Top Yoga Retreats in Goa

If you're someone who loves yoga and who loves the beach, at some point you're likely going to consider a yoga retreat in Goa. Goa is one of the most popular destinations for all things yoga, wellness, meditation and the like. From retreats to teacher trainings to family holidays, Goa is a magical place in the world like few others. Not only is the essence of yoga all wrapped up in Goa, but the visitors and locals alike unite to create a loving environment that's infectious--once you arrive, you'll find yourself gently letting go of the world behind, falling in love with the Indian culture, food and people, and diving deep into the yogic lifestyle.

When you begin your search for a Goa yoga retreat, you'll find a gazillion options. Many also offer yoga teacher trainings for people ready to become certified a yoga teacher. If you're a beginner at yoga the search for an ideal retreat venue can be very challenging, with good reason: there are so many options to consider which you may or may not be aware of such as yoga style: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hot, Jivamukti, etc.

With this list, you'll be able to narrow your search based on location, quality and style of yoga. Here's to the future you enjoying your yoga retreat in India!

If you're open to other amazing locations in India consider a yoga retreat in Rishikesh. Rishikesh, India is known as the 'City of the Divine' and is the spiritual center of the country where sages, rishis, saints and pilgrims have gathered in for hundreds of years.

Yoga Retreats in Goa, India

cgh earth swaswara

South of the ever-popular touristy stretch of beaches and coastline on Anjuna Beach Goa is a tiny little oasis called cgh earth swaswara. Located on Om Beach on the southeast coast of India, this little piece of paradise offers both yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. This centre has nearly everything you're looking for in terms of total well-being. If you're interested in yoga, meditation, even the concept of art therapies, not to mention healthy ayurvedic food options, look no further. Their yoga offerings are considerable. Not only do they have a beginner?s yoga retreat, they also offer yoga nidra and pranayama in addition to the physical (asana) practice you're likely familiar with. Private yoga sessions are also available and after your 7th night, they are offered as part of your package. Ayurvedic massages and remedies are on offer, as are panchakarma

The facilities are similar to what you'd expect from a top-notch resort in Bali. There is a swimming pool, meditation deck overlooking Om Beach, the Yoga Shala, library (only place with Wi-Fi), a yoga and meditation hut as well as an art studio for those creatively inclined or drawn to clay modeling and painting. Beyond yoga, you'll also have a choice of nature trails and bird watching to enjoy, as well as local boat rides to the historic fort or the harbour. There is a Shiva temple in the nearby town of Gokarna and cooking classes and specialised art classes and an art studio for you to truly delve into your creative side.

Purple Valley Yoga

One of the most popular yoga teacher trainings in India, as well as one of the most popular yoga retreats in India, Purple Valley has been in existence for a long time. Purple Valley mainly caters to Ashtanga yoga practitioners and typically brings in only Ashtanga teachers for 2-week courses. There are of course longer courses and there is an option to stay for only 1-week, but generally speaking people attend for a two-week course.

The centre has been known to host the likes of Mark Robberds, John Scott, Joey Miles, Nancy Gilgoff, Ty Landrum, Petri Raisanen, Laruga Glaser, David Robson, Dena Kingsberg and Jack Wiseman. With so much Ashtanga, you'll be happy to know that several different types of Ayurvedic and regular massages are available on site. If you're in need, facials as well as waxing is also offered!

Pricing at Purple Valley is a bit more than what you'll find at other Indian retreat centres. One of the reasons for this is that Purple Valley has more of a European approach to their employees and are very upfront about offering their employees a health care plan and widows' pensions, which are not common in India. With three different accommodation styles available, there is something for everyone here at Purple Valley.

Ashiyana Yoga Goa

This pristine and beautiful centre is located near to the Mandrem Beach in Goa and has nearly everything you desire. If you are keen to begin your yoga teacher training, they have two types, one is broken into modules or you may choose the 4-week intensive. If you have already completed your 200-hr training, you might be interested in their 300-hr yoga teacher training. Not only are all trainings authorized by Yoga Alliance trainings, they also have a 1-week Yin Yoga course available. One-week yoga retreats are available with teachers from across the globe, both in India as well as at their new location in Brazil.

Their accommodation may make you drool, so be mindful of that before perusing their site. From beach huts to luxury suites, you'll find something to soothe your soul while still being sensitive to your budget. Their season runs from the 1st of October until 30th April each year, taking time off for the monsoon season.

And what would this place be without some spa treatment? Of course, there are several Ayurvedic treatments available, not to mention Ayurveda and Panchakarma detox or juice detoxes. Though how anyone could pass up the food here is beyond me!

Yoga Magic Eco Retreat

At Yoga Magic Eco Retreat you can choose your accommodation type, from Rejasthani tents to suites, this yoga retreat center has the full range for all budgets. Located well away from the Goa's party scene, Yoga Magic offers daily morning yoga classes, and the occasional evening class, in varying yoga styles. Yoga (and meditation) takes place in the "Meditation Shala", located in the heart of the retreat center. The shala is barebones, a straw roof and beach sand floor make this a unique and chilled out yoga and relaxation venue. Evenings are spent sitting around the fire drinking chai or teas to gently help you prepare for a restful evening.

Ayurveda is practiced at Yoga Magic, and if you elect to get an Ayurvedic massage expect Visnu (Uncle) to literally have a hand in it. He's been with Yoga Magic since its inception and brings the ancient art of Marma Therapy Massage from Pune to the retreat center.

