M&M's World Las Vegas

Las Vegas attractions that are perfect for all kids and kids of heart from 2 to 92 are hard to find, but M&Ms World is one of them. The colorful décor, upbeat music, and sight of candy and more candy will instantly energize anyone walking through its doors. The main floor is where you will find the perfect souvenirs for yourself, your kids and anyone else on your list. But the three upper floors are the areas that will delight your kids the most. On the second floor there is a rainbow made entirely out of 22 colors of M&Ms. On the third floor, head to the station called "My M&Ms" where you and your children can customize the candy you purchased with a personal message all your own. Another not to be missed feature is a 10 minute movie in 3D called "I Left My M in Vegas."

M&Ms World is located next to the Everything Coca-Cola Store just steps away from the MGM Grand, so it is impossible to miss. It is open every day of the year from 9 a.m. to midnight, so pick whatever time of the day or evening is most convenient. However, for obvious reasons, we don't recommend right before dinnertime. Also keep in mind that the place gets really crowded in the afternoons.

The candy at M&Ms World is a lot more expensive than the M&Ms sold in your local store, but don't fret it. Admission is free and so is the entertainment, so whatever you spend on candy will be a very small price to pay seeing the big smiles that light up your kids' faces.