Voodoo Zip Line

You've seen the Rio hotel towers, but have you ever sailed between them on a zipline going 33 miles per hour? Now's your chance!

Up, up and away!

At over 450 feet in the air, the VooDoo Zipline is a thrill-seeking mega-adventure! Riders will travel from the higher tower to the lower tower, safely secured with a harness and safety buckle. Given the height and speed you'll travel, the ride will take only a few minutes. But the views, the adrenaline rush and screams that escape from your mouth can't be replicated!

Zipping in Style

Unlike other zip lines, on the VooDoo Zipline, you'll be secured into a seat that resembles a snow chair lift. With two seats to each lift, you'll be able to ride along with your youngster, so that they don't get too scared, or they can console you! Your feet will be dangling 450 feet above the ground, as you sail along and watch the Vegas skyline!

Price Zipping on The ZipLine

If you're a local, you'll pay only $19.99. Groupon coupons have known to be as cheap as $24 per person, whereas the advertised price is $27.49. All riders must be a minimum height of 48" to ride.