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Shows at TI Las Vegas

This month's shows at TI includes Anjelah Johnson, Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs to name a couple. TI shows are some of the most entertaining and best value performances in Las Vegas, so enjoy! Don't forget, cheap tickets for shows at TI are available below.

TI Shows

If you're looking for a list of the best shows in Las Vegas or the best Cirque du Soleil Shows in Vegas check it out!

Anjelah Johnson

She doesn't want her nails did, she doesn't want to take your complicated order and she sure as hell doesn't need a boyfriend to be funny. Anjelah Johnson is coming to Vegas to deliver jokes that will have us *Valley Girl accent* literally ROFL. Yeah, we used that acronym, don't hate. If you like your comedy down and dirty (with a side of ghetto fabulous), Anjelah is your girl. She broke the internet way before Kim K did. And all she needed to do was take us to "The Nail Salon" in her popular stand-up bit. That success landed her on Mad TV where her character, Bon Qui Qui broke the internet again! Sketch after sketch she had the crowd roaring with laughter and helped her score deals with Netflix and Hulu. If you haven't seen her comedy specials, as Bon Qui Qui herself would say, "Rude." Anjelah Johnson is coming to Vegas and she might just break the internet again.
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Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs

It's time to drag until you drop, the queens of the scene are here to take you for a wild ride as you eat and drink yourself silly. Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race, Shannel, Coco Montrese, and Yara Sofia will slay the stage as they ‘lip sync for [their] life.' There are no señores on this stage, only glamazons who are fierce AF, so grab a front row seat because this is the closest you'll ever get to royalty. Did we mention that this brunch has an open bar? Bye girl bye, it's time to get your drank on. But don't get sloppy because if you become a busted hussy and lose your wig, these queens will throw shade your way and use you as a prop in their gig. Sissy that walk down to Señor Frogs for their weekend Drag Brunch, this is the only werk we want you to do on the weekend. The ladies will drop the hottest of hits to get your day fired up and ready for action. You might be stumbling out of brunch but we can be certain you will have one helluva good time. Can I get an amen?
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Mystere by Cirque du Soleil

A gigantic baby? A humongous, inflatable snail? OK, you've got our attention. Like fine art, the storyline of Mystère at Treasure Island is left up to individual interpretation. But one thing about this production is for sure: this show, which also happens to be the first Cirque du Soleil production in Vegas, is so entertaining you'll want to stay for an encore after the final bow. Oh, and speaking of the performers, the show features an international cast of 67 artists that are the ultimate example of "don't try this at home." We always wonder whether or not these crazy-talented performers are even human. They fly, they muscle up poles like tree frogs and make us feel pretty bad about not being able to touch our toes. They're friggin' amazing, and they have no fear and apparently no bones in their super-bendy bodies. Performing stunts like quadruple flips off teeterboards and other eye-popping tricks we average folk couldn't dream of if we tried, this show is so unreal you just kinda have to let it happen. Emphasizing family-friendly, awe-inspiring athleticism and imaginative imagery, Mystère embraces all the signature Cirque du Soleil elements that have made this show one of the must-see productions on the Las Vegas Strip. And if you're looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, look no further than the IN THE WINGS VIP experience. Here, you'll join the cast onstage for a high-five moment during the final bows and sip on a glass of champagne during an exclusive artist meet-and-greet as a professional photographer captures the moment. Of course VIP seats will have you up-close-and-personal to all the onstage action. And oh yeah, there will be a VIP Guide onsite to escort the party throughout the theatre, too. Enjoy.
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