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Shows at Sahara Las Vegas

This month's shows at Sahara includes Magic Mike Live Las Vegas, Reckless in Vegas to name a couple. Sahara shows are some of the most entertaining and best value performances in Las Vegas, so enjoy! Don't forget, cheap tickets for shows at Sahara are available below.

Sahara Shows

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Magic Mike Live Las Vegas

Ladies! Let's get in formation because the men of Magic Mike are here to slay our hearts and our eyes. Leave the boyfriend at home -- or hell bring him -- and enjoy a night of strip teases,killer dance moves and even some comedy. Channing Tatum, star of the popular movie Magic Mike, created this show due to the overwhelming success of the franchise. The production featuresalluring choreography and thrives off of audience reactions. The show has no bias towards gender: men and women alike hoot and holler because these men are too hot to keep your voices down. Inside this fantastic theater space there isn't a bad seat in the house, with every spot perfectly situated to give every guest an eyeful of these handsome hunks. What makes this show truly spectacular is the fact that they highlight every performers unique assets, and no we aren't just talking their physical ones. These men can sing, play guitar, dance the salsa, perform aerial spins, and one even givesa lucky lady the chance to sit on his lap while he plays a drum set that descends from the ceiling. This Vegas show has it all: stunning production value, gorgeous men, and plenty of scream-worthy audience participation. Magic Mike Live packs the heat, so make sure to bring your fan -- you're going to need it after the first guy takes his shirt off.
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Reckless in Vegas

If you've ever been curious about what the days of old were like when the show Reckless in Las Vegas gives you a perfect look into the city's swagtastic history while giving it a modern, high-energy twist. Enjoy hits from iconic superstars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Johnny Cash that have been rearranged into a hard-rock style. Think Elvis Presley meets Fall Out Boy. This contemporary rock band aesthetic blends with retro Vegas staples like feather-clad showgirls and classic comedic banter from that bygone era to create a unique and glamorous show that is one-of-a-kind and wholly Vegas.
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The Eddie Griffin Experience

Like any good pimp, Eddie Griffin knows how to work people. Eddie Griffin has been on the stage for 30 years and keeps his comedy 100. He's been around the block so much, he's almost done everything a few times. Griffin has done tours, specials, CD's, residencies and even movies. Remember Deuce Bigalow? Yeah, he was in that. And even though he has a rehearsed routine, you better watch out for his real-time rapid fire, because it will burn the house down. Eddie Griffin is coming to Vegas to show us a good time.
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