The Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve offers visitors to Las Vegas a reprieve from the casinos, gambling, and hustle and bustle of the Strip. Erected on 180 acres previously filled with natural springs, dried up long ago, the Springs Preserve is filled with museums, galleries, exhibits, botanical gardens, and trails along with outdoor concerts and events. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this wildlife preserve offers parents and children an educational and entertaining adventure.

The Springs Preserve is open daily for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The fees for non-residents are $18.95 for Adults, $17.05 for Senior (65+) and Students (18+), Children 5 to 17 are $17.05 and children 5 and under are free. Located a short distance for the Las Vegas Strip, you can reach the complex by heading west on Flamingo Blvd, turning left on Valley View, continuing about one mile south and turning left in the Springs Preserve at the Meadows Lane intersection.

The Springs Preserve offers an interactive children's exhibit where they can dig up fossils or watch 5,000 gallons of recycled water roar down a ravine while learning the dangers of flash floods. The New Frontier gallery will be a favorite of the children with its 13 video games and activities all aimed at teaching about Nevada's ecosystems and history.

Families can join the zoology staff in feeding the animals that call the preserve their home. Wild Things at the Springs is not the normal zoo experience, giving guests the chance to learn about possibly never-seen-before animals like the two-toe sloth or a lemur. For a small up-grade fee, parents and kids can have a back stage pass to experience live interaction with the animals. Animals are rotated so returning visitors can enjoy the opportunity to see and learn about many different unique animals.

The Plant Introduction Tour is an opportunity to learn about the unusual native vegetation of Nevada. At the end of the tour, guests are invited to purchase starter plants as a souvenir of their visit to Nevada.

Families can choose from several trails to explore of the 1.8 miles of meandering trails available on the Springs Preserve. Take pictures of your hike while enjoying the lush vegetation and the unusual bounty of flowers and plants unique to Nevada.

The Big Springs Theater brings exhibits to life, showing such documentaries as the "Secrets of Crocodile Caves" or "In the Dark", a hands on, whole body exhibit of animals and plants that live in the darkness. Show times are available several times a day and are included in the admission price.

Always changing, always growing, the Springs Preserve gives families an new adventure with each visit.

Other activities close by for parents to enjoy with their children includes The Atomic Testing Museum, New York New York's Big Apple Rollercoaster and the Lion Habitat inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.