Laser Quest

Okay, it’s the 21st century so how about some 21st century fun? Get ready get on that vest with the laser-sensing targets attached, pick up your Laser blaster and you’re ready for action, stalking “the others” through the maze and into a multilevel gaming area, where twists, turns and corners produce heart-stopping moments.

Are you skilled enough, fast enough? Will you be blasted as you make this turn? Can you tag the “enemy” before he or she tags you? No! Wait! This Laser Quest adventure is heightened by the mirrored reflecting paper, stuck to the walls of the labyrinth. These handy-dandy reflectors make it possible to “ricochet” shots and tag someone around the corner.

There’s also netting to help you and slats across walls and walkways to make your journey either more nail-bitingly perilous or truly “a walk in the park.” But be constantly on guard. You never know what awaits. Keep a cool head and a cool hand on your laser. Want to find out just how good you are? This is the place. Play as long as you like…or as long as you dare. This is Laser Quest at its finest.