incredible Bali.

All Peak Beings Yoga Teacher Trainings are Yoga Alliance certified and upon completion of the training you'll receive a certificate qualifying you to be a Yoga Alliance RYT. This is primarily a Vinyasa Style training, while also covering a variety of other styles including Yin, Power, Restorative, Hot, Iyengar, and others.

Shades of Yoga

Shades of Yoga's yoga teacher training in Bali promises to take you on a spiritual journey that will help you get in touch with your inner self. This school aims to make its students conscious of the benefits of a healthy body and mind which subsequently helps you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Shades of Yoga offers Level 1 (200 hour) RYT 200 and Level 2 (300 hour) RYT 300 Yoga Teacher Training courses in addition to Continuing Education courses (YACEP) accredited courses with Yoga Alliance International. Currently offering courses in the stunning locations of Bali, Europe and Morocco the school plans on expanding its branches in other locations as well, hence providing you with more versatile opportunities to completely immerse yourself in the art of Yoga. Moreover in addition to the above mentioned courses, Shades of Yoga also offers shorter spiritual retreats and various workshops in all of its locations.

YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy

This yoga teacher training Bali course focuses on proper alignment, body postures, keyword dialogues, and aims on making its students more anatomically aware. YogaFX offers a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training course along with an all inclusive accommodation package. YogaFX intends to create a compassionate and stimulating learning environment which will help you make your Yoga journey from a student to teacher confident and empowering. This school believes in teaching the essential yoga principals in the light of the Hatha Yoga with special focus on the energetic progression.

Blooming Lotus Yoga

Blooming Lotus Yoga teacher training Bali programme offers you a beautiful opportunity to get familiar with Yoga through the various combinations of meditation, pranayama, asanas, mantra, tantra, vedanta, ayurveda, vedic astrology, yoga nidra, mudras, bandhas, chakras, kriyas, and self-inquiry. The program promises to empower students and help them learn how to teach yoga competently and compassionately. The meticulously designed 200-Hour International Yoga Teacher Training Certification through the Yoga Alliance presents to you the exclusive chance to completely immerse yourself in the exquisiteness of Yoga and promises to provide you with a unique experience that will help transform your inner self for the better. Additionally you will also be introduced and given the chance to experience firsthand the astounding healing and incredible powers of Puja and Fire Ceremonies.

Power of Now Oasis

Located in the serene seashore of the village Sanur in Bali; Power of Now Oasis is a well renowned Yoga Studio as well as a healing center. Developed over nine years of hard work, the Power of Now Oasis offers you a unique program and has claimed to have effectively trained hundreds of teachers in the past. The Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program that is offered here is fusion of both the traditional Hatha Yoga as well as the more modern approach of the Vinyasa Flow, which results in a harmony of the two yoga practices. Power of Now Oasis aims to help its students learn the art of Yoga through a dynamic range of Yoga asanas and techniques while empowering them towards the journey of self-discovery and a more fulfilling lifestyle. At the end of your training you will receive a Power of Now Oasis + Yoga Alliance certificate which will make you part of the proud alumni community of the well reputed school.

Joga Yoga Bali

Considered one of the most reasonably priced as well as amongst the most in depth yoga teacher trainings in Bali; Joga Yoga offers Joga Yoga & Serenity Eco Guesthouse certified 200 hour Hahta - Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. Boasting the best certified both local and international yoga instructors to help guide you through the beautiful transition from a student to a teacher. The program offers you a wide range of activities which include but are not limited to Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, Ancient Sanskrit Mantras, In-depth Workshops to help learn Strength, Flexibility & Heart Opening, Acro Yoga as well as Thai Massage Workshops and much more!

Zuna Yoga

One of the most all-inclusive programs options available in Bali, the Zuna Yoga institute offers intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali. Zuna Yoga promises to take you on for a transformational journey of yoga and helps you learn through a powerful combination of Art and Science. In the guidance of the highly talented and certified Yoga teachers Everett Newell ERYT 500, and Katherine Girling ERYT 500 you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the art of yoga and experience all of its diverse teachings. Through an in dept study of asana (posture), bandha (energy locks), pranayama(breathing practices), meditation, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, prana and the energetic body (chakras), artful sequencing and adjustments as well as developing an individual meditation and many other practices you will be able to take your yoga journey further and challenge all limits. The Zuna Yoga Teacher Training program is both extensive and rigorous as well as been specifically developed to provide you with an opportunity to practice and learn yoga in a reasonable price, and promises to offer you all the necessary training required to practice and teach yoga. Students will receive Yoga Alliance certifications for both RYT 200 and RYT 500 programs.

