Dig This Las Vegas

Dig This Las Vegas

Dig This is perfect for the big kids at heart (14 years and older). Dig This will have you operating a state-of-the-art bulldozer, excavator, skid steer and other heavy earth moving equipment.

After a brief safety and equipment orientation, you'll be given a hard hat, safety vest and radio. Once you climb aboard a Dig This vehicle, you'll be operating an excavator or bulldozer in no time. And don't be intimidated by all the switches and gears. An experienced instructor will talk you through step-by-step via radio. In no time you'll be rolling gigantic boulders across the dirt, excavating trenches, stacking tires and playing "excavator basketball." Choose either the excavator or bulldozer ride, both missions are challenging and fun.

With five acres of a super-sized sand box, you'll definitely have room to get down and dirty. Whether you grew up reading "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" or watching the cartoon show "Bob the Builder," Dig This will soon have you exploring the fun of this adult sand box.

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Dig This Las Vegas Details

Dig This Las Vegas is a heavy equipment playground.
Choose from Big Dig Excavator and Big Dig Bulldozer.
Kids Dig Rides are 1-Ton Excavator that are great for kids ages 4+.
Dig This is for ages 14+ and 48 inches tall. No driver's license is needed.
Cost is $249