Wet n' Wild Las Vegas

Water parks abound in the desert, but Wet 'n' Wild offers something for every member of the family. With adult slides, rides for teens, as well as kiddie pools, for the diverse family, there's an option for everyone.

First Things First: Gear Up for Hot Summer Days

Water shoes are advisable for hotter days. Flip flops are another option, but these may fall off on some of the more wild rides. With most water parks, there are bound to be long lines on some days, and of course, some little whipper-snapper who cuts the line, but with such a spectacular location, it's easy to let this go.

The Full List of Rides, Slides and Pools at Wet 'n' Wild

There's a Lazy River where you can float around on an innner tube, or a Wave Pool, or the Kiddie Cove for your little tyke where you can slide down with them! There are some more intense rides for the adventurer in your family as well like the Royal Flush. See the full list below:

1. Canyon Cliffs

Plummet into a gut-wrenching, heart pounding drop and accelerate to speeds up to 33 feet per second. Riders must be taller than 48".

2. Constrictor

The Constrictor slide features some of the tightest turns of any other water slide giving riders an experience unlike any other. Riders must be taller than 42".

3. Desert Racers

This 360 foot raceway launches riders down the slides at speeds of more than 20 feet-per-second. Riders must be taller than 42".

4. Hoover Half Pipe

Take rafting to the next level with this dramatic journey of white water thrills. Riders must be taller than 42".

5. Rattler

Two distinct "rattles" shake riders back and forth, delivering sensational oscillations and tons of wall time! Riders must be taller than 42".

6. Royal Flush Extreme

Riders plummet through the enclosed tube slide then fight the centrifugal forces of the Royal Flush Extreme which pulls riders around and around before abruptly releasing into the exit tube for splash down! Riders must be taller than 42".

7. Slideboarding

Experience the world's first waterslide gaming experience on the green slide of Zipp Zapp Zoom! Slideboarding integrates the thrill of a waterslide with the challenge of a multi-level, multi-purpose game. Riders must be taller than 42".

8. Tornado

Spin around the Tornado's funnel in a four person raft where you will sweep up the Tornado's wall and experience weightlessness or zero gravity, splashing back and forth through the menacing, swirling water before being released into the calm shallows below. Riders must be taller than 48".

9. Zipp, Zapp, Zoom

Zipp, Zapp, Zoom each take riders down 300 feet of twists, turns, and translucent colored sections that add a unique dazzling visual element. Riders must be taller than 42".

10. Colorado Cooler

A leisurely 1,100 foot lap around the endless river still holds enough surprises to keep you awake and refreshed.

11. Red Rock Bay

Ride four-foot high swells in a tube, or body surf for the ultimate ocean experience. For a more relaxing venture, Red Rock Bay is also the perfect lounge location with its gently rolling waves in the shallow end. Life jacket required for guests less than 48" tall.

Rides and Pools for Smaller Children

Kiddie Cove

Located in the middle of the Colorado Cooler river attraction, this is a collection of three slides for our youngest visitors. Two slides provide an independent slide experience and is a great introduction to water parks. For those who need a little hand hold to get started, a group slide is the perfect location for parents and kids to slide together. Ride restrictions: Riders must be taller than 40" for slides over 8' tall and taller than 36" for slides under 8' tall.

Paradise Falls

Located in the middle of the Colorado Cooler river attraction, this multi-level complex weaves colorful, interactive elements throughout five fun zones, nine slides and more. The focal point of the attraction is a giant tipping bucket at the top of the structure that frequently spills 300 gallons of water onto eagerly waiting guests below. With over 10,500 square feet of aquatic adventure this playground is full of fun.


Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas offers a variety of delicious food options throughout the Park. No outside food or beverages are permitted, except for factory sealed plastic water bottles. Special exceptions will be made for people with special medical dietary needs, food allergies, and baby food (no-glass containers). However, guests may exit the Park gates and re-enter. Ticket stub and hand-stamp required for re-entry.

Oasis Cafe

Oasis Cafe is the perfect place to grab a bite to refuel for more action and adventures at the water park. A variety of Pepsi fountain beverages are available. There are a great variety of great classic and healthy food options for the entire family.

Riverside Snacks

Riverside Snacks is home to a variety snacks like fish 'n' chips and tasty treats like funnel cake, churros and brownie bites with ice cream.

Waveside Cold Treats

Located on the side of the Oasis Cafe, Waveside Cold Treats is a great way to beat the heat while visiting Nevada's premier water park. Cold treats offered include refreshing ICEE and vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream. Don't forget to ask about our Souvenir Soft Serve Ice Cream Program!

