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Universal Studios Discount Tickets

Updated December 4, 2023 If you're looking for Universal Studios discount tickets deals we've got you covered because we've got tons of ways to save on cheap universal studios tickets. From promo codes, cheap tickets, coupon codes, discounts tickets deals for all types of people....you're set right here! Check out the very latest Universal Studio deals below:

Universal Studios Discount Tickets

1. Discount Universal Hollywood Studios Tickets at Groupon!

Everyone knows Groupon and everyone also knows that they offer awesome deals, including an awesome deal on Universal Studios Discount Tickets so let's check out the options. Date-specific Universal tickets are currently running $108--not bad folks, I've seen these priced faaaaarrrr higher elsewhere. Get this deal!

Cheap Universal Tickets

2. Universal Studios Hollywood from $109

Oh it's Universal Studios Hollywood tickets you're after? Ok, this deal is from Groupon and it offers Universal Studios tickets at 21% off. Groupon from $70.18

2. Discount Universal Studios Tickets at Universal Studios Hollywood

Go right to the source, Universal Studios Hollywood buy your tickets online at save up to $30 Online versus the Front Gate price but remember that online ticket prices vary by day and season so that savings amount can vary too.

3. Universal Studios Discount Tickets at FunEx

Get a cheap Universal Studios tickets at FunEx. How good of a deal is this? How about 1-Day General Admission Discount Tickets for $99? How's that for a Universal Studios discount?

4. Universal Studios Discount Tickets with Southern California CityPass

Did you know that Universal Studios Tickets are included with your Southern California CityPass? Yes! You'll save time and cash with CityPass at one of Southern California's top theme parks.

5. Discount Universal Studios Tickets at Costco

Whoooaaaa! How can Costco's Universal Studios tickets be so cheap!?: Choose from hotel and Universal ticket deals or park entry discounts. You'll need a Costco shopping card to access these discounts.

6. AAA Universal Studios Discount Tickets

All AAA members get $3 off Universal Studios and Studio tickets when purchasing park tickets at the admissions gate or on the AAA website

7. Universal Studios Discount Tickets AARP

If you regularly ask yourself "how to get cheap universal tickets" then you are either really focused and intent on getting a good deal or you're lacking some sleep at night; either way, if you're an AARP member you can score a savings of up to $54 for Universal single day park-to-park passes.

8. Universal Studios Discount Tickets on Expedia

So we've found this awesome deal for cheap Univeral Orlando tickets at Expedia.

9. Universal Studios Discount Tickets Locals

This deal has been extended and is still taking place. If you missed out on the Universal Studios BOGO Tickets for California Residents deal, you'll have until July 31, 2022 to take advantage of this deal. Check it out here.

10. Universal Studios Discount Tickets at TourScanner

I'd never heared of TourScanner until about last year when I wanted to visit Southern California for an exciting tour of a few theme parks! Well folks, they've got an interesting deal on Universal Studios with all sorts of extras like "skip the line" and private transfers, etc. check them out.

11. Universal Studios Discount Tickets Veterans

If you're active duty, retired military or department of defence you can get cheap Universal Studios / Studio tickets via the 2022 Military Freddome Pass Promo Ticket.

12. Universal Studios Promo Code

Universal Studios Promo Codes are pretty abundant but we haven't spotted any today.

13. Universal Studios Discount Tickets American Express

You can redeem American Express points for Universal tickets!

14. Universal Studios Discount Tickets Coke Can

Bring a Coke Can to Universal Studios and get ticket discounts of up to $15 per ticket! This was an awesome promo but sadly it's no longer being offered. You could, of course, muster up some bravery and try it--and you may just succeed--but it'll be a hard sell.

15. Canadian Air Miles for Universal Studios Tickets

Like the AMEX deal above, you can redeem your Canadian Air Miles for Universal Studio tickets for most dates.

16. Wendy's Universal Studios BOGO Tickets

The Wendy's Universal BOGO for ticket deal has expired.

17. Universal Studios BOGO Tickets for Florida Residents

This deal has been extended and is still taking place. If you missed out on the Universal Studios BOGO Tickets for Florida Residents deal, you'll have until July 31, 2022 to take advantage of this deal. Check it out here.

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Universal Discount Tickets FAQ

How do I get discount Universal Studios tickets?
That's what we're here to do, to help you save major cash on Universal Studios.

Are there any BOGO for Universal Studios tickets?
Yup! We've listed 3 here Universal Studios Discount Tickets.