Atomic Testing Museum

If you're interested in learning more about nuclear power, this is the place to go. With lots of information to read, movies to watch, and a section devoted to UFO's, this museum is fun for you and your kids (recommended for kids ages 8 and up).

Nuclear Films

Some of the features include a simulation of what the after-effects of a nuclear explosion would be...without experiencing the atomic fallout!

Atomic History

Within the Vegas town limits, with lots of free parking, this museum is often overlooked, but it needn't be! There is a replica of what an office looked like circa 1950, as well as Area 51, which is a section devoted entirely to extra-terrestrial beings. If your little one is interested in what aliens might look like before they're examined, then you've come to the right place!

Coupons, as well as aliens, exist!

With tickets costing $22, this may be above some people's price range, but be sure to check your options on Groupon and Living Social, which frequently offer discounts. Children under age 7 are admitted free.