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

Bamboo offers yoga holidays, retreats and yoga teacher trainings in a more budget-minded setting. Luxury is not on offer here but serious yoga is. Located at the end of gorgeous beach in Patnem, South Goa, Bamboo Yoga Retreat offers open-air shalas, experienced yoga teachers, and a spiritual atmosphere for those seeking relaxation and yoga. Yoga styles offered are Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and restorative Yin.

Satsanga Retreat Yoga Centre

This family-run retreat center is located in Verla Canca Village in Goa, between Anajuna and Mapusa, and offers loads of yoga, from retreats, workshops, holidays through to teacher trainings. This is truly a dedicated yoga venue yet offers all the holiday amenities travellers seek such as beaches, peacefulness and great food. Two yoga shalas are the setting for the many yoga offerings. They feature restored wood flooring, peaceful red curtains to filter sunlight and tranquil views of the retreat gardens, what an ideal location for restoration and yoga! Food is strictly vegetarian, in the Indian tradition. Completely organic ingredients, purchased from local village vendors, are used to prepare all meals.

Kranti Yoga Village Beach Resort

Having recently celebrated their 12-year anniversary, Kranti Yoga Village Beach Resort in Patnem Beach, Goa has a pretty long history of yoga retreats and trainings. Fully Yoga Alliance registered, Kranti offers a full range of teacher trainings, from 100-hours to 300-hours as well as yoga holidays and retreats. If you're seeking an authentic Indian holiday experience, this is a great place but if you're seeking local Indian yoga teachers, you'll find yourself a bit disappointed since most teachers at Kranti are non-India based.

Kranti is divided into two campuses: Moksha, meaning liberation and Sattva which stands for purity. Moksha offers ocean views while Sattva offers garden views. Each campus has its own set of accommodation, which are simple yet functional. Each room offers hot water, Wi-Fi, a mosquito net, a security locker and hammock on a porch. A communal washing machine is available for long stays.

Banyan Tree Yoga

Banyan Tree Yoga is located next to the Bhumika Temple in Goa and is branded as an "eco retreat" centre offering yoga and meditation. Banyan Tree Yoga offers a simple place for yoga, restoration and mediation without breaking the bank. Here you'll find an open air shala, home-made foods, and plain accommodations, which is really all you need if you're hoping around India for a while but we wouldn't recommend long stays here.

Little Cove Yoga Retreat

Listed as one of the most peaceful yoga retreats in the world, Little Cove Yoga Retreat, is a beach-front center on Cola Beach, Goa where you'll find yoga, relaxation, organic Indian meals (including vegan and gluten-free), free cooking classes as well as Ayurvedic treatments and massages.

This resort is open seasonally from October to May and is comprised of 17 cottages. Its quaint size means a more intimate yoga and social experience.

Accommodations are simple yet elegant. All cottages, constructed of local wood, are set amidst palm trees on a semi-private beach. Each have an en-suite washroom with Western-style toilet, and come with fan, electric socket, towels and very comfortable spring mattresses. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.

SWAN Yoga Retreat

SWAN Yoga Retreat claims to be rated one of the best yoga retreat in India. Located in Bairo Alto, North Goa it has a wide array of offerings:

  • Daily Drop in Yoga Classes in traditional Hatha
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Havan
  • Cooking Classes
  • Panchakrama
  • Ayurveda treatments
    Yoga Courses:
  • 200, 300, 500-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Ayurveda Immersion Retreat
  • Meditation and Tantra Training
  • Yoga Nidra Training
  • Breathwork Retreat

SWAN functions on the principles of a yoga ashram (it is not however an ashram) and is run by sannyasins trained at Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda ashram and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana. Accommodation is restricted to cottages and there are three types: budget, standard and deluxe, all fairly basic with twin beds, mosquito netting, a ceiling fan and a large curtained window.

Karma Yoga Exchange

Those seeking a more immersive study and long-term practices of the yogic lifestyle can participate in the Karma Yoga live/work program, based on the principles of Karma Yoga. Participants are given daily chores and duties in exchange for room, board, classes and workshops. A 3-month minimum commitment is required.

The Beach House

The Beach House is located at Sernabatim beach in Goa, which is roughly five kilometers from Margao. The beach is stunning and serene and accommodations are more upscale than many other yoga retreats in Goa. You can choose from three rooms: Villa Standard, Junior Suite and Duplex Suite, each featuring a king size bed, kettle, herbal teas, mini fridge, television, a safe and ensuite bathrooms.

Retreat offerings include detox (juice fasting, ayurvedic detox, panchakarma detox, and weight loss), yoga (kundalini tanra, meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hormonal, and Transformational yoga)

Ruban Yoga Retreat

Located on Palolem Beach in Goa, behind the Fernandes restaurant, is a barebones retreat centre for those seeking a very authentic and intimate retreat. One- and two-week yoga retreat packages are available as are daily drop in classes. The centre grows some of its own produce via their organic farming program, fertilizer and pesticide free. The organic farm program is set up in TamilNadu, Near to Thiruvannamalai where the Arunachala Temple and Ramana Ashram are located.

The Mandala

Located next to next to the Mandrem Beach in Goa, The Mandala offers peaceful surroundings to compliment the pursuit of inner development. Both on and off the mat, inspiration is in abundance and a sense of timelessness is in the air. Yoga is practiced in the serene atmosphere of The Mandala Geodesic Spirit Dome and at a peaceful Riverside Shala. Daily drop in classes, yoga holidays and detox diets are available. Choose from four accommodation types, all simple yet comfortable: Panomadala suite, Art House rooms, Nomadic Villas, Eco-Village rooms. Each offers a double sized bed and wonderful views, with a/c and ensuite available in limited rooms.