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SeaWorld San Diego Ticket Discounts

Cheap SeaWorld Tickets

Updated December 01, 2022 If you're looking for SeaWorld San Diego Ticket Discount deals we've got you covered because we've got tons of ways to save on cheap SeaWorld tickets. From promo codes, cheap tickets, coupon codes, discounts tickets deals for all types of people....you're set right here! Check out the very latest SeaWorld deals below:

SeaWorld Discount Tickets

1. Discount SeaWorld San Diego Tickets at Groupon from $65!

Everyone knows Groupon and everyone also knows that they offer awesome deals, including an awesome deal on SeaWorld Discount Tickets so let's check it out. A 1-day pass admission ticket is $65. Not bad folks, I've seen these priced faaaaarrrr higher elsewhere. Get this deal!

2. AAA San Diego SeaWorld Discount Tickets

AAA Members: show your valid membership card at any ticket window year round to save 10 percent on the 1-Day Pass at the world-famous SeaWorld. Check out the AAA website

3. SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets with Southern California CityPass

Did you know that SeaWorld Tickets are included with your Southern California CityPass? Yes! With a single easy purchase, you'll save time and cash with CityPass at one of Southern California's top theme parks. Check it out.

4. SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets at FunEx

Get a cheap SeaWorld tickets at FunEx. How good of a deal is this? How about 1-Day General Admission Discount Tickets for $43.75? How's that for a SeaWorld discount? Check it out.

5. Discount San Diego SeaWorld Tickets at GoCity

With GoCity San Diego you'll get instant access to the SeaWorld as well as a ton of other attractions. Check it out.

6. SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets Military

If you're active duty, retired military or department of defense you can get cheap SeaWorld tickets. How? Present your valid military ID at time of arrival and get your discounted tickets.

7. Kids FREE at SeaWorld!

Whoooaaaa! FREE SeaWorld tickets! Find a few free admission—no ticket offers for kids at SeaWorld San Diego

8. SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets with Costco

Yup, good ole Costo is offering cheap tickets to the SeaWorld. Check it out on their website or your nearest store.

9. SeaWorld San Diego Discounts for Airline Employees

If you work for a major US airline, well, guess what? You're in luck because the SeaWorld is offering airline folks a 10% discount on Zoo tickets. All you need to do it present your valid airline employee ID at the gate

Yup, good ole Costo is offering cheap tickets to the SeaWorld. Check it out on their website or your nearest store.

10. SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets Locals

This deal has been extended and is still taking place. If you live in San Diego County you're in luck: SeaWorld tickets are on sale for you. Present your ID at the gate.

11. Free February for Seniors at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld used to have Free February for Seniors over 65, but this program has expired.

12. 10% off a One Day Pass for over 65s at the gate.

Yessss! It finally pays to be a senior! Get 10% off a one day pass if you're 65 or older.

13. Free Admission to SeaWorld San Diego with California EBT

Get free admission with California EBT Card to family fun places like LA, Oakland and SeaWorld.

14. SeaWorld Discount Tickets

As a state worker, you are eligible to receive discounts for the SeaWorld, Check out details here.

15. SeaWorld Discount Tickets for Guests with Disabilities

Guests with disabilities must pay admission fees to the SeaWorld but the zoo offers free admission for a personal attendant/caregiver to accompany a guests

16. SeaWorld Promo Code

SeaWorld Promo Codes are pretty abundant but we haven't spotted any today.

17. SeaWorld Discount Tickets American Express

AresTravel is offering great deals for SeaWorld San Diego discount tickets!

18. SeaWorld Student Discount

VerfiyPass offers 50% SeaWorld tickets for students.

Universal Discount Tickets FAQ

How do I get discount SeaWorld tickets?
That's what we're here to do, to help you save major cash on SeaWorld San Diego .

Are there any BOGO for SeaWorld tickets?
Yup! We've listed 3 here SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets.