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Real Bodies or Eiffel Tower

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Admission for One, Two or the Family to REAL BODIES at Bally's or Eiffel Tower Combo Package (Up to 39% Off).

This fascinating exhibit features real human bodies and showcases 13 whole-body specimens and more than 260 organs and partial body specimens. Meticulously preserved and respectfully presented, the bodies give visitors a chance to see the complexity of the human system.Get an in-depth look inside our skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems and walk away informed, engaged and grateful to be alive!

Latest Reviews
January 25, 2017

Real Bodies was a very fun experience. You can either spend a lot of time and read all the fun facts and materials or look at the exhibits and take in the imagery.

January 23, 2017

If you love science, this exhibit is amazing. Our bodies are so complex and amazing and this exhibit shows their complexity in a way you can understand. So worth your time and money to go to this!!!

January 22, 2017

Very interesting!

Real Bodies or Eiffel Tower Details

Prices: Children: $21. Adults: $25.95. Includes all fees and tax.
Location: Bally's Hotel [Check Rates]
Best for Ages: All ages welcomed. Best for ages 7+
Height/Age Restrictions: None
Operation Times: Daily 10 AM to 9 PM