Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

At Flyaway, America’s first vertical wind tunnel, you can break the bonds of gravity and body fly. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving gives you the chance to test your skills of human flight during a single flight session or as a participant in a personalized coaching program.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is a popular training resource for sport skydivers, competition teams and military units. When you come to Flyaway, you’ll get to fly in a column of air 12 feet across and up to 22 feet high, with vertical airspeeds up to 120 mph - allowing you to FLY INDOORS! As a flyer, participants attend a 20-minute training class where body control techniques and safety procedures are discussed.

The next step is equipment preparation. Flyers receive a suit, helmet and other safety equipment. Following a short review of the basics, a group of five flyers then enters the wind tunnel with their instructor. Participants take turns flying during a 15-minute session. Each individual will receive approximately 3 minutes of airtime.

During business hours, classes are conducted every hour and half-hour. Registration for class is on a first come, first serve basis. The best time to fly is early in the day. Please budget up to an hour and 15 minutes for your visit.