Dippin' Dots

Back by popular demand are Dippin' Dots, world famous and billed as "Ice Cream of the Future". Treat yourself to a variety of single serving sizes or enjoy a LOL: Lots Of Layers and fill up with a variety of flavors.


The Smoothie kiosk offers guests an opportunity to purchase Island Oasis brand smoothies made from real fruit. Frozen coffee drinks are available too!

M1ke's Grill

M1ke's Grill is our newest food location near the center of the park with a fusion of flavors. Taste delicious menu items created by Chef Mike including tender Kalbi beef ribs and ginger teriyaki chicken served over steamed rice with a spring mix salad and homemade dressings.

Pretzel & Fresh Lemonade

Enjoy traditional theme park favorites with a hot pretzel and refreshing fresh-squeezed lemonade at this popular location.

Cabana Rentals

Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas offers over 30 cabanas that are ideal for guests looking for ways to beat the heat. Each cabana comes with a table and four chairs, two lounge chairs and a cabana host. Cabanas are available near Red Rock Bay wave pool and near the children's areas of Paradise Falls and Kiddie Cove. Cabana reservations can be made at the Wet 'n' Wild website or by calling 702-979-1600.

Day Locker Rentals

A limited number of single-day lockers are available for rent and are located to the right of the front gate entrance plaza. Lockers are sold on a first-come, first-served basis through automated rental stations and cannot be reserved in advance. Guest may select from the following sizes: Small 10x13", Medium 10x17" and Large 13x23". A keyless access wristband will provide guests unlimited entries into their lockers throughout the day.

Xpress Bands

Why wait in lines? With an Xpress Band you can reserve your place in line without standing in line. Xpress Brands are an innovative wristband that allows guests to wait in line for slides virtually. Xpress Band users will select their desired ride from multiple self-service kiosks throughout the park and will be notified on their wristbands of the wait time and when it is time to return to the attraction. Guests will use a separate entrance and scan their band for validation. All guests who use the separate entrance must have an Xpress Band. Two types of Xpress Bands are available at the Park's Rental Counter located just inside the main gates.

What time Wet n Wild Opens and Closes

2017 times have yet to be announced. Check back for more on this.

Season Pass Prices

2017 season passes are as follows:
- Silver season pass is $46.99
- Gold season pass is $66.99
- VIP season pass is $96.99

Each entitles guests to unlimited park entry, bring-a-friend tickets once per month ($14.99 for Silver and free for Gold and VIP), discounted food at the Oasis Cafe and discounted retail items at Baja Surf Supplies.

Admmission Prices

- Children 2 and younger are free
- For those 42" and taller, you'll pay $34.99
- For whipper-snappers under 42", you'll pay $29.99
- Have the grandparents take the kids, as ages 65 and over pay only $9.99
- Lastly, the real perk is to arrive after 4pm when the price drops to $19.99. This is a real plus as the park is usually open during summer months until 8 p.m. or 10 p.m.


Can you bring your own food to Wet and Wild?

You may bring factory sealed water bottles and baby snacks in 3.5oz individual serving sizes, or baby food in plastic containers, into the park. Lunches, picnics, food items or adult-sized portions greater tahn 3.5oz such as sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers, chips, are not permitted. No outside glass beverages are permitted.

How far is Wet and Wild from the Strip

About 12 miles or 29 minutes by car. By bus take RTC bus route 120 (Fort Apache Rd./Buffalo Dr.)

How much is parking at Wet and Wild?

Parking is free for Gold and VIP Pass holders and $8 per day for all other guests. Do not park on one of the neighborhood streets as you may be towed.

Does Wet 'n' Wild serve alcohol?

Yes, but with some restrictions. Alcoholic beverages are confined to a fenced 1,500-square foot patio area only accessible to patrons over 21 years old. Only beer and wine products are served. Consumption is limited to two drinks per person.

Does Wet 'n' Wild provide or rent towels?

Towels are not provided and there are no facilities to rent them.

Does Wet 'n' Wild provide lifejackets?

Lifejackets are provided in different sizes at no cost. You may also bring your own.

Wet 'n' Wild 4th of July

Wet 'n' Wild normally offers a Barbecue Meal on July 4.

Wet 'n' Wild vs Cowabunga Bay

1. Standard admission is less expensive
2. The wave pool is larger
3. The lazy river is longer and wider
4. There's an arcade and gift shop 5. More shaded areas

Wet 'n' Wild:
1. Better slides for older kids/adults
2. Has a longer season
3. Is a larger park
4. Less expensive