Pirates 4D

Pirates 4D won’t make you walk the plank, but it promises state-of-the-art fun with 3-D visuals, special effects, interactive seats and enough comedy and surprises to entertain a shipload of buccaneers.

Pirates 4D is the story of former cabin boy Davy who has been abandoned on Pirate Island by the swashbuckling Captain Lucky, played by Leslie Nielsen. As Davy prepares for the dastardly captain’s long-awaited return to the island, he creates some amazing surprises to greet the notorious pirate and his crew with the help of Chester, his monkey companion.

How can little Davy outsmart this smarmy pirate and his band of men? Hold on to your seats for the exciting conclusion when Davy and Captain Lucky finally come face to face. This comical story goes far beyond any other movie experience to totally immerse the audience in this laugh out-loud adventure…and a warning, me hearties Pirates 4D” is only for the brave and stout of heart.