The Peaceful Warriors

The Peaceful Warriors is an internationally accredited Yoga teacher training program and promises to equip you with all the necessary requirements necessary to teach around the world. The Peaceful Warrior believes in teaching through a creative fusion of both ancient (Hatha Yoga) and the more contemporary (Vinyasa Flow) Yoga philosophies and practices. Located in the tropical and divine setting of the stunning island of Bali, The Peaceful Warrior offers the following Yoga teacher training courses:

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 50-hour Yin Teacher Training
  • 50-hour Kids Teacher Training

Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive offers a Bali yoga teaching training as an opportunity to illuminate you and bring you closer to yourself as well as the nature. The courses are taught in Ubud, in a friendly and supportive environment by letting the students feel truly at home and nurturing them to take on their own individual journey of self discovery and spirituality. Radiantly Alive Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance and offers both 200-hour YTT as well as 300 hour YTT. Their teacher training programs are internationally accredited, have elite recognition and qualify for both 200 hour and 500-hour Yoga Alliance Registration.

Yoga Barn

A full service yoga studio as well as a holistic healing retreat center; the Yoga Barn provides you with a chance to completely immerse yourself into the philosophy and practice of the art of Yoga. Through a combination of Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, Breath work, Sound, Reiki or Astrology you will be taken on a transformational journey from a student to a teacher. The Yoga Barn offers Yoga Teacher Training Bali courses for 100, 200 and 300 hour accreditations. Each course is unique in its curriculum, style and qualification so it is vital that you find the one that suits your needs the best.

Yandara Yoga Institute

Yandara Yoga Institute is an all inclusive Yoga teacher training as well as a Yoga retreat and offers Yoga Teacher training programs in four beautiful locations around the world. Yandara Yoga Institute offers a 16-Day Yoga Teacher Certification in the Shambala Oceanside Retreat & Spa in stunning Bali, Indonesia as well as other locations around the world. The Yoga Training curriculum is all-inclusive with meals and accommodations; additionally it offers you the opportunity to become Reiki certified as well. Moreover you will also be offered the occasional opportunity to complete their Yin Yoga Teacher Training course.

Bali Yoga School

Considered one of the most famous of the Bali yoga teacher training schools; Bali Yoga School provides you with a luxury wellness experience in the beautiful and compelling Bali environment. Through an innovative mix of both classical and modern yoga philosophies you will be offered challenging and invigorating Yoga courses. Inspired from the Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Dharma, and Forrest Yoga, the Bali Yoga School offers the following trainings:

  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

All of the courses offered are Yoga Alliance certified and developed carefully and in detail while keeping in mind all of the requirements necessary for a yoga teacher.

Sacred Paths Yoga

The Sacred Paths Yoga Institute offers both Yoga teacher training in Bali as well as serves as a Bali yoga retreats for all those who love yoga. They essentially offer both 200 hour YTT program and 300 hour YTT program as well. The Sacred Paths teacher training programs are specifically planned to help those who love yoga and are looking for opportunities to grow on a spiritual level. You will be provided with an opportunity to explore the art of Yoga in detail through the practical anatomy, placement, sequencing, advanced assists, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Reiki ceremony, healing arts and much more. You will embark on an experience will be abundantly enlightening, empowering as well as inspiring.

Santosha Yoga Institute

Offering trainings and retreats since the start of 2008, Santosha offers you the opportunity to experience Yoga in a peaceful and empowering environment. Santosha essentially means satisfaction and gratitude for all that was, all that is, and all that will be. You will be taught yoga in the guidance of a team of exceedingly talented teachers and yoga instructors. Santosha offers the following Yoga Teacher Training Programs:

  • Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 200 Hours
  • Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 300 Hours
  • Pre + Postnatal & Children?s + Teens? YTT
  • Online Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yin Yoga ? 50 Hours
  • Yoga Nidra Immersive ? 50 Hours

Serenity Yoga Lembongan

Situated in the mesmerizing tropical paradise island of Nusa Lembongan, just 30 minutes boat ride away from the mainland Bali; Serenity Yoga Lembongan offers you a yoga sanctuary to practice and learn yoga. This breathtaking shala is located in a serene garden abundant with natural beauty which provides you with the perfect haven for practicing yoga. Serenity Yoga Lembongan offers 200 hours YTT, 300 hours and 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher training. Additionally, they also present a diverse variety of classes, workshops and other retreats as well. With their unique and extensive Yoga teacher training programs you will be able to deepen your knowledge of yoga, broaden your horizons and bring yourself closer to nature as well as share your passion for yoga with others as well.

Markandeya Yoga School

An Immersion Teacher Training Course; Markandeya Yoga Indonesia is an Indonesian government certified institute as well as a member of the Association of Indonesian Yoga Instructor (PIYI). Markandeya Yoga School promises to provide you with the highest international standards with extensive training that encompasses the Baliniese Nusantara Yoga Tradition and SadAnga Yoga that will provide you with all the necessary skills and experience you need to practice the various asanas, pranayama and meditation. At the present the following courses are being offered in Markandeya Yoga School:

  • 50 Hour TTC
  • 100 Hour TTC
  • 150 Hour TTC
  • 200 Hour TTC
  • 250 Hour TTC
  • 300 Hour TTC

Yoga East West

Yoga East West offers a 22 day, Hatha/Vinyasa Mix, 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Ubud, Bali. The course size maxes out at 30 students, rather large for our taste as individual attention starts suffering after 20 students. On the upside, Yoga East West's Bali YTT is open to all skill levels and is certified by Yoga Alliance.